Experimental series
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  • Product Code: 5
    Product name: JL-ZLQS-1 Rectifier circuit experiment
    Proposed price: 50(RMB)
    Performance: Half wave, full wave, filtering
  • Product Code: WL4120
    Product name: JL-ZFDT-1 Self-powered Flashlight
    Proposed price: 45(RMB)
    Performance: The magnet in the coil cuts the magnetic field line, the co…
  • Product Code: WL5126
    Product name: JL-YTCL-1 Liquid Type Magnetic Force Experiment …
    Proposed price: 250(RMB)
    Performance: (1) cylindrical electrode (located at the center of the cont…
  • Product Code: 6
    Product name: JL-WDBJ-1 Temperature Alarm Suit
    Proposed price: 20(RMB)
    Performance: Thermistor, 74 ls14, 1 k Ω variable resistor, buzzer (YM…
  • Product Code: 9
    Product name: JL-WXHT-1 Simple Wireless Microphone Suit
    Proposed price: 20(RMB)
    Performance: According to the directions on the steps and methods by the…
  • Product Code: J01201
    Product name: JL-SJQ-1 Digital Timer
    Proposed price: 400(RMB)
    Performance: Four or more, data storage, display: 10 light blocking time…
  • Product Code: 2010KT40
    Product name: JL-KT40 Power Generation by Fire
    Proposed price: 200(RMB)
    Performance: Using an alcohol lamp heating, can produce electric current…
  • Product Code: 2010KT37
    Product name: JL-KT37 Sinking and Floating Hourglass
    Proposed price: 100(RMB)
    Performance: Ups and downs at the bottom for 5 seconds to 20 seconds, th…
  • Product Code: 2010KT33
    Product name: JL-KT33 Stereoscope
    Proposed price: 95(RMB)
    Performance: Can observe the stereo effect, a dozen different images bef…
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