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Double Standard for Women Politicians

"Yes we have a double standard for Male Presidents and our possible Female Presidents" ! My big question is this, should Secretary Hillary Clinton file a harassment suit against the republicans?

Why, because they should be penalized for waisting so much money and time from the United States citizens from other real daily life concerns.

Not only that, but she has not been found guilty of anything and been investigated 9 times.

Author Diane Knaus

Diane Knaus- blog author

The past few days have been among the most shocking and distressing since I was first elected to Congress. Though I am surprised at the pace with which this Administration has devolved into chaos, I cannot say that I am surprised that we eventually arrived at this place. The President's erratic and self-absorbed behavior - governing by destructive impulse rather than by any degree of reasoned deliberation - is increasingly putting our country at risk.

The recent spate of events began with President Trump's sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey. In a television interview, the President admitted that the Director's firing was rooted in his displeasure with the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in our election and potential collusion with the Trump campaign. Then it was revealed that the President asked Director Comey to end his investigation into improper foreign contacts and payments received by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Next, we learned the President inexplicably decided to release highly classified information to top Russian officials. All of these things deserve careful investigation and I am pleased that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has used his authority to appoint former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to conduct that investigation. Mr. Mueller's job will be to find the facts and determine if laws were broken by the President or top officials in his campaign or in the Administration.

Although appointment of a special counsel is an important first step, I believe that the Congress must also establish an independent commission to examine the issue of Russian interference in our elections and any Russian ties to the Trump campaign. In the meantime, Congress must exercise robust oversight using our standing committees. Speaking as a member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, we have a responsibility to ensure that Administration officials do not violate their oath of office or seriously undermine public confidence in the performance of their duties. To that end, I have recently written to the Republican Chairmen of the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee to demand that we do our oversight job.

Once the special counsel investigation and Congressional oversight have been completed, it will be the duty of every member of Congress, regardless of party, to analyze the facts dispassionately and draw a conclusion as to next steps. Though I have stated my profound concerns about President Trump, I have deep respect for the Presidency and the carefully calibrated checks and balances established in our Constitution. I am convinced that our democratic institutions remain strong enough to follow the rule of law and deliver justice whatever form it may take.

We face many challenges - extreme economic disparities, climate change and the continued scourge of terrorism to name a few - but we will not make adequate progress on these and other issues unless our democracy remains strong and the public has confidence in its elected officials. I will work hard to reinforce our democratic traditions and practice a politics that can build trust between government and the public.

Let me end with these observations. The President promised Americans he would clean up Washington - "drain the swamp" - and transfer power back to the people. Instead, he has pulled power to himself and his family. That broken promise will lead to even more frustration on the part of those who feel betrayed by Washington. I've heard their grievances - the concern that big money in politics, partisan gridlock and other systemic failures have left far too many Americans voiceless and powerless in their own democracy. Washington needs to be more accountable to the people, but Donald Trump is not the answer. Real, meaningful reforms are the only way to address deep-seated public cynicism.

That's why I've introduced the "Government By the People Act" in each of the last three Congresses, so that ordinary Americans can take the power back from the wealthy and well-connected who call the shots in Washington today.

"As chairman of the Democracy Reform Task Force", I am working with my colleagues to ensure transparent government and develop other important solutions that make government work on behalf of the public interest, not just the special interests. Rest assured I will continue to fight for these reforms so long as I am fortunate enough to serve in the House of Representatives.


John P. Sarbanes

Maryland's Third Congressional District

The Real Nut Job is Donald Trump"


Diane Knaus

5-19-2017 In widespread news this week reported by national news outlets like the New York Times, Donald J. Trump the current president of the United States took a spin down fuzzy brain lane. Because he tries to control everything himself, but then the next day after he has made a statement, he backtracks on it, this creates major anxiety for any followers. This kind of behavior makes it extremely hard for anyone to follow his thoughts and mind games that he continually plays just to keep everyone off balance and to try to cover things up. At least that had been his behavior since he has been president.None of this personal behavior gives anyone any confidence in his abilities to solve anyones problems, but it just makes more major political problms for himself and the entire country who is trying to make sense of his actions.

Last week he fired FBI Director James Comey. Presumably because Comey was investigating Trump and his camp of rubbing noses too close with the Russian government and Commander Flynn's close relationships with the Russians as well. President Obama went so far as to tell Trump that Flynn should not be trusted because of Russian influences. So far Trump decided to ignore the warnings and still loves Flynn, wants him to continue working with him after this is all over. He said he only fired him because Flynn had lied to Spence.

Yes, I can hear you now, WHAT?

I know, I know how can we ever believe Trump at this point? Well, it's not going to be easy folks. In fact the Financial markets were down over 30 pointsa this week showing a decidedly limp attitude towards him and his preposterous lies. Sorry folks but if the shoe fits, wear it well. Of course while he is overseas visiting Sausid Arabia he needs to watch his words carefully, (that will be the day) because he criticized Muslims so much during his run for office.

Even though Trump openly told Russians that he fired Comey he also said that the worst is over, more or less. But, what he didn't tell them is that the ongoing investigation with an independent comissioner is being set up. Former FBI Director Bob Mueller is supposed to be the new Leader on the Hill to get the job done. Psst, he and Come yhave known each other for years. At one point Comey was an underling with Mueller while at the FBI.

The really interesting part will come when Comey who has agreed to testify in an open public setting around Memorial Day starts teling what really happened. Hopefully it will be the truth, I have some feelings that he shaded the truth in Secretary Hillary Clintons case, because he shpuld not have commented in the midst of her running for political office even though he did say she did not have any bad intentions over the emails. His saying anything gave her a bad face at the time over those darn emails in the first place. Everyone knew others had done the same thing and nothing was said at any time about their emails, President George Bush,Vice Presidnet Chaney, Colin Powell as well as Condeliza Rice.

Donald Trump Actually does the Right Thing for Once

5-8-2017 Donald Trump Actually does the right thing for once in his lifetime. Well it's about time somebody gave Comey his comeuppons. Comey didn't seem nervous when he annouced that he was looking into more of Secretary of State Hillary Clintons extra emails. What seemed puzzling was the fact that they had been found on her secretarys husbands' computer. Why not investigate the husband, not Hillary Clnton, after all, why would Hillarys emails be on his computer at all unless it was for some innocuous reason.

PS, today, Weiner has been charged with sexting a minor earleir. His wife who was Secretary Clintons Secretary has made moves to divorce him news extras say today as well.

It's almost like he was just poking around or someone was in order to make Hillary Clinton look bad again. I mean after all she was looking bad normally to hear any republican talk. And, most of that was just bad talking points anyhow, no real reasons were ever given or proof to back up any real wrongdoings have ever been had as far as I know. You can't just continue to make things up. There has to be proof, and there hasn't been any proof that could be prooved in court. Just a lot of hearsay about what people think happened, as usual.

I have to tell you I am happy that someone who had access to her information being punished is as good as it gets. But, that is not a reson to get too happy, afterall she did lose the election particlly due to those emails and the interfearance of the Russians in our politics.

Clinton Foundation Going Down- I don't think so!

5-4-2017 For all of those who have been told the Clinton Foundation is not in business anymore, or "they are going down anyday ", here is some real news. Contrary to the foundations demise they are working daily and very diligently for the people in the United States of America. This is a letter I received from former President Bill Clinton today.

Diane -

Our country is in the grip of an epidemic. Every day in America we lose more than 100 men and women to opioid overdoses – more than 33,000 in 2015 alone.

Like so many people in this country, I too know families who have lost children to opioid overdose. It is gut-wrenching for everyone affected and truly breaks my heart.

And that’s why the Clinton Foundation is working to fight this epidemic.

Our first priority is to save lives by expanding emergency use of naloxone, a life-saving tool that can reverse an opioid overdose and get the person breathing again in seconds.

At our recent Health Matters Activation Summit, we announced that we are partnering with Adapt Pharma to donate more than 40,000 doses of this life-saving antidote to every college and university in the U.S. These efforts will save lives.


However, we can't just focus on preventing overdoses – we need to address the root problem. Today, there are more than 2.5 million Americans struggling with addiction to heroin and other opioid drugs. They need help to conquer their addictions and lead healthy, productive lives.

I’m proud to announce that the Clinton Foundation is joining forces with Harvard Medical School to provide a new free, online course that educates the general public on the signs of addiction, how best to support individuals who suffer from addiction and dependency, and the best evidence-based treatment options for long term recovery.

Since 1999, overdose deaths involving opioids including heroin and prescription painkillers have nearly quadrupled. We know how to keep those people alive – and just as important, we can help them conquer their addictions and turn their lives around.

You can help us end America’s opioid epidemic. Please click here and make a donation to the Clinton Foundation today. In this country, in this century, no one should ever die of a drug overdose.

With your help, we can bring people back from the brink of death – and what’s more, we can help them get their lives back on track and look forward to a happier, healthier tomorrow.


Bill Clinton

Editors Note- PSST, Bill Clinton is Still Kicking Ass!

Political Rant, I Want

4-24-17 People are saying in our streets and in their homes that Donald Trump has fallen into his own trap by lying so much he forgets the truth. When you consider all things this has to be true. It doesn't make any real difference in what he wants, because he can't remember it from day to day, then he switches his thoughts to something else.

He has not performed at the minimum level of a kinder gardner in school at this job as President. I want him out of office as soon as possible. That is Before Kim Jong Un starts throwing nuclear bombs, missiles at us, and before Iran can ramp up any illegal things to do to our country. For Gods sakes women and men of Congress and the Senate, get him out of office and stop this madness before it's too late. The world he is trying to control is yours as well as mine and all resdients of the USA, not to mention the world we all live in.

Today, he signed off on a law to sell off all national monuments! Do you believe that? Well it's true. Now decide what else he might sell off. We should have listened to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he called Donald Trump a con man during th election race. And, Bloomberg has given away more than 5 billion dollars to charities not like Trump who can't provide any proof that he gave any money to any organization no matter how loud he screams!

Democrats of the Senate Showdown at the Capital, Deprives Gorsuch of Nomination

4-6-2017 In a historic move of power against Republican abstinence and unfairness our Democrats raised their hands higher. Finally someone decided to stand up and be counted against the blatant moves of injustice of republican power mongering!

The US has stood honorably with their citizens to bolster equality and fairness in everything for years. But, since President Obama took office anything he wanted to do was blocked for 8 years straight by power hungry republicans who wanted everything their way. Republicans animosity against President Obama was blatant racial profiling in public. Politicians are supposed to make laws to make our country greater not raise race relations to a new low by being so crude and cowardly as to not do their jobs because of it. Republicans also refused to even give the presidents choice of a new member for our Supreme Court a fair hearing Merrick Garland.

And then Americans elected Donald Trump. What a disaster that has been. Sometimes when new leadership comes into a country it is good when major things are changed. However, having said that this time it is not true. Yes there are things that still need to be changed in America. Just not in the manner Donald Trump and republicans are going about it. Everything has been done haphazard to put it mildly. Even Trumps wild behavior has been challenged and will be until the Russian probe is concluded. That may well put him in jail, we can then say "Lock Him Up!"

At some point we may get Donald Trump out of the White House for misconduct. That's going to take time, my concern is how much damage will he do to our entire political system before we can get him out!. Personally I dislike him because of the manner of getting things done; his mistreatment of women,and his throwing away of real facts when he lies. If you have any common sense, you cannot continually accept his lies without saying he is a fraud on the American public and unfit for office.

Right now we are hours away from a real war like conflict with China's leader because he is also unstable. I don't know about you, but I only live an hour away from D.C. and that's not far enough if China decides to throw bombs at us. The reality of that may not be accurate because of the distance from China, but, if they project any missles at us they will do damage for real.

The massive changes that republicans want to make with Medicare alone and our insurance laws are absolutely a tearing apart of our healthcare fabric. Their solutions would have us lose about 24 million people out of having any healthcare at all. And costs would skyrocket out of control so we couldn't pay the bills if we had to. They have had 8 years to fix this, but have done nothing except go on continual vacations and just not work for us period. Yet they want a raise. They should have the same insurance as we do, period.

Don't forget just how long they work each year either. $175k a year for those 110 working days this year. Don't you want a job like that where you can make a difference in our lives for the better of the entire country? That my friends is what we need to do. Go register for the next election cycle. Do it now and get your people excited now for the future. Start planning what you want to accomplish now for the future and start working on it. You will be surprised at what you can actually get done.

You are the change we need, work for the good of the entire country within your industry. Convince your leaders to "Do the Right Things".

There is a real possibility that Republicans will short change this election again because they want to change the Senate rules to allow an expected rules change later today by Republicans – the so-called 'nuclear option' – that would eliminate filibusters for Supreme Court nominees and allow Gorsuch to be confirmed on Friday with a simple majority of 51 votes.

Donald Trump's Latest Lie

3-15-2017 We have had a few unsavory presidents, so far only a few have been real dumb asses. Richard Nixon for one was a real dishonest Abe in sheep's clothing. George W. Bush was a great disappointment to most of us, leaving us with a fractured economy the likes of which no one had ever seen before.

President Obama fixed this and upon his leaving the White House has the highest presidential rating ever. As well as the lowest unemployment rate since the great depression.

Trump will never attain either of those goals. Why, because they are coming back to bite him in the ass proves he is not trustworthy at all. His ratings continue to drop. He continues to lie everyday. Donald Trump is not Normal in any way! Each lie is bigger than the first one. His last lie that is turning around is going to bite him again, is that President Obama had his phones wiretapped at his New York office in Trump Towers.

For one thing no president can have anyone wiretapped without the explicit approval from a Federal Judge. That is the law of our land every way and on everyday. There has to be real factfull reasons to ask for such proof of actions. Mr. Trump has not provided any such facts. Nor has anyone else been able to find evidence of it.

Mr. Trump suffers from major delusions. He always thinks someone is out to get him. Three may well be hundreds of people out to get him. Because, he has done so many bad business deals, he tried to pull the wool over peoples eyes, those people don't trust him anymore. He has done bad business with and stiffed them of wages to pay their employees. He also hired many immigrants to build his Trump Tower and then tried to not pay them their overtime. In my opinion Donald Trump is a scandalous business person and is not to be trusted.

Yes, his promises were sounding pretty good while he was on the campaign trail. He has woked hard to bring those promises to be. It's how he has tried to bring them about that concerns me. He has done nothing to get jobs to stay here except the 900 or so jobs at the car manufacturing plant in Detroit. Those jobs were going to stay here even before Trump had anything to do with that deal. So you can't count that one in. So far everything he has done has been tainted by bad press and bad behavior by Trump.

Historically, Trump has no basic reality of the things that have happened before him. Nor does he have any personal tact in discussing important events that can make a major international disaster in a hot second. He does have a hot temper that can escalate any situation into a disaster. When Trump had a meeting with German Chancelor Andrea Merkle, he acted like a real bay boy in a schoolyard, certainly not like any adult leader I'd want on my side.I won't soon forget her unbelieving look on her face during their TV meeting.

If he pushes North Korea on their missile launches, we can be in a missile war in hours. Kim Un also has a hot temper and has had many of his own relatives killed on his suspicions alone about their activities.

Trump totally botched our national relationship with Mexico. Boasting that he would make them pay for a fence between the nations, he roiled up their president who then promptly canceled their international meeting.

Donald Trump is a major disaster waiting to happen. He already sparked a military action that killed a young soldier in the first week of his presidency.

In recent weeks Trump has criticized Snoop Dog about a new recording that has Snoop putting a gun onto a photo of Trump. When the bang came it was a flag. Trump had fits. But, what he forgets is that he threatened to have Hilary Clinton killed twice during his run for the presidency at his speeches. Now that is a man who does not respect women. No matter what you say against Hilary, she did not deserve that. She is the woman who has the most lies thrown at her in any election ever. None of them have even been proven, ever. Just like he hasn't ever been proven right this is not the person to lead our country on any day. He is dangerous, deceitful and lies everyday.

Teen Maturing and Dating Issues from the CDC Tips for Parents, Teens

2-27-2017 Should we parents really be worried about the people they are dating becoming violent or abusive? CDC says emphatically yes we should be worried. According to CDC, in a recent national survey, did you know 1 in 10 teens reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once in the 12 months before the survey? Additionally, during the 12 months before the survey,1 in 10 teens reported they had been kissed, touched, or physically forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to at least once by someone they were dating.

My own chilldren as they grew were fortunate enough to know all of the kids in our neighborhood. I knew most of their parents a well. Nowadays, with all of the cars and busses, transportation, their friends can be from anywhere. It is imperative that you get to know who their friends are. When we are all young we sometimes do things we should not do and then regret it later. But, that is just where you don't want your daughters face to be, at the business end of a hard slap, or worse sexually assaullted. And that goes for the boys as well. Little girls grow up to be sexally aware and are just as curious as the boys are. We must all realize that fact, and be aware now.

As a Parent You Can

Talk to your teens about the importance of developing healthy, respectful relationships.

You need to remember that unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime. Teens often think some behaviors, like teasing and name calling, are a "normal" part of a relationship. However, these behaviors can become abusive and develop into more serious forms of violence. That is why adults need to talk to teens now about the importance of developing healthy, respectful relationships.

Dating violence can have a negative effect on health throughout your lifetime. Victims of teen dating violence are more likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. They might also engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as using tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Teens who are victims in high school are at higher risk for victimization during college and in adult relationships. Teach your children to become more physical to be able to defend themselves. Your girls and young boys need to know it's ok to hit someone else who is abusing them.

Get a group of these young kids together and show some karate videos, get them to experience some of the moves. They just need to be aware of what they can do to protect themselves.

What CDC Is Doing

CDC's Division of Violence Prevention is leading the initiative, Dating Matters®: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships. Dating Matters is a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention model that builds upon current evidence-based practice and experience to promote respectful, nonviolent dating relationships among youth. Dating Matters includes multiple prevention activities that work together to reduce the burden of teen dating violence for individuals, schools, families, and in neighborhoods. The Dating Matters Capacity Assessment and Planning Tool (DM-CAPT) is an online system that helps local health departments and their school and community partners assess and monitor their capacity for implementing a comprehensive teen dating violence initiative. Dating Matters also provides an online training for educators and other youth-serving professionals who are interested in learning more about preventing teen dating violence.

Dating Matters was implemented in middle schools and neighborhoods across Chicago, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; and Oakland, California as part of an ongoing CDC demonstration project. For more information about each of these communities, view the Dating Matters grantee profiles. Dating Matters is expected to be available to other communities interested in preventing teen dating violence by early 2018.

See More at CDC website

Who is Coming Aboard to become stars of our presidential Election

In my opinion there are two major people who have emerged as courageous, determined and smart on the Democratic side. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Ma., and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Senator Warren has stood up to quirks and falsehoods that D. Trump has thrown at her each and every time he opens his mouth. Last week the Senators had the gaul to tell her to shut up and sit down when she read the letter from Coretta King about critical comments on Sen. Jeff Sessions. Then they threw out some old law , McConnel saying he had warned her about speaking out ( that was just because she is a woman and they did not stop any other person from speaking out folks). They didn't tell Bernie Sanders to sit down when he read the same letter. Nor Coretta's testimony on Jeff Sessions's U.S. District Court nomination in Alabama that she also wrote about.

Protestors' also read the entire 9 page letter outside of the home of Mitch McConnell this past Friday night. Most people don't give Martin Luther King the real respect that he or Coretta deserve. Their intense personal involvement in civil rights for Americans of all colors and persuasions was an extreme action for an extreme time in marching for equality for all Americans. Of course Martin made the most sacrifice because he felt someone was going to kill him, but went on the march anyway.

They were both generations ahead of all us when it came to personal liberties and equal rights. Coretta King stood up for all Americans rights for equality as the strong intelligent woman that she was!

What are your feelings about our Presidential election?

Are you down in the dumps? Do you feel upbeat about the situation at the moment? I think this type of situation is a quagmire. Quagmire | Definition of Quagmire by Merriam-Webster Definition of quagmire. 1 : soft murky land that shakes or yields under the foot. 2 : a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position : predicament.

The big questions is how do you feel about it? We have had many ups and downs during the election season. We couldn't figure out if Donald Trump was telling the truth or not. Turns out according to Politico most of what he said was not rooted in truth, rather a smidgen of truth. Yes they concluded that Secretary Hillary Clinton was telling the truth a lot more.

But, because she has been subjected to so many lies by the republicans for years it was hard to see the real truth. You can also check out is also a good site to check for facts. I believe she should sue them for all the harassment they have used against her for the past thirty years. I am sure that has affected her actions in some manner. Maybe made her tougher against them for the long run.

Snope says :As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on 20 January 2017: people noticed considerable changes to the official White House web site. At website, such as the seeming removal of the terms "LGBT" and "climate change": It's true folks. According to George Takei: The White House removed its climate change, the healthcare, civil rights, and LGBT sections.That translates into less civil liberties, major heath care changes, and more climate changes. This is the picture from from the new president.

When entertainment celebrities get involved you know the situation must be serious. People like Gloria Stienham, Madonna, and others took part in the Women's march into D.C.. They wanted to protest and share their opinions of Trumps actions as well. Our US protestors were about "equality, womens bodies, individual rights, LGBT issues, and the protections of their private parts ". They also spoke about pay equity. I bet you that Ivanka trump gets paid what ever she wants working in the White House, for her father. She shouldn't even get paid being a family member who also has her own business on the side. That is definitely a conflict of interest.

Many of the women at the Million Women's March spoke about the thousands of other women across the entire country who also chimed in to protest. I am told the numbers are approximately 500,000 thousand women in D.C., but 1 million across the country. There were over a hundred thousand demonstrators in California alone. That does not include our support from international women in other countries protesting for us.

Remarks from Michael Moore: He encouraged us to go out and support the organizations that help us most, like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, ACLU and others. He also said to call Congress and the Senate everyday to lift our voices. Michael Moore says Las Vegas odds give Trump 4 to 6 months in office. Moore also encouraged all U.S. women to run for office, and I agree with him. Run for precinct delegates to start with.

Elizabeth Warren also graced the crowd with her presence. "We are here today because of the power of women who were organizing this rally". We will not forget and we don't want to forget the people who Donald Trump supports, but, for those who support us we will work for them. "Remember diversity makes us stronger and equal means equal".We must not let them run laws through with no notice, we must be vigilant and speak up. We must not be silent, we will be speaking, and loud.

And as Bernie Sanders says. "We are going forward, on immigrations, health care, racial justice or climate change. You will not divide us up by race, or by who we love. Too many women have fought for too many years to give up their bodies to anyone, fought for equal pay, we will not go back. We are going to fight for the day when all people have health care".

We all need to get cracking and do what each of us can do so this will not become an election in vain. We must take to the telephones and give our opinions, every day in every way! Call 202-225-3121 Tell them we do not accept Betsy Duvos as Secretary of Education. You can also call Congress.

Here's Bernie Sanders

Tribute to Barack Obama he has saved the world from too much power in the hands of Exxon and Russia"

12-11-2016 However, when the next inauguration comes up it may well be a new war between Russia and America. Why, well, it's a little complicated. Because, Russsia and Exxon wanted to do an oil sale it's complicated. Because Trumps pick is ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and Tillerson and Putin have definitely mixed business interests. So all that matters supposedly is big oil at this point? However, the Obama administration blocked the deal when it imposed sanctions against Russia for its intervention in the Ukraine. OMG I am shivering in my boots.

Folks we have just been conned by the bigest conman in the entire country to elect him to the presidency. I mean it's not beause we haven't been told that from people living in New York either. Yes we were all warned about Donald Trumps background, but many people thought that they knew better and wanted him in. Why, because he yelled louder than Hillary Clinton, because he continues to bombast us with things that are not relevant, to draw attention away from things he does not want to talk about. He's like an angry father yeling at his little kids to make them behave and too many fell for that ploy. Trump also brings in big oil people to further muddy the pot enter "Rex Tillerson". How do we know we can trust Tillerson after all Donald Trump picked him! How do we know anything Donald Trump says or does is good? This week he says he doesn't want to get emergency updates from his intelligence groups. What the Hell?

And Guess What, Hillary Clinton was not lying all along. Not only that, but Trump has been using her words since he got elected to express his concerns. He is just copying her and what she said during the election cycle. You''all have to pay more attention especially when it comes to a national election. At this point everytime we have an election that person will be able to do anything they pretty much want! That is as long as the congress approves of their actions. And you know how obstructive they have been for the past eight years.So everyone still went ahead and elected another republican after they have been trying to stop everything that Prsident Obama wanted just becaue he is black. Are you happy now?

This Tillerson fellow is supposed to be approved by the congress, why not make them hear President Oamas Pick for the Supreme court and give him a fair hearing as well. What is tit for tat or good for the goose is good for the gander these days! Even though our jobs market wasn't the greatest it was great that President Obama got as many new jobs as he stated. Obama reported by calculating job gains from February 2010, which was the lowest point for employment in the aftermath of the financial crisis. According to published reports President Obama created 11.8 million jobs.

The Womens March on Washington January 21st 2017

"Women's March on Washington" was been approved by an interagency task force on Friday, according to the organizers.

Recent reports say people will be able to gather at the intersection of Independence Ave and Third Ave SW, near the U.S. Capitol, at 10:00 am on January 21, 2017.

Fontaine Pearson, one of the Women's march organizers, has said the march is not a protest against Trump but she aims to highlight women's issues, including sexual assault and workplace discrimination. "We're strong, even though this has been a very difficult election for a lot of us.

Having gotten that report, in my mind it is certainly a protest against the vulgarity of Donald J. Trumps hateful mouth and blatant racism in making millions of people angry .Not to mention his childish temper tanttrums against professional people who are way smarter than he is.He can claim all he wants that he is not racist, but his foul mouth tell all of us just how hateful he really can be and is. I don't care who puts up with him or has to listen to him either.

"It was Donald J. Trump who I heard say go ahead hit him, I'll pay your fine. And he said that more than once on the floor of his speech in front of a televised audience. He also kept saying that Meghan Kelley was not professional, when all she did was ask him a question that he did not like! How childish can you get? Not to mention his mocking of the Muslim father and mother of a slain military man who was protecting the US base gates when a bomb went off and he got killed. Then he has the gaul to Scream to the top of his lungs "Lock Her Up" not once but many times! On top of that he called for someone to take a hit on her!

As a people we don't soon forget that type of childish behavior, nor do we condone it, or put up with it. All of his rantings are so far over the line of common decency you can't forget it, nor should you. He is not a child, he is a 70 year old man. Maybe he's getting alzheimers for speaking out and being so rowdy. Take for instance his harsh words against almost everyone who disagrees with him. OMG you would think he was a spoiled four year old child. There are bigger things to get upset about for one thing. This country who's people he promised to take care of is having nightmares from all of the attacks against black people and the police and children in schools. Over 700 violent attacks have been carried out in his name because mostly young men are angry and don't know how to contain their anger since the election numbers came out. And his amateurish childlike behavior has not helped any one of us in this country rather makes us look stupid for electing him. But, I am not going to go into that here.

Well, maybe I should right here go into it. When any man is accused by more than three women of alleged sexual misconduct, you can bet it's true. Look At Bill Cosby and all of his accusers, guilty, you bet he is. And DonaldjJ.Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year old girl many times by someone who actually watched him. I don't know how that person can sleep at night. This has been corroborated by others as well. His court case comes up next week on the 16th in New York.

Trumps actions and words suggests a possible cause could be Trum';s behavior is like Alzheimers, certainly one early sign, but the more telling one is the fact that his father suffered from Alzheimers.If Trumps father suffered from it, there is a good chance he could develop it as well because it is hereditary. His constant contradictions, like claiming he opposed the Iraq War when he clearly supported it, may be less an attempt at obfuscation, and due more simply to befuddlement. He may actually believe what he says, because of his inablity to recall what he really said previously.

As far as election lies are concerned you can check out the following website that will give you the facts, but,The Donald Lied a Lot!

Crooked Trump Wins and Why!

11-22-2016 When one partner wants one thing and the other partner wants something different which one is to blame?That really is the crux of the entire situation, people need to work together to find the best alternative and ask each other the tough questions.

Those answers now have us with a pre elect Nasty ass Donald Trump(nazi) who is already looking to line his pockets even more by doing pre deals with countries like Japan before he gets elected so his children can run the deals after he gets in office.

He will have access to more of the world. Now he isn't fulfilling his promises that he made during the run. He is now filling up positions with hard right liners who only want to line their pockets with money as a result. He is even hiring lobbyists. So all of the promises he made he has already broken. To all of you guys out there who pummeled your wives into voting Trump into office I hope you are satisfied. Now you will face the wrath for four years of making your wife angry with you and the country.

The biggestst deal now is to realize that our guys, (mostly the ones who try to shout you down in the living room when you are trying to make a point) and their women didn't listen to all of those Nobel Laurate fellows who are sooo much smarter than we are. Don't just listen to your buddies, look at who else in the world, the smart people are doing, what are they saying. Always listen to people who are smarter than you are because that is what makes us smarter by listening and thinking and not making snap judgements.

Secretary Hillary Clinton Wins the Final Debate, But Loses the Election

I have been greatly saddened by the turn of events of our US election results. I am sure Hillary is wringing her hands. We all make some mistakesin life.Hillary said "I do support the 2nd Amendment. I support it by wanting to let gun owners have their firearms, but by closing gun show loopholes, and making sure a person has a background check, as well as if you have committed a crime you won't be able to get on a plane, or get a gun permit. And I do support women wanting an abortion to be able to make ther own health decsions especially when it involves abortion which is a horrible choice to have to make in the first place. That choice should be her and her families, not the governments."

Also,a group of 70 Nobel laureate winners,in an array of categories, have overwhelming thrown their support behind Clinton—making no mention of Trump. The acclaimed intellectuals feel that electing Clinton is crucial to maintaining the government and the country in an orderly manner.In their letter declared that “We need a president who will support and advance policies that will enable science and technology to flourish in our country and to provide the basis of important policy decisions.

The Clinton campaign released a statement that “Earlier in the week, 95 retired generals and admirals endorsed Clinton,” and that “An additional 15 retired generals and admirals” are endorsing her tomorrow. I am told that more than 80 new military leaders are pitching in their support in the next few days as well. But alas it wasn't enough. There is afoot an effort to get election results recounted I'll let you know how that goes and when.

Donald Trump is Big Time Loser in the Last Debate

10-20-2016 His is so much a loser because, he unapologetically said that "I will not accept the eventual accounts of the election until I win". . So he is being a sore loser even before the election happens. This was the piveting moment of the entire debate. Every candidate in the last one hundred years has said that they will accept the outcome, except two men. Al Gore contested them and rightly so in that instance. And so did George W. Bush.

What I find troubline is that the Republican party is that they have contributed to the foolishness of D.T. by not working with our president. It is true thay created D.T. because they have worked the least number of days during the past year of any congress and blasted anything thet President Obama ever did. Thre is ample evidence that men of the republican party made a pact to not do anything to help Obama within days of Obamas taking the oath of office. Racism, you bet that is!

Even professional commentators like Anderson Cooper put their money on the mark. According to Van Jones: "This is a very sad night for the country. You can't polish this turd."

Anderson Cooper: "Technically, you cannot polish any turd."

It's Official Folks Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams says the Rape Case Against Donald Trump the leading Republican Candidate for the Presidency is Schedued for 11:30 AM on 16 December 2016!

10-11-2016 All of his false blustreing and threats he has been throwing may have been meant to draw attention away from him. But, that obviously has not worked because he is now facing a federal court case for rape of a thirteen year old girl many times. She has credible witnesses who have said they will testify for her.

These incidents happened while he and many others were at parties with his friend Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein is a registered sex offender in New York who apparently used to hold sex parties with notably underage girls because they both like them young. Yes I know that turns my stomach as well. It has been reported that the guys promised the girls modeling jobs, photographs, etc just to get them to go there in 1994.

This will be updated as it happens. Information is verified by 10-11-2016

My Attention Hijacked by Our Political Election in the Last Few Weeks

10-8-2016 I am a passionate person about life. Political elections are important as all can attest to in recent weeks. I have discussed my insistence on being truthful, treating each other with respect as an extremely important issue in all aspects of life in this forum.

Then along come a most dis-respectfull man who thinks women should just bow down to him and do whatever he wants. He is running for President of the United States. Unfortunately from what I have read and watched and heard, he lies in almost any sentence he speaks:

Our media has said "Sep 26, 2016 - It's difficult to overstate just how often, and how blatant Trump lies. See all Trump's lies Vox news.

Lyin' Donald :101 of Trumps Greatest Lies Why does Donald Trump Lie so Much

My mind has been on the outrageous things he has said and done. And I wonder about the sanity of people who are voting for him. Don't get me wrong on this, I understand that there are many people in this country who are upset with our politics, as am I.

Run the turncoats out of office!

But, yet I look at a radical turn of political representatives who have decided to block anything by our president. I think that is totally wrong. It's wrong because that it's their job to pass laws that will help the entire country. With this next election it'l be our turn to run out the turncoats out of office!

Obstructionalists "republicans" have done everything that they could to not pass any bills put forth by our president. I do not expect them to pass all bills, but I do expect them to work together for the betterment of our entire country. By not doing that, they have made themselves irrelevant. Doing their jobs has been the last thing on their minds. And that my friends is unconscionable. As also are the number of days that they worked at their jobs. This congress has worked the least amount of days than any other congress we have ever had, plus they granted themselves a raise.

Not only that, but Paul Ryan "republican" stopped our country from running a year ago. He shut down the entire process and they went on strike.

You know what that did to our feelings of continuity! We felt that republicans abandoned us, and we were correct.

If any company let their officers do that they would be in bad straights. As we are as a nation with prior good womens rights. They are being attaked by republicans all the time, in any way that they could be. Even the United Nations has reported a bad example is being set by our congress.

According to the U.N. To whom does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights apply? To each individual, regardless of gender, race, religion or cultural background. Why is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights important to you? Because it protects and promotes your individual rights. Because of that is why we have had open borders for so many years.

And yes I know our borders are having problems with too many people trying to get in. And I know we can't take everyone who even needs to come in. Usually the ones coming over are people who are oppressed by politicians in other countries. We all know that not every person who asks for help is a criminal. So, that is a major problem that needs to be addressed better. Remember folks Hillary Clinton has said as much about that. Some attention have been aborted by dealing with Trumps temper tantrums and shenanigans. Yes he has taken up valuable time for no other reason than to have the attention of the public shed on him.

There are ongoing meetings with communities that are next to Mexican border and, I've seen live TV hearings on these issues. Those hearing were going on during the past three weeks.

The average processing time is: 7-8 months for a persons visa petition be approved by the Immigration Service;

It takes 1-3 months to receive a set of forms from the Department of State known as Packet 3; and 2-4 months until an interview is scheduled at the American Consulate. For people in the United States, the process is usually shorter.

Total processing time may be 9-12 months. That's dependent upon the Immigration Service office. That which has jurisdiction over where the person lives.

Trump has taken up so much of our time on TV it occurred to me that we have not given Secretary Hillary Clinton enough fair consideration. Yes, she has been our Secretary of State, and Senator to New York twice. For all purposes she has done a good job. Republican senators have said the same thing and some of them support her over Trump as are many other people switching sides.

Rumors have swilled around that she has lied. Last week I decided to see what I could find about those lies. I did watch a proceeding when the FBI was telling congress that he did not believe that Hillary was guilty of anything on purpose. I watched those senators grill him and I felt bad for him because some were downright disrespectful to him. He had a tough job to do knowing full well that these men were out for blood from Secretary Hillary Clinton. Believe me it showed too. They would ask him the same questions another way and he never wavered.

In this election cycle we have been duped by one candidate as to his emotional stability. Generally speaking, people will elect who they see is the closest person to getting things done. The major problem this time is definitely prejudice against a woman for one, and the combativeness of republicans against her for years. This is a real strong part of the issue folks. Plus men don't like women in control just in general. Of coure in my opinion most men think of women being like their mothers. But, I could be wrong about that. Now there are women you know who could outdo some of the generals if you got to know them.

You have the combativeness of some of the military generals, the egos of red neck men who in general don't even read a newspaper or do any kind of real online search unless it's to find the cheapest shotgun. Some women who believe everything that their husbands say and follow them blindly. All of that winds up influencing society more than most people realize. We need to educate our men and sons more. We need to open their narrowmindedness. We need them to see Secretary Hillary Clinton and other smart women as an ally, not as a stupid or inept person.

She has perseverd under extreme duress for years when running for office. The Senate years were good and she has done a wonderful job there with many good words even from republicans at the time. 9/11 happened during her first year as Senatorfor N.Y.. She got medical coverage from Congress, Senate and House for the emergancy responders as soon as possible. No one else did that. She ran for a second term and won that as well for New York state.

"9 Times she was invetigated on Benghazi, 9"

She did a remarkable job as Secretry of State. The one major issue was Benghazi. The President did not formally ask for that funding for the outpost. Secretary Hillary Clinton has been investigated nine times and no one has made any charges against her for anything she did in Benghazi. All of that has been twisted by republicans nine times a total waist of taxpayers money.

Thank God she is a strong women!

clinton official portrait.jpgd.t.png

NBC's Flailing Journalist Matt Lauer

9-8-2016 I have to tell you that I usually watch the Today show on NBC most of the time because I like their shows and have seen many interviews that I thought were well done. However, Matt Lauer did a piss poor job with the Commander-in-Chief interview that aired last night. Although Secretary of State Hllary Clinton was the first person to be interviewed, Lauer asked many of the same questions that media and portions of the republicans have been asking for the past six months. No new questions. But the tone was also not good ratherlooking down his nose at her the whole time. That was very unprofessional for him to do. She is after all the only one in government who has the credentials she has. None of the famous emails looked over were classified as she said. Anything else you have read is not true. She explained what she meant in clear English. Even the FBI could not charge her with anything. Not sure why Matt would go that distance after the FBI cleared her in the first place unless he is a republican out to see her go down. That alone would eliminate him from being an objective interviewer. NBC editors should have known better then that in the first place.

All journalists are taught in their first journalism class that they have to have five w's in their first paragrah. Who, what, when, where and why should be the beginnings. Then they have to back up their identifications with the real facts. A really good journalist is supposed to research the facts. That is why I am so suprised at Matt Lauers tactics and questions because they have been answered time and time again. Maybe he is lazy, I don't know.

Trump said "Our Generals have failed", "The military are in a shambles. While Secretary Clinton said he is "trash talking our Generals" experiences. The Secretary also claims "everything is a game to Trump", and he is definitely unpatriotic! If you notice him when hearing the national anthem, he never puts his hand over his heart. Then he goes on to praise Russian president Putin wanting to cozy up to him and his ideals. Trump actualy said during this campaign that he wanted Putin to hack Hilarys emails. That alone seems treasoness an very dangerous for him to even think about rather than to say it outloud. Lauer never asked about hs words on hacking into Hilary's emails.

In my opinion D.T. is not, I repeat is not qualified to be president of the United States becaues he also changes his mind almost everyday on things he has said the day before. We cannot trust him to be in the Oval Office at any time.

My vote will be for Secretary Hilary Clinton for her resolve in standing her ground number one, and secondly for standing for what is right for our country even in the face of stiff opposition based on lies about her which by the way have been proven as lies. by republicans who just wanted to ruin her credibility for years. It's built up over the years and that is why most of the repubs keep shouting. You know if something is shouted loud enough and often enough some people will beleive it without doing auy research themselves. It's like well, if so and so says it's true I'll beleve it. My last words on this is Don't believe it!

Statement from Clinton Foundation President Donna E. Shalala on Four Star Rating from Charity Navigator


Today, we heard yet again from highly-respected experts that the Clinton Foundation ranks among the most effective and well-regarded charitable organizations in the world. We are proud to be rated four stars by Charity Navigator for the strength of our operations and transparency. Having also received an ‘A’ rating from American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch; and the highest Platinum rating from Guidestar, Charity Navigator’s four star rating is another clear indication of our ongoing commitment to driving transparency and accountability while improving the lives of millions of people here in the U.S. and all around the world.

D.T. Trip to see Mexican President Mr. Peña Nieto Today at 4:00 p.m.

Prior President of Mexico Mr. Fox said of D.Tumps surprise visit to the current president Mr. Peña Nieto “I cannot envision him sitting in that chair, that was the chair of President Washington, President Jefferson, President Kennedy, President Reagan,” Mr. Fox said. “He doesn’t know how to run a nation. He doesn’t even know how to run a business.” 

8-31, 2016 Personally I cannot fathom the often displayed total arrogance of D.T. This time he has really overstepped himself and will pay the price by alienating Mexicos people for a very long time. He is in fact trying his own brand of "warmongering", the likes we have never seen in theis country except by the moffia in prior years! It will make doing business with the people almost nonexistent for our future/ or possibly better as long as he loses the election. That is the real upside.

What D.T. Promises is more unbalance in our day to day life. He does not project any grace, compassion, integrity, no improved honesty, in fact no improved personal attributes that I or anyone else can point to. His representatives also keep talking about improved polls. They are lying, he is doing very poorly in reliable polls.

Fordham University puts out one of the most reliable polling information that everyone looks up to. It is called the "Public Policy Polling". Their assessment as of yesterday is this:

According to Fordham, Today Hillary Clinton leads with 42% to 37% for Donald Trump, 6% for Gary Johnson, 4% for Jill Stein, and 1% for Evan McMullin, with 10% of voters still undecided. Clinton now leads 49-45 in Pennsylvania and 50-45 nationally. It appears everything that happened in the month of July had minimal effect on the margins between Clinton and Trump, it just helped move some undecided partisans skeptical of their party's nominees off the fence and toward the candidates they likely would have ended up with anyway.

Trump's losing his battle with the media- by a double digit margin (45/34) voters say that the New York Times is more respectable than Trump is. I'll take the New York Times anyday against anyone won't you?

I will state my opinion again here now. Hillary Clinton has been unfairly judged by many men, simply because they are afraid of strong women. You know Utah is the place where the Mormon church is and also the used to be sex playground of Warren Jeffs is the former President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church),. He is also a convicted felon currently serving a sentence of life plus 20 years. His prison term is the result of being convicted in 2011 of two felony counts of child sexual assault. My point being that Utah is known for being an extreme male dominated culture. Mostly men are voting for Trump in that state. And the fact that D.T. is still in the midst of beginning a sexual assault case before the election. There are credible witnesses against him and frend Jeffrey for violent sexual abuse at a party in Jeffrey Epsteins home, a convicted sexual predator who is a registered sex offender. Ths is factual, not slamming anyone but, telling the truth.

Why the new rape case against Donald Trump should not be ignored

Remember Trump’s legal cases are fully documented in court cases and legal proceedings, while charges against Hillary Clinton rumors are not. And, all charges have been dropped against her by the FBI. Furthermore the emails to be opened again by congress in the next few days are the same ones that the FBI saw during their prior investigation and found no wrong doing, no laws broken with malice or intent to lie.

See Trump University facts:

Why I Support Secretary of State and now the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton

Or Big Trip to the Woodshed for Bullies

7-28-2016 Number one it is not, I repeat not because she is a woman. My vote for her is because of her unwavering support of families and childrens issues throughout her professional lifetime, some 40 years. She has always fought for families and children too. She has changed her mind a few times when she realised the situation was not what she was first told or thought. Just like you and I have. We all have that right you know.

After sifting out the information on her emails the FBI said they would not file charges against her because there were only three emails that could have been questionable. Three emails folks. That is ludacrous that so much time was spent trying to make her out a traitor and bad ass over three emails. Not only that but one of the republicans actualy confessed that he had sent a few emails to her to try to trap her into doing something wrong. The law insisting solely email usage for government employees was not passed until nearly two years after Clinton left office, as Clinton made clear in a recent press conference. So it's really a non-issue after all. It's Just another smoke screen by the republicns to try to derail her. It is really as simple as that. Not only that, but she made time to be interviewd by the FBI and they asked all of the questions that they could and exonerated her from any wrongdoing.So to all of you who keep harpening on that forget it, it's over for god's sake. Not only that, but she did most of her business over a secure cell phone. And again because of her busy schedule.

For one thing because of Clinton's travel schedule duties, she was given permission to have the server and the state department knew all about it, President Obama knew about it and signed off on it. There are many others who could be charged as well for doing tha exact same thing I want to know why they aren't being charged, like Jeb Bush, Colin Powell,Governor Scott Walker, and Condoleeza Rice. And another thing what hapened to George Bush 33,000 emails that just disappeared into thin air? Huh, where are they and why did George Bush delete them? That one really needs to be chased down as well. Furthermore Donald Trump needs a head examination because he actually said on national television that he wants Russia to look into the email problems and hack them. Isn't there a criminal law against that? I think it is called criminal intent! He was not kidding folks he was dead serious there was no smirk or smile on his face. He needs to be held accountable for once in his life because he is dealing with all of our lives. This is no longer a joke for the day.

Hillary Clinton is supported by many on both sides of the political aisle for being a relly good senator. Just like her work in the Secretary of State position has been.

In some circles she has been called a liar and I know that it has been pointed out to me several times even by close family friends. Okay, Hillary Clinton has been given knowledge of thousands of security issues in her jobs. None of which I know of that she has told anyone about. That is the way it should be. In dealings with other countries that you really don't know all the details about there have probably been many times when she shaded the truth for fear of telling too much and risking peoples lives. I think you probably understand that. Have you ever lied on purpose to save someones feelings or a relationship from ending too early? Yes, I am asking you that because you need to think about it when thnking about your own security and your life. All of us are guilty of that sometime in our lifetimes because no one is totally squeaky clean. As to her deliberatley lying that may have happened, but if it did I don't want to know about it because there could have been other mitigating reasons why she did it and I am not in a war with her nor do I want to judge her either. Unless you are in the same room with her you don't know what really happened. On any given day whatever she has done is usualy good, her intentions are good and she has not gone into bankruptcy 6 times either, nor stiffed companies and employees from getting their fair wages. Nor has she called men big fat pigs, nor has she said that any men reporters could not have access to her meetings or briefings and then later called them to a private meeting. If she were truly an outrageous and disgusting person we would have heard before now which is 40 years into her poitical activities when she is running for Presidency don't you think?

There are sometimes things that happen when we say something that is not true where we are being an obstructionist whether we know it or not. Sometimes we are just being too unfair about our judgements of other people. How do you know you wouldn't do the same thing just to get that someone off of your back. We are sometimes just too judgmental of others when we don't know the entire situation and it's none of our business either, unless you are their boss or an underling who has to live with it. We need to give people a break for being human and not be too judgmental.

Hillary Clinton has been unfairly judged by many men, simply because they are afraid of strong women.The media has even couched their words and said that the RNC was afraid of Clinton because she is so strong. Donald Trump has said in public that he is the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton. I submit to you that he is afraid of Hillary Clinton as are the republican party members. You know they are actually fighting with their mothers when they are trying to defeat her. What they really see are their mothers when they were punshed by them and trying to control their outlandish bulling behaviors. By the way I think there is a big deserved trip to the woodshed coming up for the men of the Republican party don't you?Novembers election should take care of that. Remember that the republican senators and congressmen are the people who shut down our government, not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Check out the real campaign facts click here

Hillary has a lot of famous people behind and beside her

    Mery Streep lists Hillary with such notable women in history as Madeline Albright, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriett Taubman, and Sandra Day O'Connor
    Oprah Wifrey
    The Pope
    Morgan Freeman
    Lady Gaga
    Elton John
    Katy Perry calls herself Hillary's number 1 fan on Twitter
    JJ Abrahms
    Debra Messing
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    George Clooney
    Demi Lovato
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    Lena Dunham
    Will Ferrele
    Sarah Silverman
    America Ferrera
    Ted Danson and Mary Streetburger
    Amy Shumer
    Abbi Jacobson and LLana Glazer
    George and Amal Clooney

Trumps Fearmongering Lies

7-22-2016 I do not normally call anyone a liar. I don't do this unless I have real proof. So here is the proof! On national television last night I watched the Republican convention. I am apalled at the fear mongering that D.T. applied during his 1 hour and fifteen minute speech. For one thing he behaved as he is a dictator. He screamed at folks and Said I am the only one who can help you, I'll take care of it all. There is one major problem with that. It's called congress who won't work with you or anybody else that they do not like re: President Obama past 8 years obstructionism. Which by the way is how D.T. was created because of so many people obstructing Obama. and the people are pissed! There are over 80 seats open this year in congress that need to be filled, how many of them will be be Democrat probably 50% by my count. If you truly want to read the real truth go here.

The reality is this folks. D.T. has been so busy trying to get out of legal suits that he has not paid attention as to how our politics works on a regular basis. If he had been payng attention to details that are important to every politician he would have known better than that. Number one he has picked on people who he thought he could demean. That's not worked in relation to his opponent Hillary Clinton the Democrat nominee for the Presidency. And he has other bigger fish to fry in the legal suits that he has against him even now. Remember his outrage that a Spanish Federal Judge would be too impacted because hie heritage was Spanish T said he would be impartial anc dould not judge him fairly. H, can you imagine that he tried to intimidate a Federal Judge to win a legal fight. How is that for someone who says he wants everyone to be treated fairly? That is the pot calling the kettle black in my book.

Notice she has not cowed in a corner like most of T's, other oponents. She has gone on and dealt courageously with whatever Republicans wanted to throw at her and she has won. The email mess was really over three emails, that's right three emails that were in question by the FBI. All the time waisted on that investigtion and money that we had to pay out of our tax monies to pay Republicans and whoever was involved in that investigation was money we could have just as easily flushed down the toilet as far as how much good it has done, "except to prove her not guilty".

So there you have it. Hillary is not guilty of any wrongdoing against anyone or the system. NOT GUILTY! Now you have to find someone else to project your hate upon, or of course you can decide to just be happier on a day to day basis by looking for real truth rather than also being a fear mongerer. Sometimes you just have to let go of anger especialy if it is drected in the wrong direction or person. Remember anger is not usually justified for how much energy you put into it. We all have our choiches everyday as to how we look out at life, what we really want, you and I both choose what we want to make us happy everyday.

Don't get me wrong, I do agree that there are lots of things in the US that are not fair and that need to be changed faster rather than later. Number one people need to stop killing each other, forcing others against their will to do nasty things to each other and stop the harassment of anyone. It does not matter who the harassment is being done to, but, it needs to stop and it needs to stop now, today. Everyone needs to stop lying to themselves, and to others, stop lying to your mother, your father, brother or sister and expecially your grandmother and grandfather. They deserve much better than that from you and your siblings.

And for Gods sake and your family if you have a drug problem or if someone is sexually abusing you tell someone else so they can help you to get that person to stop. They should be in jail if you are being abused. Do not let anyone abuse you it's not worth the longterm problems you will have in your life later on. Everyone deserves to be happy,and safe even you.

Why the shooting into a gay bar in Orlando is so troubling

7-8-2016 Number one, it's been a long time since the original mayhem in Stonewall riots in New York when police raided a provate bar because they knew there were gay people inside having a good time. The entire country has worked hard to stop harassment of gay folks in our communities when they put on their Pride parades and become actively out and work for the good of mankind. We have realized that there are many gay people amonst us who are doctors, lawyers, artists, designers, public servants, engineers, heads of large corporations to name a few occupation where ther is a lot of openess and very talented people who can laugh at themselves much more than the rest of us can. And don't forget our creative people in theater and acting professions who help to make us laugh at our selves. That in itself is a good attribute to admire.

The shooter whose name I will not mention was born in the US, but when he got older was radicalized. That process hardened his heart much more than anything else and I believe that it was his own fear of finding that he might have been gay or had gay tendenciesand he couldn't handle his feelings. He was married, and had a son, but when a person like this is radacalzed he hates hmself more than others could. As a young man he was often in major trouble and thrown out of school. That should tell you he was not the normal kid on the street. However that alone does not make him a good kid, but one with tendencies to hurt others. That's what we all need to look out for whether it is someone in our own families, or a friend these kids need extra counseling and often psychiatric help before they explode like this one did. Sometimes there is nothing we can do top revents this from happening again. But at least we must try to keep violence down, do ot let it boil up in your communities. Take actions and get on community committees help each other out. You will be glad you did.

Benghazzi events as they happened

6-28-2016 The real truth as told by the Democratic Party Research. Lets make sense of it. Was Hillary Clinton sleeping when the attack happened, no that is patently not true. She called her offices in Washington and got to work immediately.

There are nineteen pages in the executive summary so I won't publish it here. Here's the first few paragraphs. The Democratic Members of the Benghazi Select Committee submit this report in honor of the memories of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty; the other extraordinary heroes in Benghazi and Tripoli who risked life and limb to help their fellow Americans; and the men and women of the Defense Department, State Department, and Intelligence Community who serve the United States every day around the world.

We deeply regret that this report is not bipartisan. In May, we asked Chairman Trey Gowdy to work with us on a joint report with conclusions we could all agree on, followed by areas on which we may disagree. We also offered to provide him with a draft of our report in advance. But Chairman Gowdy mocked our request as “mildly amusing.”

We are issuing our own report today because, after spending more than two years and $7 million in taxpayer funds in one of the longest and most partisan congressional investigations in history, it is long past time for the Select Committee to conclude its work. Despite our repeated requests over the last several months, Republicans have refused to provide us with a draft of their report—or even a basic outline—making it impossible for us to provide input and obvious that we are being shut out of the process until the last possible moment.

Our overarching conclusion is that the evidence obtained by the Select Committee confirms the core findings already issued by many previous investigations into the attacks in Benghazi. Although the Select Committee obtained additional details that provide context and granularity, these details do not fundamentally alter the previous conclusions. Section I of our report begins by highlighting the bravery of our first responders on the night of the attacks. U.S. personnel in Benghazi and Tripoli conducted themselves with extraordinary courage and heroism and at grave personal risk to defend and rescue their fellow Americans. Our report provides poignant new details about how their actions saved lives.

Our report makes 21 findings based on the evidence we obtained, and it debunks many conspiracy theories about the attacks. In general, the report finds:

Even the Republicans report on Benghazzi has exonerated her and can find no fault of hers in the happening of that fateful night when we lost our four heroes. Rather the state department and those people who layout the money stream were too restrictive on their purse strings to give enough money to protect that outpost.That is they refused to pay for the additional employees pay while they did their jobs of protecting the empolyees who were working there. Secretary Clinto has asked many times for more money to protect these people many times, but, was rebuked just as many times for even asking for more money.

PS, This link has been corrected pardon my blush. Go here to read the entire report

ISIS Terrorist Kills 50 people in Orlando, Florida Gay Bar

6-12-2016 This is a heinous crime committed because the person couldn't stand that idea that one person of the same sex loves another of the same sex. What a moron. Love is what makes the world go around, no matter what some people think. If they are not specifically impacting your life in any way. let them alone. You have no right to break into anyone's marriage, or personal business unless one person is being victimized by the other. We don't ask you what you do in your bedroom because it is no one else's business Any terrorist who tries to control anyone else's life is not welcome in America. Your rules are for your people in your country, not our country

There are fish in nature that like each other, dogs, cars, ducks and dogs, of different species who get together and become lifelong partners. It is not your duty, nor any other persons duty to kill people or animals because they are attracted to another specie. We are but mortals and do not have the right to judge one another, nor call each other nasty names in our earthbound duties, elected officials or not. The only things that judges are supposed to do is apply the laws of our American constitution, and man made laws relating to equality.

Here in America we do not kill people for being out in a bar dancing and having a good time. Why, because it is not our business to butt into other peoples personal and private lives. That is our American way, we are free here and you do not have the right to judge us or kill us.In America we are all free to do what we want unless it means hurting one another.Now we have over 50 more people who will have lifelong injuries because of the terrorists fellings of superiority. At least e the terrorist is already dead. His feeling don't matter any more.

Now we have to deal with the aftermath. The new ls that are going to sprout up in order to keep people like himself to not be able to get an automatic rifle in the first place.

Christina Grimmie Voice Contestant Shot and Killed at Orlando Concert

6-11-2016 Why Don't Concert Promotors Openly Promote a Safer Environment for Performers and their audiences?

Our kids need safe places to perform and enjoy themselves. Because there are so many violent youth using guns to kill the people they want to harm and in the public arena, why don't venues prepare to keep the kids safer? Why not have scanners at every venue?

Some will answer they are too costly, but, concerts are getting a wider audience than ever before and promotors are making more money. Take some of that money and make events better and safer for everyone. It is only a matter of time until some deranged person will go into a concert and create a hell on wheels environment for all involved.Concert romotors and artists control what gets spent depending on the different deals that they make. Permanent scanners are one thing, but I have seen scanner and many can be hand held. The actual costs are cheap in use and not only that, they are a cost of doing business therefore a tax credit. Wouldn't you rahter have a tax credit than someones death be on your consience? We have had a lot of mass kilings at schools by lonegunmen, why not open your vistas to include concerts at this point. Promotors and groups should take notice, and beware for future events.

"It is with a heavy heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord," her publicist Heather Weiss said in a statement." "She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn't survive the gunshot wounds. We ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their time of mourning."

Get out the cash, pay for scanners and quit whinning. A wonderfully talented young womans voice has been silenced for forever. There have been others killled for nothing in entertainment venues recently.Way too many young talented and smart children have been killed in recent years. This has got to stop, now. Tell someone, a police officer,parent, or school official or a business manager when someone is acting suspiciously

It is my understanding that her brother tackled the gunman, wrestled with him, then gunman shot himself.

Get Up Out of That Chair Now / Today / Immediately! wall clock

5-11-2016 Yes, I have heard that for the past six months, have you? Well, it's true. According to research Dr. James Levine, from Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiatives:

"Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting.We are sitting ourselves to death." That is a pretty dire warning and scares me. I hope it also scares you as well.

This is true for all. That is why we see retirees who tend their gardens, do their own housework, mow their lawns and are happy doing it. All that moving around helps their mobility on a day to day business. It means going out for a walk, or walking in place, bending and stretching during your break at work. Does that sound boring? Sorry but these are the real facts of what we all need to do on a daily basis. Ask your doctor if you have some physical problems what activities you can do for your own health control.

If Michael Phelps the Olympic Gold Medal swimmer who has the most medals of anyone living can get back to his sport, he should be an ambassador for all to get into better shape. Since he competed the last time he had had some bumps in the road of life because of bad choices. But, yet, he is back on track and is living a fuller life..

In fact he and his fiancee Nicole Johnson became parents just this past weekend On May 5, 2016, Boomer Robert Phelps.Hopefully his new family life will help to keep him grounded toward a happier future.

Hillary Clinton Just the Facts Please

When a weak man Donald Trump feels threatened by a strong woman he attacks what ever weakness he thinks she has that he can find. When that woman is Secretary of State Hilary Clinton it's harder to find chips. She has been through a lot of personal humiliation from hard-nosed men, and women haters groups. She has had her own battles with ex-president Bill Clinton because of his shenanigans while in the White House.

Notice that Donald Trump has also derided other famous women when they disagreed with him. Megyn Kelly for one, on one hand he has said she was great. Three days later he called her out on many side issues and in public distorted her career. He barks orders like a sick German Shepherd dog who hates life.

With his fangs showing, hair flying and fingers up in the air, shouting loudly he tries to get his point across, but pouts and instead incites violence.

I understand that he is saying what people want to hear because of the many atrocities in the US right now. Jobs going overseas for one. But, he has also done a lot of business overseas as well and because they gave him better prices than the US companies can. He has had at least four bankruptcies and cheated business people out of millions of dollars. Also he has had immigrants work for him, then decided he didn't want to pay them for their overtime work. Imagine that his fists are tightly clenched on the mighty dollar that he makes and he does not want to pay people for what they do. Thats who he really is.

Congress is fully responsible for many of the equality problem in our country today. Many people blamed President Obama for major problems that he did not make. Nothing can happen unless Congress works, and they have not been working like they should. In spite of the past 8 years they have been working against him. He has been continuing to work by going around them, and able to thwart the troublemakers in most instances.

President Obama has continued to work, he has not quit. And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also not quit on any level. Which translates to a higher achievement level for him and her.

I do understand that many people still do not like Hillary Clinton for their own reasons. But, take a step back and ask yourself if you have looked into her background and proved her being corrupt? I challenge you right here and now what have you read that was real in facts from a reliable resource?

If you can't point to anything then maybe a change is in order. Come on, think about if she was your sister, cousin, aunt, or mother. Why, because we are all human, everyone of us is human. Unless you give her the same respect for the things she has had to deal with in her life then you are not being fair. If you really feel that you are a fair person, then you must take the time to look into her background to make an informed decision. Check out Don't just take my word for it read it yourself.


The book About Hillary: What She Knew,etc.

Democratic senator from N.Y., written by Edward Klein, also former editor of The New York Times is sloppy journalism. Public claims say "it's trash talk", by other New York news organizations critics of Edward Klein.

Former US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Convicted of Serial Child Abuse in LA.-911

4-27-2016 Hastert appeared today in a wheelchair in court for his sentence for sexual crimes against young boys. U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin sentenced him to 15 months in prison. Hmm, that doesn't seem very much for what he did to the young boys. Maybe the sentence should be protested. Go ahead protest this is a travesty,

I don't care how old Hastert is. All of these young men deserve much better of a sentence because they have had to live with these nightmares and bad feelings for years. Why shouldn't Hastert be punished for the amount of years these boys have suffered.

Not only have these young men suffered, but look at the shame Hastert has brought upon the US government while in his position of US Speaker of the House's position. This man is despicable in his actions against young men. And, don't anyone tell me it's only sex. All sexual encounters count, and especially the ones that were forced or coerced.

Several young men who were abused had been paid silence money for years Hasterts bank had suspicions about why he was withdrawing such large amounts of money and began their own inestigation as to why.That is how he was caught in his own web of silence money to the boys who were abused.

911-Radio Station WIBC Limbaugh not Renewable

His contract will not be renewed. Right Wing Nut "Rush Limbaugh" is Having the Screws Put to Him The public is screwing down the bolts tighter everyday. Why, because Rush Limbaugh's contract there won't be renewal by the radio station WIBC. Companies are not renewing their advertising contracts because of the hate filled speeches by Limbaugh. People are fed up with his nasty name calling rhetoric. National advertisers have refused to air their commercials during his show.

People are banning together right now by setting up sites on Facebook, Twitter accounts, for a positive change. Contributions for positive change is happening everyday. According to Daily Kos, Facebook Pages include: Boycott Rush Limbaugh’s Sponsors To Shut Him Down, Being Liberal, Chicks on the Left, Honoring Richard Myers, Lady Grey, Lady Liberals, Liberals Unite, Living Blue In Texas, Miss R*EVOLutionaries, One Million Sluts Against Rush Limbaugh, Political Loudmouth, Pro-Choice Liberals, Red State Dems, The Ale Party, The Beer Party, The Everlasting GOP Stoppers, The Pragmatic Progressive, Too Informed To Vote Republican, Worley Dervish. Famous celebrities like Gloria Steinem, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, Rachel Maddow, Al Franken, Stephen Colbert, Peter Gabriel, Spike Lee, Andy Borowitz, Crystal Ball, the late, great George Carlin, Ed Shultz, Sandra Fluke, Ice-T, Jane Fonda, and Gloria Allred are joining together on the bandwagon of equality.

Trump Fear Mongering Again, Manufacturers Another Fear of Massive Depression

4-3-2016 Trump continues fear mongering, just like the rest of the republicans. That is one of the best things that republicans do, Trump copies them by fear mongering about a new recession among other thingsWhich by the way, no one else believes in. So he has manufactured something to worry about for the country. Like we really need something else to worry about!

Headlines tell me it's all untrue. Our economy is ok. We have less people looking for jobs than ever, our national debt has been paid down by half since President Obama has been in office. We are in better shape than we have been in years. At least when Bill Clinton was in office we were able to make a living, now it's a ittle bit harder because of all of the republican obstructionism against President Obama. And, furthermore he has made things much better since being in office.

The Affordable Care act is now law in the United States. Peoples lives have been saved, costs have been reduced. Lives are safer, persrriptions are cheaper. A woman has to be offered the same coverage as a man. Millions of Americans will continue a tax savings will cost less than $100.0 a month for healthcare.

Violence During Political Elections / Donald Trump Inciting Violence, Threat to our Country or Himself?-911

3-21-2016 A partial report from the Journal of Public Health on violence perpetration and victimization among adults with mental illness.Using Objectives. In a large heterogeneous sample of adults with mental illnesses, we examined the 6-month prevalence and nature of community violence perpetration and victimization, as well as associations between these outcomes.

Methods. Baseline data were pooled from 5 studies of adults with mental illnesses from across the United States (n = 4480); the studies took place from 1992 to 2007. The MacArthur Community Violence Screening Instrument was administered to all participants.

Conclusions. Results provided further evidence that adults with mental illnesses experienced violent outcomes at high rates, and that they were more likely to be victims than perpetrators of community violence. There is a critical need for public health interventions designed to reduce violence in this vulnerable population. Read More:

Donald Trump actually denies he incites violence. How can you be sane and deny that you incite problems at the same time when your audience erupts in violent behavior after you have said that you will pay for someones legal fees if they will punch someone in the face? That is stupidity, or outright manic behavior. How sane is Donad Trump?

When Donald Trump incites violence and his actions demonstrate that during his meeting almost everytime, he show maniacle symptoms. What is that, well for one he sleeps less than 4 hours a night as he himself admidts. He reports, for example, “I usually sleep only four hours a night,” which by itself is usually a pretty reliable indicator of hypomania, and he boasts about it:

In an online report from the Republic Magazine “How can you compete against people like me if I sleep only four hours?” He claims to work seven days a week, and in a typical 18-hour day makes “over a hundred" phone calls and have “at least a dozen meetings.” “Without passion you don't have energy, without energy you have nothing!” Trump has tweeted. Hence his taunt of Jeb Bush as “a low energy person,” by contrast. And he is distractible. “Most successful people have very short attention spans. It has a lot to do with imagination,” he once wrote. That is right because the same rapidity of thought that helps engender creativity makes it difficult to stay on one linear track of ideas without skipping to the next. Some facts herein were taken as quotes from the report written by John Gartner for Republic Magazine.

To date Forbes reports Trumps net worth to be $4 billion, a fraction of the $10 billion he claims.

So much for a Hypomanics' wild optimism of their own perceptions and self worth. The worst problem is that he goes on to push people to use violence, and is not merely mocking another politician during a debate. Those actions are much more dangerous specifically for his personal safety as well as that of others who may be bystanders.

America Founded by Refugees

by Diane Knaus

3-1-2016 We ctizens of America were founded by refugees of sorts! People fleeing with Christopher Columbus in his fleet of three ships( The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria) were fleeing from England from unfair prosecution, and for religious freedom. We can't just keep every refugee out of ours and other countries now because that is not fair. Not all reufgees commit crimes against nature or each other! Most are trying to get away from massive oppression.

Many governments are coming together now to stop the aggression of terrorist forces from many countres. Enlightened governments want to get rid of Assad and his marauding troops from creating more strife in his country and others. More focus is being aimmed at him and his forces for being repressive in the first place.

The US States leaders are letting a massive fear of terrorists take hold of their minds which is just what they want us to do. That is not how our brains are wired in modern days of the 21st century.

The more enlightened of us can think ahead and bring more modern thoughts to the forefront of our brains and put in more realistic expectations and solutions to these emergncy happenings. We need to do this now, leadership must act quickly to deter Assad and his regime!

official portrait hillary clinton Clinton unfazed after Benghazzi Hearings and during email inquisitions.

3-21-2016 A recent Facebook person made a rude comment about Hillary Clnton, "No, it's time to ramp up the campaign, and put Schillary in her place, which is with the other liars who are running."

Respnse was: "Unless you can prove she has lied knock it off. And don't tell me everybody knows. I want facts this is a national election and can't be run on half truths. Remember that the Benghazi commission couldn't pin anything on her and she went through 11 hours of top men grilling her like a piece of meat. She came out of it unscathed.The could not charge her with anything and they tried mightyly!

It's the same with the emails, they haven't charged her with anything because they can't. The things they want to charge her with are because the lawsare ones that they enacted The laws they want to use against her were not in place when she was using the specific emails. Could be that some of her aides made mistakes, but it appears she hasn't made the mistakes. So quit trying to beat a dead horse!

Now that is the kind of person I want to vote for. One that is smarter than the boys for instance and she keeps on being smarter .She is used to keeping ahead of the big boys,they have been after her for years and that is not going to change, especially when she becomes Madam President. However, she knows that and is preparing for it. Don't underestimate her!

Sudanese Women in Perilious Situation Daily

3-11-201 6 For a man to rape a women or child is the worst fate any one victim can experience. Because of the sheer brutality of actions against them, their loss of control harms their emotions for a life time.

According to the UN "The scale of sexual violence is particularly shocking, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) notes in a news release. In five months last year, from April to September, the UN recorded more than 1,300 reports of rape in just one of South Sudan's ten states, namely oil-rich Unity.

“The scale and types of sexual violence by Government SPLA forces and affiliated militia – are in searing, devastating detail.With an almost casual, yet calculated, attitude of those slaughtering civilians and destroying property and livelihoods,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein.

“Put peace above politics. Pursue compromise. Overcome obstacles. Establish the Transitional Government of National Unity.

Do not delay it,” Mr. Ban stressed to the leaders of South Sudan.That was his message in February 25, to the South Sudanese government. Yet today we hear that not much hss happened because the Sudanese goverbment officials have perpetuated the violence against their women and children.

911 Communities Take Positive Action Now 911info will help!

3-5-2016 Okay, let's stop the hysterics over the election an do something constructive together. Call someone you like and get together for a dinner, or even get a church group together and have an unification dinner. Plan activities that will bring neighborhoods closer together. We are all one big neighborhood when we work together. If you have to discuss politics make it a discussion of how your community can help each other, and or your city. Follow through on your plans get 3-5-2016moving together, but be positive take positive actions to actually help each other.

If you have to talk politics, do some research to get at the real facts, don't just take things at face value or what someone else says in hateful words. Then sit down and discuss the real facts. without screaming at each other. Take an oath to not scream.

We at 911info will help. When you have set up your group of 20 people who are commited for change get in touch and we can come up with a plan for you.Email here, put 911info help organize in subject line.

Message to Trump, Even Republicans Want to "Dump Trump"

3-1-2016 They want to dump him mainly because he is not trustable most people say. He says one thing then backtracks a few minutes later. You never get a real answer from him, he usually asks you another question have you noticed that?

He is known for being a tough guy on his reality show and someone who suposedly rules with an iron hand. Well Donald, you can only do so much of that with the Congress and the Senate members. Which I am sure you can see as to how they have treated President Obmba and who has been polite and well mannered and willing to work with those bullies.

Oh, and another thing, you can't sue Congress or the Senate! That is not the way things are done in the "Oval Office".

You also can't file bankruptcy. Loudness and abusive language is not aloud in the White House, nor can you call out a representative from another country, it's bad for business. If you act like a spoiled brat you will not succeed. Manners are important. You cannot run the country like you have run your businesss' because it just doesn't work that way. You cannot throw protestors out, they will come back and haunt you and it will be all over the media. That behavior is" bullying", and that is a "no no" in the White House.

Melissa Harris-Perry" is not a typical TV show host

2-27-2016 Ms. Perry has been called "America's foremost public intellectual" by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Given a four hour show in 2012 by MSNBC, she has hosted well. Only when the network decided to race it down and pull her back had her rating slipped, at all. They also called her show another name and that diluted her effectiveness by not using her name so fans could find her.

Looks like MSNBC big guys in the tower are committing TV suicide by dumbing it down so to speak by cutting of their noses to spite their faces. Of course the network disputes her view of the events, however if they were in the hotseat which by the way they are now, their attutides would shift dramatically. We will truly see if they want to mend fences (to really make amends) or fan their own bonfire!

Melissa Harris-Perry is a professor of political science at Wake Forest University where she continues to teach during the week. She is well known to bring issues a fresh perspective and be able to talk about anything intellectually she talks about politics as an intellectual professor. Melissa is a smart young woman who is politically wise and smart with her knowledge. Don't mess with her, she's got what it takes, don't try to take her down. I know that she walked out on her show, but, you know what, it took courage to do that and to say to you that she will not be treated unequal at any time. She deserves much better from you.

It really is a shame that the big boys can't accept her for her brilliance insted of trying to knock her down a peg! I am sure they will get what they deserve because someone as smart as she will more than likely sue the pants off of them. Then who will they try to blame ? Guys get out of your rocking chairs don't try to behave like the rest of the ole boys because they are not successful with smart women. Be your own men. Too bad you keep thinking like the majority of older white men, tear a woman down who is really smart to make us big boys look smarter.

Rather, guys in the boardroom you are making yourselves look really stupid! Why? Simply because she is smart and a professor of political science who knows her stuff is reason enough. She is not a smart ass young uppity woman out to prove anything but a woman to be reckoned with for her intellect and acceptance of her followers. A tv rating of number #3 in the corporate world is much better than #10, stop mucking around in the mud and appreciate what you already have.

Personally I believe that she is owed a public apology, a raise and to be back in her seat on the job ASAP.

Secretary of State Hillary Clintons Helpers Screwed Up

Update: 2-12-2016 Bernie and Hillary who made the most sense on the real issues? Hillary of course. Like her or not, she makes the most sense.

At some point we need to leave behind the past, why because we can't change the past.

As much as I would like to change some of the things in my families past, I can't. Neither can Hillary. She is her own person today because of what she has gone through. Any one of us has a past and we would if we could change some of that. But, we can't! Today we are hopefully stronger than we were and use our knowledge to do much better. Don't you think so? So turn that around and give Hillary the benefit of the doubt as you do for yourself. We all need to get stronger and more relevant in our day to day activities. Think smart, let's us all go forward in strength and deal with things on a day to day basis to make our days count in forward momentum to a better world for all of us.

When Steinem and Albright were were talking to Hillary's audience, or they must not have known where they were. At the very least they did not recognize and should be ashamed of themselves in their verbal treatment of the young women at Hillary Clintons New Hampshire event.

Madeline Albright also said that "women who don't support other women deserve a special place in hell". Their report card "Fail" send them packing Hillary. These women while powerful in their younger days are a hindrance to your campaign now. Their thoughts have gotten old just as they are now old. They really need to get with the times and discover what these young college educated women are all about. First off they might get to know Chelsea. She fits the bill as a perfect example of a young white college educated woman. I must note here that Hillary has many a great follower in the spanish and black communities just as President Barack Obama did when he was running for president.

Hillary Clinton has been a children's and family cheerleader since she first started in politics. That was her passion years ago and is now as well as other important issues. But, she seems to have forgotten that when she invited Gloria and Madeline Albright to the stage to speak up for her. Both of the women are famous for their stances on women's rights. Yet ,their words were to give the younger women hell for what they perceived the younger women were thinking. How wrong could they be, plenty wrong it seems.

She recently put the impetus on the Governor of Flint, Michigans lead in the water problems there and spoke about his responsibilities to his constituents. Lead poisoning in anyone's water supply can lead to years of unpredictability because lead is a poison and causes brain damage in anyone who is exposed to it.

NOTE: She is still championing women and family issues while on the presidential trail.

Hillary Clinton has seen much in her years in politics. From her years living in the White House while husband Bill Clinton was president to her own election as a senator and then when Barack Obama appointed her as Secretary of State she has performed her duties well. Did she make any mistakes, yes. No one is perfect, not me, or even you, we all make them, some are bigger than others as we all have experenced. She has had humiliating events like Bills wandering eye give her plenty of headaches, yet she stood by him and he eventually went to get some help, but she had to get through it, not around it. That has made her a stronger, smarter woman who can handle almost everything.

She has had to endure all of the bullshit that the republicans have thrown at her, just like they have at President Obama. If "the repubs" are not given the back door to slide out of this election season, they will give her more of the same, and maybe Cruz will shut down the entire government again.

Then of course good ole boy Bernie brings up the remark about Hillary Clinton getting high speakers fees from Goldman Sachs. What he doesn't know can fill a big book. Goldman Sachs Foundation also has a funding program to specifically help women entrepreneurs get funding for setting up their own business'. A new report by Babson College on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative has found that training and education for women entrepreneurs positively affect emerging economies by increasing revenues and creating jobs, expanding women’s contributions to their communities, and informing their leadership styles. And they even provide training for the women. To get information on the program go here

What Bernie also does not know is that the field of public speaking can provide someone with millions of dollars in event speaking fees. If you are an expert in almost any field you can clean up on fees alone, does not include books or other training programs that you sell at the event.

My advice to Hillary: Change your wording, Bernie is using revolution, try "Evolution" and uplifting words like hope and bringing you a more positive experience of a better future. Show your passion, even if it brings a tear to your eye. Make sure it's a real tear, take a deep breath to calm your self and let people see that. You are after all a real person. Let your audiences experience the real you. You'll be glad you did.Good luck Madam President.

Women's 1st NFL Coach is Jen Welter

1-29-2016 In August 2015 Arizona Cardinals announced their pick Dr. Jen Welter as their new coach. From working in football as a team player in the past she took on the linebackers and special teams coach making her the first woman to coach in a men's professional football league. Unfortunately she did not make the cut at the end of the part time season to be their permanent coach. Now young women have a new woman to look up to.

Her debut as a pro player started when Welters was playing running back for the Texas Revolution. Then later in August of 2015 she became the Arizona Cardinals linebackers special teams coach making her the first woman to coach in a men's professional football league. She is very accomplished with her numerous educational degrees as well, such as a master’s degree in Sport psychology from Boston College and a PhD in psychology from Cappella University. She has become well known by showcasing her story online with Sports Illustrated, People, MSN, Yahoo, Fox, and countless others she has been gaining ground by appearing on the Today Show, Arsenio Hall, and Steve Harvey. Dr. Jen's story showcasing her obvious talents.

It's really too bad she isn't coaching somewhere as a full time coach because the players all liked her very much. I guess the powerful "Old White Boys Club of Owners" didn't want even an accomplished woman showing up the other NFL coaches.

Blizzard of 2016

1-22-2016 Business' closed, drivers stayed off of the roads, no transportation services in Maryland or D.C.. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie R. Blake thanks citizens and city employees for their work done during the storm. Governor Hogan mobilizes all departments for public safety and asks for a State of Emergency declaration ahead of the storm. All in all a safe state of emergency for the population and business.

Hopefully all residents can take this time to regenerate themselves after the holidays and rethink their future responsibilities and life paths for our new year. It can be utilized to catch up on sleep, and rest and give us time to just be in the precious moments of our lives. Sometimes we tend to forget that living is the daily living of life and we do not appreciate ourselves and our partners in life and families enough on a daily basis.

Now can be the perfect time to mend fences with those we have trespassed over, those we have unknowingly hurt, and those intentionally hurt. Why, because we don't always get enough down time to think deeply about our actions and those of others who have been hurt in our lives.

Be a Blizzard Helper

There comes a time in life to stand up for our families, stand up for inequality, stand up for people who can't do it for themselves. We all need to take a stand against people who lie to us intentionally! To take a stand against those who would bully us or our families, coworkers on a regular basis is sometimes necessary. Sometimes it's necessary to file charges against people who would do us harm mentally or physically. Everyone's life is different, some of us have deeply committed family members who will stick up for our basic human needs and others do not. We all need to stand up and speak out when necessary and decide when to help our families lives to be better. But a word of caution you need to ask for their permission to do that if possible. If your friend or family member can't do this themselves, then that is a different situation.

Equality Matters

That my friends is why equality matters in all aspects of life. You can make a difference in someone else's life if you choose to. Life is your personal choice and what you do about your life or others determines how much of a good person you want to be or how many people you want to help out when the are in need.

If everyone in this country decided to help one person every three months toward a more productive lifestyle or a happier life think how much this country would be able to change for the better. But, that is up to you and me and everyone else you know to help change the world. Do you want to help change the world in a real time basis so that it will be a happier place to live in for everyone. The go ahead and really help someone else today in any way you can.

Make Blizzard 2016 a Better Year For You and Others

Let's help make the Blizzard of 2016 a beginning to begin a new and better way of life for us all. You'll feel better about life in general and become happier yourself.

Things to do to help someone:

    Offer to fix them dinner so you can have a conversation

    Offer to drive them somewhere, or drop them off

    .Invite them to a meeting or event with close friends who are like minded

    Develop a buddy system of others who are interested in helping as well

    Do this for six months and gauge how many you have helped to change their lives around for the better, then do it all over again!

    Outrageous Political Lies

    12-11-2015 Like many of you I am appalled at the outrageous lies that are constantly being spread across the internet. Why, because all together they disenfranchise our country as a bunch of liars and cheaters. I firmly believe that government officials need to stand up and actually do the right things to bring fairness back into America. Furthermore, the American people need to stand up and scream for the truth in all situations.

    Journalism has gotten a rather bad case of Yellow Fever from those reporters who now sport yellow stripes up their backs and would cross the lines into slimy reporting. Yet some people who do keep reporting the real news are doing the right things like the TODAY Show journalists asking the hard questions, the Washington Post, LaTimes and the New York Times.These franchises use good communications skills everyday, but republican political campaigns don't.

    There are small independent online web news organizations who struggle to find the truth and are not supported by any advertising, or any paid subscriptions who are practically ignored that are doing what they can to support the new reality of gathering news and the facts. When they ask for donations the silence is deafening.

    Americans need to wake up and actually dig for the truth, it's out there. Don't believe everything you read, change your habits to get at the truth. Don't just listen to everything you hear, stop being lazy, look it up on all media, think, use your brains. Remember, no politician has the right to lie or stretch the real truth to any American, not one politician has that right. Public Relations and Project management rules are firmly against such emotional and unjust tirades from political candidates such as D.Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruiz because they are not based on verifiable truths. Remember just because someone is shouting at you, and are trying to talk over you doesn't mean they are telling you the truth (Donald Trump). It means they are trying to  bully you into believing something that is not true. Because if you don't we will become a third world country after this next political election.

    Email us here and tell us what you really think. The best essay received by Monday will be published, no more than 600 words please.

    America Founded by Refugees

    by Diane Knaus

    11-19-2015 We citizens of America were founded by refugees of sorts! People fleeing with Christopher Columbus in his fleet of three ships( The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria) were fleeing from England from unfair prosecution, and for religious freedom. We can't just keep every refugee out of ours and other countries now because that is not fair. Not all reufgees commit crimes against nature or each other! Most are trying to get away from massive oppression.

    Many governments are coming together now to stop the aggression of terrorist forces from many countres. Enlightened governments want to get rid of Assad and his marauding troops from creating more strife in his country and others. More focus is being aimmed at him and his forces for being repressive in the first place. The US States leaders are letting a massive fear of terrorists take hold of their minds which is just what they want us to do. That is not how our brains are wired in modern days of the 21st century.

    The more enlightened of us can think ahead and bring more modern thoughts to the forefront of our brains and put in more realistic expectations and solutions to these emergency happenings. We need to do this now, leadership must act quickly to deter Assad and his regime!

    Now that we have been here for a couple of hundred years now, we think we have things under good control, however not total control. I truly wish we can have completely free and utopian communities to live in. But, alas there are people who would do us in for drugs, for insanity, for merciless crimes against humanity they have committed under the cover of darkness for a pittance of control.

    Oh and of course there is that old tool of greed. You know the kind of greed that comes from taking more money for items than they could possibly be worth and getting that money to use it to do bad things. Bad things like take peoples homes away from them. Otherwise kown as the 2008 Financial crisis when people lost their homes from unscrupulous bankers, Fannie and Freddie at the government lovel.etc.Have they been punished enough? Probably not, but, I am hoping that that day will come and millions of people will get thier money back that they were defrauded of. And by some stroke of universal luck that this country of America and others are struck with enlightened messages of luck and hope for the rest of this century and the next to work toward a better lifestyle for all.Share your life, share your gifts, share your love for the good at heart and share just for the joy of sharing with others.


    Book Review Review Authored by Diane Knaus President of “Money Master The Game “ by Tony Robbins 

    Published by Simon and Schuster Copywright 2014 Tony Robbins 11-18-2015


    This book could have be called “A Breakthrough Financial Facts Bible for You Now.” I was not sure what to expect when starting out reading this book. And I have kept my opinion open.

    My expectation was that is would be a hard book to read with lots of complicated jargon and things I had no knowledge of. That expectation has been knocked right out of the ballpark, up into a basket score for the basketball teams, over the goal post for football teams and into the soccer goal score cages for a big win for everyone.

    Life can be like a sport if you play it right. There will be ups and downs, but you need to keep going at it with honesty, integrity and love of life and your families, friends, business clients and associates.

    Tony Robbins doesn't just make things better for himself when he solves a problem, he also fixes on it so he can solve the same problem for his employees. Now that's a good boss to have. And that builds on his credibility for the long run. I hope this man lives for forever.

    I wish we could get Tony Robbins to have a few sessions with our congress. Boy would things turn around for the betterment of our entire country.

    At any rate I digress enough.

    All profits from his book are going to end world hunger.The chapters in this book read easily because all of the facts that it contains are verifiable. There are no half truths, anywhere in the book. That in turn makes the advice all the more valuable. For example you might hear that there is a program called V2MOM . That is something that can change your life and you can find it in the book. This book is filled with testimonials of fifty of the worlds best financial leaders of the free world.

    Everyone has weaknesses in their lives and Tony covers that as well as lifetime values.If you are looking for a real time guru, Tony is the man to read about, to find and listen to his lectures, and other books. He has been homeless himself and writes candidly about that. He is not just one of those high “and mighty muckimuks” who only talks about himself, nor a pretty boy with no brains, the man has substance.

    He is the Master of the Game himself but wants to show you how to be the “Master of Your Own Game.

    “Why, because this is the man the Big Boys Play With in the Sandbox of Life”

    7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

    Tony Robbins Starts out with his thoughts to success

    “To those who will never settle for less than they can be, do, share, and give”

    The forward is written by non other than Elliot Weissbluth, founder and CEO of High Tower Hightower founded in 2007 only offers investment advice, they don't sell stocks.

    The introduction written by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO OF says“Tony Robbins is one of a kind, and we are lucky to have him in our lives.”

    From what I have read about him it's all true.

    Chapter One

    It's your money, your life, take control.

    This book will definitely be a classic and an evergreen for probably some twenty years. Why twenty, because there are millions of people who it will take that long to have the messages sink in. But, hopefully our legal laws concerning banks, stocks, insurances and different funds will change before that.

    But, you, the public don't have to wait too long to take advantage of the financial tips in the book. You can do it right after you read the book. The steps are all laid out in plain English for you to accomplish.

    You need to talk about money within your family because that is how people learn when others talk about what changes can be made with your own personal accounts. You are who this book targets to help.

    The actual tone of the book is interesting because it is one of help-full-ness. At best there are 656 pages, yes a long read, but the subject of your money and best way to use it does not get boring. Nor does Tony put it's importance above your family.

    Don't forget Tony is not only a bestselling author, great gatherer of money, but he is a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

    “At the core money communications is about power” he says. Tony asks you to make him a promise which is unusual in any author books. How do you ever know when someone keeps his/her promise? He talks about money being about financial freedom and having a dream. He wants you to focus and make your dream a reality for you and your family. H talks about choices you have everyday. He is like your good luck uncle who you always wanted to spend time with, called a real guy, and one of the best good guys.

    Tony also talks about feelings. How many men really talk about feelings, well, he does and he asks some really hard questions. You need to be ready to face your feelings and finally do something about them. Scary huh, but, real actions will make more real leaders.

    This book is for real men and real women wanting to change their lives for the better. When you do that, you will literally change the world. At least our financial world in the United States will change because of what you accomplish for yourselves and your families. So yes you can make a difference in your lives and the country because Tony says you can, and you will be making change happen overnight for your families. But don't forget those people in your city who are less fortunate, the homeless, and the hungry, they need a helping hand on regular basis.

    Tony quotes “There are more than 10,000 mutual funds, 1,400 different ETFs, and hundreds of global stock exchanges to choose from”. Just think about that, hundreds of different global stock exchanges. Who can ever make sense out of that? Of course they are from all countries all over the globe. Also High speed machines, and high-frequency trading. Right now, it takes about half a second to click your mouse to do your stock buying E*Trade online. Millions of other people are doing the same thing at the same time. And that's not all scientists have designed and laborers are working to begin laying cable on the ocean floor to make trades even faster maybe nanoseconds for a new microwave technology to connect exchanges from New York to London. Use your imagination, here and now. What will trading online look like in five years? Lightening fast you say, I believe it.

    According to Tony “you have to use your intelligence to make out the differences in fact or fiction for the future and read everyday. “

    It must be noted that Tony Robbins is the #1 Bestselling Author and acclaimed life and business strategist on the planet.

    Why would I dare to write a review of his book? Because I wanted to learn what he knows, or at the very least a fraction of it that is. No one could ever know what he does because he is a work in progress all of the time. Plus there is no grass that could possibly grow under his feet . According to his own schedule of schedules like no other, he is traveling from continent to continent to address other peoples problems on a weekly basis.

    This is a book that will need to be counted in many ways. First there are 27 famous people who have lent their opinions to the opening of his book.

    To name just a few of the 27 people who have added him to their value:

    Starting with former President Bill Clinton,“He has a great gift. He has the gift to Inspire”

    “We've been selected by Forbes as the most innovative company in the world for four consecutive years. Our revenues are now over 5 Billion annually. Without access to Tony and his teachings, wouldn't exist today,”Mark Benioff, founder, chairman and CEO of

    “I was afraid my that my success would take something away from my family. Tony was able to turn it around and show me that I've helped millions of people. Probably the most intense feelings I've ever had.” Melissa Etheridge, two time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter.

    The final one:

    Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what's holding you back and what you need to move forward.” Donna Karan, legendary fashion designer, founder of DKNY.

    Tony took 4 years to research and interview fifty financial guru's who are investing genius' and reveals their tips and contributions to the world. He then passes it on to you with many free tips to help you along the way to a better future.

    Big Buckets of Practical Financial Information

    Tony Robbins developed big buckets of practical financial information to tackle your everyday money problems. He has written these facts into normal everyday easy to understand English for us all.

    Tony filled the book with practical solutions for your financial life. He also reordered his employees financial life to save for them as well. What a great Boss, right?

    As consultant to presidents and other financial gurus of our times, he has made the investment works simpler for us. He interviewed top people in the financial industry just for this book:

    Charles Schwab - The Peoples Broker

    Sir John Templeton - The Greatest Investor of the 20th Century

    Paul Tudor Jones - Tony included Paul because he predicted the October 1987 Black Monday Market crash.

    Carl Icahn - Master of the Universe

    John C.Bogle - The Vangard of Investing

    Ray Dalio head of Bridgewater

    Mary Callahan Erodes, the Trillion-Dollar Woman

    Warren Buffett - The Oracle of Omaha

    T. BoonePickens - Made to be Rich, Made to Give

    Marc Farber - The Billionaire they call Dr. Doom

    Research for the book has taken Tony four years. His consistent interviews of highly performing financial gurus of Wall Street have made this book truly inspirational. It has already made it a “must read” kind of book.

    Steve Forbes calls this book "A gold mine of moneymaking information."

    Tony interviewed more than 50 self-made billionaires for his book.

    Tony Robbins has created a "Breakthrough Financial Bible of Facts for You" for our times. In this breakthrough book Tony tells you how to "Break Through to the Money in your life, and how to use it in a safer manner for your future."

    He tells us we are on our way to a financial meltdown. And a crisis is ahead in our retirement years, unless we change our ways of using our financial information. According to Tony "money either uses you or you use your money."

    His 7 Simple steps to Financial Freedom is exceptional financial information.. A “must read” for anyone interested in getting ahead. Although a long read at 638 pages, there is an online bibliography online.

    As a business owner you are responsible for as the legal fiduciary for the plan in use. Personally you can be responsible for it and the DOL will fine you. But by using a plan from Americasbest401k you will be a lot safer from getting fined.

    Americas best 401ks will install a professional fiduciary which will reduce your liability. They include this in .75% annual fee and provides ongoing benchmarking as a free service (Which is invaluable).

    The US Department of Labor has found that 3/4 of current 401ks are illegal. In fact last year the normal fine for companies was $600,000.00.

    A simple check of 401K benefits by Americasbest401k will get information on your work plan. Many plans charge hidden fees which rob you of untold money in hidden fees, visit the fee checker at:

    Company is www. On page 50 Compound interest is such a powerful tool that Albert Einstein once called it "The most important invention in all of human history.

    Page 65 tells you about knowledge. Knowledge is not power, it's potential power. Knowledge is not mastery. Execution is mastery. Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week.

    To really get to compounding your money you need to find a money vehicle that will actually compound your money for you every year, it can add to your money and not just to savings. Savings is just that, savings. Most banks are currently giving you 1 percent on your savings and no more.

    Page 71 Money magnifies who we truly are. If you are mean or selfish you will still be mean and selfis

    Page 89 Features the Road Less Traveled while conquering the mountain of freedom.

    Page 117 Tony tells you all about realtime Market Performance a must read chapter.

    Page 131 A real look "under the hood" a link to analyze all of your financial accounts For Free.

    Page 150 A Roth 401k allows $17,500. per year

    Page 176 Tony Robbins begs the question "Who doesn't want to eat the cake too?" He then begins to talk about Structured notes. What's that you ask, a loan to a bank.

    He goes on to page 203 " Whats the price of your dreams" then gives you five levels to meet them.

    Tony Robbins clearly wants you to win what you really want. So he says take smaller steps. Do this slower than what you first thought. You are going to learn there's not just one "magic number. " There are five different levels of financial dreams that will set you free," Page 204.

    Page 269 "Opportunity is Everywhere" The message is don't settle. Because of our interconnectedness that we have access to today, it is a changed world. Sara Blakely is one woman who has changed the world by her actions on don't settle, by founding her company with no loans, or financing. Today she owns 100% of the billion dollar company Spanx with no debt. It's about creating something extra that means something unique.

    On page 274 Robbins advises: Differences with high-cost and fee-laden mutual funds verses low-cost index funds can cost you a lot of money.

    Reduce fees and taxes while you invest the difference is the real key to financial success.

    On page 277 You can pick your tax and pay attention to three types as an investor, Ordinary Income Tax, Long Term Capital Gains and Short-Term Capital Gains.And remember compounding can make you rich when done right.

    But, you need to be aware of Mutual Funds. They are not all equal. It's a good chance your tax accountant missed the extra fee charges of 35%,45%, or up to 50% in mutual funds that changed your income tax in a years time.

    Page 281 - 284 shows how to double your investment values based on rate of return.

    Page 427 Ultimate Income Solution and Hybrid Annuities Think about Deferred annuities FIAs.

    How about fixed indexed annuities I love them because of the guaranteed income stream.

    Page 442 Secrets of the ultra wealthy that you can use too. You can achieve financial security or independence in less than half the normal time. Check out Tax Free Compounding inside of PPLI.

    Page 453 Read the Billionaires Play Book

    Page 458 Begins the interviews of financial fortunes with Carl Icahn Master of the Universe.

    Speed it up, Get Better Returns and Speed Your Way to Victory

    Do you hate the winter ice and snow in the winter? Or do you hate the heat and humidity in the summer in your state worse? Moving to reduce your costs can be a good solution. Depending on your age and tax bracket a good move can be just the thing you need to do. Tony takes this all into consideration. But if you saw that you could save ten years of investing life, reach your Financial Freedom goals a decade sooner or even more, might it really be worth it?

    Is Florida all it's cracked up to be? Tony Robbins and his wife moved from California to Florida because of the 13% tax rate taxes in California. In Florida there are no state income taxes.The savings he has by that move will let him pay for his house in only six years. And even better it's in Palm Beach on two acres the water.

    There are seven states that do not have income tax. They are:




    4.South Dakotav




    Tennessee and New Hampshire only taxes dividend and interest income are state taxed.

    Look into Costa Rica as an interesting and affordable place to live.

    Tony Robbins spent four years researching and interviewing 50 practicing financial professionals. That is how he acquired the real facts revealed in this book. Because he believes in honesty and integrity he has made a tremendous effort to get it right for us all.

    Asset allocation is more than diversification. It means dividing up your money among different classes. And consider types, of investments, stocks, bonds, commodities,real estate. Decide in specific proportions in advance. Make them according to your goals or needs, risk tolerance and stage of life.

    According to Robbins "diversity and allocation of investments is the main thing that will make you a big winner in life". And he has provided the answers in this excellent book. The four years he took researching the information is powering him up to be the best financial writer anywhere.

    That is why I am calling it the “Breakthrough Financial Facts Bible for You Now” This is a “must read” desk and bedside reference book.

    About the Author

    Tony Robbins is a bestselling author even before this book. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist he has operated for 37 years. Millions of people have enjoyed his warmth, humor, and his way of transformational power of business. His personal development events are usually sold out. He is the nations #1 life and business strategist.

    People call him to consult, and to coach them. This list includes:

    The worlds finest athletes


    Fortune 500 CEO's

    Presidents of nations who want his coaching

    Tony has a foundation that feeds 4 million people per year in 56 countries. He also initiated programs in 1500 schools. 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.

    To read more details about the foundation go to:

    The bibliography for the book is now online:

    Total words 3276

    BIO Diane Knaus

    From Baltimore, Maryland, I became a publisher in the 1980's with the FEELING GREAT newspaper published in Annapolis, Maryland. Then transitioned into a freelance photojournalist until getting into the internet and web publishing a year after the Twin Towers in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania were crashed into by jets. The first site as and continues today.

    Other projects are the non-profit website where the projects begin with research for your company needs to integrity values of your firm and employees.

    Freelance photojournalist contracts are done through Diane is available for speaking engagements at Call for additional information 443-942-0096. Total words 3407

    Hillary Clintons emails are making fools out of Repubicans and these Bengazi hearings seem minor.

    by Diane Knaus

    10-22-2015 The Republican tormentor is Rep. Trey Gowdy. Gowdy is now running into complications from his own party. They are finding that her emails were more simple than originally expected.If Gowdy had the emails much earlier than reported, why didn't he do something about it legally? He could have issued a supboena, but didn't. Really makes me wonder why and what he may have been trying to cover up from the republican sidelines.

    The reality is that I believe that they are just running Hillary around a barnyard for no resason except to torment her while running for President. Just big boys being really bad boys because they don't really have anything on her at all. But, they are spending Americans hard earned money to make her look bad. It has been said that Gowdy had something to do with tampering with Secretary of States Hillary Clintons emails as well.

    All they are really accomplishing is making themselves look really stupid in the publics eyes. And yes I am going to the most normal final common sense outcome, because it looks like they are trying to scare her awayfrom running and because she is a woman they feel like they can get away with it. Maybe not this time boys!

    Their real problem is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is smarter than they are and they just don't like it. The big bos are used to getting their own way all of the time, and she is better at the game than they really are, so stick it boys. You have really done yourselves in this time. She is a kick ass professional and you boys are just playing games with her.

    Homelessness in Hawaii and Los Angeles,California

    10-17-2015 Mahatma Gandhi believes that a man is but the product of his thoughts. But, you must work your thoughts everyday. If a person is homeless everything is bleak for them and it's almost impossible to live a good life. No one wants to be homeless. Circumstances make your life turn sour sometimes and it's not always your fault. Job loss, creates havoc and not being able to find a job is horrible, it's demeaning, and it's depressing.

    The governor of Hawaaii has issued an emergency alert Governor Ige signs emergency proclamation to address homelessness statewide: This homelessness is happening in almost every state to a degree. Sometimes it is because of the VA sloppyness in their record keeping and laziness in their attitudes. Maybe the real bosses are jerks for not doing their jobs. These bosses are responsible for doing their jobs no matter what.

    In my opinion, When our veterans come home from wars everywhere, congress should provide new laws for immediate care to help their transition into society. The veterans are in need of medical help because of alcholol abuse and drug problems brought on by wars. There are 8,000 veterans in Los Angeles alone who need housing.

    The veterans are in need of homes and medical help because of alcholol abuse and drug problems brought about by war, Why not bring out the National Guard and have them buld temporary housing, of some kind. They could always use cargo containers to change them into homes for the time being. Use of solar could be a new beginning for the men to learn as well.

    HUD in particular has not adapted their thinking about children being homelessness. children make up the highest numbers base of homeless people. HUd has not reported to congress about the real problems. The government and I'm speaking about our Federal Government has not, I repeat has not done their job at all. How dare they treat our soldiers and others in that situation in such an inhumane manner!

    The foot dragging must stop, and I mean now. Who of you out there in internet atmosphere can do good for our veterans and homeless children? Let's get started, make a call to your Senator, your Congressperson, etc. But, do it today, not tomorrow, do it now! This travesty has gone on long enough. Do your jobs politcians and the VA administration. The government and I'm speaking about our Federal Government has not, I repeat has not done their job at all. How dare they treat our soldiers in such an inhumane manner!

    The foot dragging must stop, and I mean now. Who of you out there in internet atmosphere can do good for our veterans? Let's get started, make a call to your Senator, your Congressperson, etc. But, do it today, not tomorrow, do it now!This travesty has gone on long enough. Do your jobs politcians..Email me now to let me know what you are willing to do today to help

    Hundreds of Chinese People Still Missing after Explosion in port city plant

    by Diane Knaus

    8-15-2015 With approximately 44 dead so far, many are still unaccounted for. Causes of fires are unclear. There were about four cars onfire in the tv news film. Hundreds more cars caught fire in other films made. Storage of fuel in the gas tanks could have contributed to so many of them burning. Many chemicals are strewn about in plants in the area and people do not know what they are. That is to say oficials don't know what are in the drums.There are fires stating in apartments nearby and no one knows why that is happening either.

    Because of the lack of laws and inspectors in many industries in China the whole country is a time bomb waiting for a disaster to happen. It isn't that people there are dumb, it is because their leaders don't take life seriously enough to protect workers or the residents.

    A few months ago I wanted to buy a new coffe pot. I decided to look for one that was not made in China because I am beginning to realy doubt the safety of anything manufactured there.I was not able to find one. What does that tell you?

    Yelling and Cursing Your 4 Year Old Accomplishes ?

    6-10-2015 What does that accomplish besides making them cry and becomig fearful of you.It makes your four year old wonder what you are talking about, because you have been cursing at them for four years already and they still don"t know what the words mean.

    All they really hear are loud nasty sounding words come out of your mouth and see the scowl on your face.

    It makes a little person think they are being yelled at all the time.

    Do you realize that the baby at age one didn't know what you were talking about.

    So everytime you cursed them they became confused.

    When a child is always confused they cannot form good communication habits with anyone.

    Sometimes that will make them cry because you are yelling at them for no reason.

    They then become fearful of you.

    Little children don't understand words, they begin to understand tones in your voice as they go trhough their tender first year.

    Babies are new to the whole world.

    When you call them swear words, like "stupid moron" they think you are nuts because they do not have any understanding of what you say to them.

    Little children have no understanding of the words you use against them.

    But if you keep caling them "stupid Moron" they will evetually believe you and hate you at the same time because you continue to be loud and boisterous and you show them no real love or tender feelings.

    Any child in this situation will lose their self worth, and feel as if they are unloved.

    They will begin acting as if they are unloved by knocking things over, kicking, yelling, spilling things, and possibly not become potty trained for a very long time.

    But, you will also lose your self worth as well because you are being a bully to a small child.

    When you continue to shout angry words at them you are still confusing them. They will always be unhappy because you are always yelling at them in a loud voice and they don’t know why you are behaving in this manner. You are confusing them everyday.

    By the age of five, they will probably start talking to you as if you are the moron.

    Then you will be called some of those nasty names you yelled at them.

    It will not be cute.

    By the age of six they will be in trouble in daycare.

    You are the adult here in this situation

    If you are a young mother or father, it is your responsibility to not bully any child because you are an adult, and you should know better behavior than to take out your anger on a baby. As we all grow from teenager to adult , 13-21 some of us are living in bad situations and it is hard to figure a way out . We know that, but that doesn"t make it any easier to deal with on a day to day basis. There are solutions to your problems. It is truly hard to ask for help sometimes, but, ask we must or else life won"t change for the better.

    Usually your parents help you along the way, but sometimes they don’t because they are having problems dealing with life just as you are.


    Get Help Today/

    According to the latest information from (

    More than 70% of the children who died as a result of child abuse or neglect were two years of age or younger. More than 80% were not yet old enough for kindergarten.

    Around 80% of child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as perpetrator.

    I an 2 0 1 2 , s t a t e a g e an c i e s i d e n t i f i e d a n e s t i m a t e d 1 , 6 4 0 c h i l d r e n w h o d i e d a s a r e s u l t o f a b u s e a n d n e g l e c t b e t w e e n f o u r a n d f i v e c h i l d r e n a d a y .

    H o w e v e r , s t u d i e s a l s o i n d i c a t e s i g n i f i c a n t u n d e r c o u n t i n g o f c h i l d m a l t r e a t m e n t f a t a l i t i e s b y s t a t e a g e n c i e s b y 5 0 % o r m o r e .

    T h a t ' s r o u g h l y 1/4 o f y o u r c h i l d ' s e l e m e n t a r y s c h o o l c l a s s .

    Get Help Now Call Our 24/7 Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-Child

    Stop the Killings Across our Greedy World

    6-3-2015 It is bad enough that innocent children over the world are killed after being sexually battered, young women are sexually abused and sometimes murdered or kept as sex slaves and held against their will.

    Some grown men murder each other over egotistical mind games, property or just plain evilness and greed. Military killers use rape as a deterent to keep women in line in some countries. Young men kill each other over greed, drugs, or perceived wrongs even when they are not true.ISIS kills just to kill because you don't agree with them.

    Politicians get countries into war to feed the war machines of manufacturing guns and weapons, like Dick Chaney and George Bush did. Look how many young people died in those conflicts and have suffered since from Agent Orang. ,Good must triumph over evil in every instance.

    Men now have Viagra, why can't teen boys have something to help get them through their sexual teens. Young girls have Midol to help with pain of menustration, why not something for the boys?

    Why can't we have some sort of control for men who have been convicted of sex crimes? Where is the research for this, or should we castrate them? I'm just asking the hard questions of things that have a major impact on society! The republican men are trying to take abortion away from our women, tit for tat should be to reduce their sex drive for violent men.

    At some point we need to take on the hard facts about our violent society in the world. Nine times out of ten the men are committing the violence against the women,young girls and young men.

    Guest Editorial Joe Vitale-Texas FloodingTorrents

    On the night of May 24, 2015, my sleeping little city of Wimberley, Texas received more rain than the beautiful rolling hills could handle.

    Within hours, the Blanco River rose over 40 feet — not inches, feet — and began to wipe out homes and lives. 

    * My webmaster lost his home.

    * My mechanic lost his home – while he was out getting married.

    The list of shocking casualties is long.

    The mainstream news called it catastrophic. It was.

    But the good news is, the people are rallying, joining forces, cleaning and rebuilding.

    You can’t stop the human spirit.

    Your positive thoughts and prayers clearly help,so now let’s add some rocket fuel behind our mission to rebuild Wimberley.

    I’m writing to ask for your assistance – and I will give you gifts for any help you give.

    Please go to one or more of these sites and make a contribution:

    You can help just married Mike and Katie:

    You can help Chuck and Tina and their children:

    You can help build Wimberley Radio:

    You can help Wimberley, Texas Area Support:

    And after you give, you can go to these sites to claim your gifts. (Good till June 8, 2015)

    “The Miracles Manual: The Secret Coaching Sessions” – all 3 volumes (priceless)

    “Invoking Divinity,” the heavenly instrumental album by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and myself (worth $20):

    And here’s a bigger reward when you give even bigger -

    When you give $500 or more to one of the above sites, I will personally send you a box of signed books, including my new bestseller, The Secret Prayer.

    And -

    When you give $1,000 or more to one of the above sites, you can have a private mastermind dinner with me in Wimberley. (Worth: $5,000)

    For the last two larger donations, just send your receipt and your snail mail address to:

    Please note this offer expires June 8, 2015.

    Please give right now.

    I appreciate you and whatever you can do to help my friends in Wimberley, Texas.

    And once it’s cleaned up, please come and visit.

    You will love the little community.

    It truly is a little bit of heaven.

    Love Joe Vitale

    9 White Male Biker Gang Members Killed in Waco, Texas

    5-24-2015 For no appartent reason that we currently know of approximately 5 biker gangs got together in Waco Texas and had a shootout. Nine of them were killed. This was probably a bad incident waiting to happen with so many of them from gangs who were carrying guns.

    Drugs, prostitution, extortion is what some gangs are all about, but not all!

    Press sources have reported that a fight broke out in a bathroom, then spread outside of the restaurant to the streets which sounds plausible enough that it could be the truth.Many a bar fight has started just that way. I noticed that all of the men sitting on the grounds were being really calm and not starting more trouble, nor being loud and angry . Some biker gangs are notorious for being involved in drugs, prostitution, extortion and violent behavior, but not all of them. In this one incident 140 people were put in jail and each one is being held on million dollar bonds.There were no police in riot gear, or tanks in the streets because police had known that the gangs would be there and they were known in the area. No police were pointing rifles at the mens faces either. And, no National Guard was neede, of course that was because no one was rioting and trashing the entire town or nearby areas.

    You can bet that not all of the people held were involved at all, rather standers by who really knew nothing of what was going on. There are many types of motorcycle clubs, these that were arrested were not the kind of Doctor and pharmacist members like what you may have in your own neighborhoods.

    There is a certain kind of meanness that a man exudes when he kills someone.

    To me this stems from being extremely hurt physically or mentally while being a child either by a parent or a friend of the family, that I think causes meaness for a child to want to reach out and hurt someone else badly, or to kill them. Why, because children basically only want to explore their world, to eat, love their parents, and to play with things that are bright colored or just anything different that they want to look at especially if it moves.These are the essences of children to want to be loved and acccepted by their parents and loved for themselves.

    Opinion - Freddie Gray of Baltimore City/ Another Senseless Killing

    4-24,2015 I watched the immediate video of Freddie Grey as the officers dragged him from where he lay toward the police van. One of his legs appeared to be broken because he could not walk rather was in fact being dragged to the van. A woman was heard yelling that he needed medical help and couldn't walk. The police did not stop to help him at all rather insisted on dragging him by brute force. I want to know what Freddie did to deserve such barbaric treatment. He was a young man riding his bike down the street, not doing any harm to anyone.

    The fact that the police didn't strap him into the seat is stupid. That is what the police chief said on the news today. How can you put a man into a seat if his leg is broken in the first place. Second, why would the police need to shackle his legs if one was broken. He certainly could not get away from them with a broken leg.Then they were talking about throwing him into tha back of the van on his face, face down, and how he got some of the physical bumps, etc on his head.That doesn't make sense either.

    There was a second video a few days later that showed a man handcuffed and being escorted to a van, however, that was not the same man that as in the first video. This second man was bigger and heavier built, had no problems walking, and had white sneakers on. So the second video was totally bogus.

    My number one question is why would a policeman or a few of them actually kill an unarmed young man who was just riding his bike? Doesn't make any sense unless the police were on some kind of scam secret pay for kill plan. I know that doesn't make much sense, but neither does the police killing the young man in the first place.

    I am from Baltimore, and this really makes me angry, Thre is so much strife in lower income families anyhow, why would law abiding police do something like this? Of course we have no way of knowing the families economic situation for that mater.I am sincerely hoping that the Mayor will put down some hard and fast new rules if possible and that the police chief does the right thing.

    There are just too many big questions that still need to be asked and answered.

    Blatant Discrimination of Gay and Lesbian Citizens Has No Place in America

    No one in political office has the right to lie or shade the truth to constituents!

    3-31-2015 No one has the right to discriminate against anyone else in America. All of our families were immigrants at one point. In Backward Indiana the power politicians that are in office have really passed laws to intentionally discriminate against gay people. There has been much flash back from irate citizens and corporations inside and from outside the state as well.

    This past week, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law a bill that legalizes discrimination, allowing businesses to refuse service to customers simply because they are gay or lesbian. Further, since Governor Pence claims disingenuously that it is about religious freedom, his law protects any business owner who refuses to hire someone of a different religion from their own.They can actually put up signs that say "no Gays allowed".

    Other corproations AFSCME are incensed and conventions are beginning to back out of their contracts with local business conventions in Indiana.

    At least one major corporation has spoken up and says they do not discriminate. "At Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co., we are proud to say we are open to business for everyone.".

    AFSCME is changing their scheduled convention in the state. This un-American law sets Indiana and our nation back decades in the struggle for civil rights. It is an embarrassment and cannot be tolerated. As such, AFSCME will move our 2015 Women’s Conference in October from Indianapolis to another state. Additional details about the conference’s new location and any necessary date change will be announced as they become available.

    A Man Named David

    David Ebel of theSalvation Army 3-23-2015 There is a man named David who epitomizes the words "Give of Yourself". He has worked for the Salvation Army group for years as a chaplan and more. We met online because I had a question for him in my work as CEO of this web site. I emailed him recently to ask how he was doing because he is such a caring individual. The following is his answer.

    Hi Diane, We requested to be sent to a small town in need that did not have a Salvation Army. We were sent to Barstow,California a year and a half ago in the high desert of the Mojave Desert. It is 40 miles from a mall and most shopping. The community has fallen on pretty desperate times with over 50% of the population is now on some sort of government aid. Jobs are quite scarce and the need for emergency food and utility assistance made us quite popular soon as we opened our pantry.

    Our first Christmas we borrowed an old building and using a complete staff of volunteers we provided food and toys for Christmas for almost 300 families ... On almost no time to plan and prepare. We opened the pantry in February and we are kept busy with a teem of volunteers my wife Diane does a remarkable job.

    I have already taught the foundation course of Critical Incident Stress Management on the local Marine base. Following which the Base Commander recruited me to serve as Base Support Chaplain. After I accepted the position I was informed that the Marines don't do civilians as Chaplains so the Colonel in charge then had to "officially" create the position and then get his higher ups to approve the position. I am now on call 24/7 to the base for any crisis or emergency as well as personal counseling.

    Bucky (my service dog - see bucky.wonderdog on Facebook) and I now visit the state run Veterans Retirement Home every Tuesday and have been warmly received and have had the chance to comfort and encourage seniors who live there that they are loved and valued.

    The town also has a shelter for battered women and children and Bucky and I have a permanent invitation to visit so the kids can have some " Bucky Time" and then when the kids are done, the moms and other residents take turns for their time with Bucky, too.

    Our challenges are all very real. Our pantry building is 800 sq Feet so we can't do much more there but give out food baskets in the mornings and counsel folks in the afternoon.

    We started worship services in our living room in September. The need is great and we are already with weekly attendance between 25 and 35 each Sunday. If we were able to have all the people that have come for a while now have jobs or are not attending consistently we would not have room even seat them all!

    We plan to do a women's Bible Study and a Women's Fellowship after Easter (in our home) and will start kids programs in the fall as well.

    We would invite you to pray with us for the discovery of a building that would house all our programs in one building (beyond our home which is getting very crowded right now). You may reach David Ebel and his wife Diane on W. Ebel CTSS To email David Ebel click here

    The United States Needs more self protection for our children as they grow up to help protect them from rape

    The other thing we need to do is put self protection classes in all schools from college to kindergarden for all chidren, girls and boys!

    Because of the violent nature of this crime against young women of rape not being correctly reported, some 40% and ofcolleges who have had rapes, 59% have not reported any.Tthe 41% havenot done anything about the problem because they have not reported any as yet. That tells me that 59% of rapes are not reported at all. Where are the good colleges,the main stream of them, what have they done to address this startling statistic about your young daughters and some of your young men.

    Colllege rape has been swept under the table for too many years and this has happened to far too many young people who do not, I repeat, do not deserve to be personally violated,victimized like they have been in the past. This type of male violation of our young women make women not want to report it at all. Furthermore this is what causes traumatic stiffling of our young women. Many time sthey do not want to report it. Because of that they begin to suffer lost self esteem issues throughout their entire lives.

    We need a new federal law that makes colleges, middle, and elementary school childrens administrations, report that there have been rapes and that they are taking steps to stop them from happening in the first place. New laws must be made to stop predators stalking our children at any age and anywhere within our states.We need more protections and we need them now for all of our children.It should also be mandatory to report them to the police

    nfl embroiled in controversy by diane knaus copyrited 2015

    NFL Embroiled in flames

    Did you know that the NFL is Considered a Non-Profit by the IRS?

    2-15-2015 The petition to House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz: "The NFL earns billions in revenue every year, but hasn’t paid a dime in taxes since the 1960’s. It’s outrageous that the NFL is considered a 'non-profit organization.' You must demand that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appear before your committee to testify about the NFL’s tax-exempt status."

    Accordimg to CREDO:

    This year's Super Bowl was the most watched show in television history, with ads selling for $150,000 a second.1 And while the National Football League brings in over $9.5 billion in revenue a year, it is somehow considered a “non-profit organization" and hasn’t paid a penny in taxes since 1966.

    The notion that the NFL is some kind of "non-profit" is beyond ridiculous, but that could change soon if Congress does the right thing. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, recently suggested he may call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify before Congress about the NFL’s tax-exempt status.

    With a historic Super Bowl game fresh in everyone's mind, now’s the perfect time to force Commissioner Goodell to testify before Congress about the NFL's tax-exempt status.

    In my opinion, the NFL is a glorified athletic association of old boys network getting the rest of these gifted atheletes to do their bidding at their own risk so to speak. Sure they tell them to stay out of trouble and under the radar when they misbehave, but when the guys get into real trouble they hem and haw about what the teams knew and when they knew facts, and so does Commissioner Godell. Sure he wants to stay and fix things but, does he deserve that? He has had on his head the biggest blinders I have ever known about in any organization. So why do the bigger boys at the top put up with him? Is he too big to take down, or does the money blind everybody? Where is the integrity? Where is the big daddy who is supposed to take care of the boys, where has he been all along and who is he.? When will he step up to the plate, into the ring, and onto the real playing field? Or, could he possibly be a she? Now that would really get the old goats chinny chin chin wouldn't it?

    News Man Brian Williams Managing Editor and Nightly News anchor Suspended for 6 months

    2-10-2015 News reporters are held to a high standard of telling the truth. It is a badge of honor that we all be truthful and tell the facts. According to Deborah Turness, As Managing Editor and Anchor of Nightly News, Brian has a responsibility to be truthful and to uphold the high standards of the news division at all times.

    We have decided today to suspend Brian Williams as Managing Editor and Anchor of NBC Nightly News for six months. The suspension will be without pay and is effective immediately. We let Brian know of our decision earlier today. Lester Holt will continue to substitute Anchor the NBC Nightly News.

    Our review, which is being led by Richard Esposito working closely with NBCUniversal General Counsel Kim Harris, is ongoing, but I think it is important to take you through our thought process in coming to this decision.

    In addition, we have concerns about comments that occurred outside NBC News while Brian was talking about his experiences in the field.

    As Managing Editor and Anchor of Nightly News, Brian has a responsibility to be truthful and to uphold the high standards of the news division at all times.

    Steve Burke, Pat Fili and I came to this decision together. We felt it would have been wrong to disregard the good work Brian has done and the special relationship he has forged with our viewers over 22 years. Millions of Americans have turned to him every day, and he has been an important and well-respected part of our organization.

    As I’m sure you understand, this was a very hard decision. Certainly there will be those who disagree. But we believe this suspension is the appropriate and proportionate action.

    ">This has been a difficult time. But NBC News is bigger than this moment. You work so hard and dedicate yourselves each and every day to the important work of bringing trusted, credible news to our audience. Because of you, your loyalty, your dedication, NBC News is an organization we can and should all be proud of. We will get through this together.

    Steve Burke asked me to share the following message.

    This has been a painful period for all concerned and we appreciate your patience while we gathered the available facts. By his actions, Brian has jeopardized the trust millions of Americans place in NBC News. His actions are inexcusable and this suspension is severe and appropriate. Brian’s life’s work is delivering the news. I know Brian loves his country, NBC News and his colleagues. He deserves a second chance and we are rooting for him. Brian has shared his deep remorse with me and he is committed to winning back everyone’s trust.

    Due to his enhancement of a news story about a combat mission he was covering, and being found to lie about the news syndication, he has suspended for six months without pay.

    Former Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley says "Don't Drill for Oil in the Chesapeake Bay"

    Governor O'Malley2-3-2015 Today, I wrote in the New York Times about what a serious mistake it would be to allow offshore drilling along the Eastern Seaboard.

    It was less than five years ago when we saw the devastating results of offshore drilling: the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Louisiana coast that cost billions of dollars in economic activity, disrupted tens of thousands of jobs, and caused long-term damage to 3,000 miles of fragile wetlands and beaches.

    That’s why I’m standing up in opposition to drilling in the Atlantic.

    We can’t forget these inconvenient truths today. Just consider all the facts: if a disaster of Deepwater’s scale occurred off the Chesapeake Bay, it would stretch from Richmond to Atlantic City, with states and communities with no say in drilling decisions bearing the consequences.

    Will you stand with me in opposition to offshore drilling along the Atlantic Coast?

    Our nation can have a bright energy future: one that both addresses the climate challenges we face and the need to create good, sustainable jobs. But we can’t achieve it if we continue to prioritize the failed energy strategies and sources of the past.

    Let’s stop giving $4 billion in federal subsidies to big oil every year. Let’s start investing in cutting-edge clean energy research that will drive job creation and help limit carbon emissions. Click here to help

    Don't drink alcohol excessively in cold weather=frostbite

    1-28-2015 If you drink too much alcohol then go outside to shovel snow, you may not be able to feel your fingertips or other body parts then they will get frostbite. If you fall down in a snowbank and fall asleep you might even die of hypothermia if you have drunk too much.

    Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for about 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) in the United States each year.

    Many people drink more alcohol in the winter because they are bored, or can't get out of the house it becomes a major problem, mostly for men.

    If you are a binge drinker, that can make it even worse.

    Binge drinking (consuming 4 or more drinks per occasion for women; 5 or more drinks per occasion for men) is responsible for more than half of the deaths and two-thirds of the YPLL due to excessive drinking, and is associated with many health and social problems, including alcohol-impaired driving, interpersonal violence, risky sexual activity, and unintended pregnancy.

    Because of so much snow that we have experienced this winter, and there may even be more of that cold fluffy stuff, there could be more pregnancies,more hospital stays due to frostbite, or heart attacks,strokes accidents, violence and risky sexual activities than normal in dealing with all of the snow.Then there is the stress of dealing with the cold and miserable winter weather, flight cancellations, family missed connections, etc.

    Pay close attention if you think you have been drinking too much. Stop if you can or at the very least slow down your alcohol drinking for your own safety and your well being.

    Solidarity in France

    1-12-2015 After thousands of prominent country leaders marched together through the streets of Paris France in solidarity against radicalists who just want to kill people because they do not agree with them, the world has changed into a more democratic place.

    In America it is one of our fundamental freedoms to say what we want. Although we are not supposed to threaten peoples lives if we don't agree with them, we do have the right to free speech. We also have the right to agree with others and do positive things to elevate any good deeds, and sadly some bad deeds it appears.

    Here in America we also value our lives because we want to keep on living and doing our best to make a good life for our families and children and friends as well. Life here is as simple as that. It can also be that simple for any other country who wants to live in a more progressive and loving manner. It will also take a lot of work and tenacity to accomplish for some countries.

    We like to laugh at ourselves and with our families. Our laughter helps keep us sane in a sometimes insane world. Plus laughter relieves stress, it is really too bad that other countries leaders cannot laugh at themselves, it is so freeing and it costs nothing.

    Kim Jong-un Fearmongering Our Movie Industry

    12-20-2014 Just because he is the leader of North Korea, does not mean he can control individual business here in the United States. Yes he is being made fun of in our own American manner. But, that does not give him any rights about what the movie industry or writers, or theaters do here. It is not his right to try to control anything here in the United States. He has committed a grevious crime against the fundamental freedoms that are the foundation of our country.

    If our movie industry wants to put his image or anyone elses on film and make fun of them they can always go to the internet and post it there. That is known as "how I got Over" in many respects. That N. Korea hacked into Sony's internal computer systems and exposed many important workings of their company like individual emails, social secutiry numbers and more is still a mystery. But I can't imagine Sony rolling over any more to North Korea Kim Jong-un especially after this. Retailation will probably involve many facets of our own anger.

    On Friday, the FBI has formally charged North Korea officials in the hacking deal. How they will drive that home will remain to be seen. But, ths could be the start of something very uncomfortable for American and North Korean people as well.

    North Korea is well known for their terrible human relations record of abuse of their own people. According to the U.N. The U.N. General Assembly has passed a resolution urging North Korea be referred to the International Criminal court for its human rights situation. The non-binding resolution for crimes against humanity, passed with 116 votes in favor, 20 against, and 53 abstentions.Forcing a Security Council vote would, however, further highlight alleged North Korean abuses and place heavy political pressure on Beijing.The resolution is based on a February U.N. Commission of Inquiry that detailed decades of systematic executions, torture, rape and mass starvation in the North. It said the abuses were "unparalleled" in the modern world.

    The Real problem from the demonstrators is that it might spread all across the country

    12-9-2014 In one aspect that can be a good thing because all polititions will have to face facts like the justice system is rigged against real people. The second is that this is how the major problems of people demonstrating in the streets of their countries have pulled down governments. Look at Mubarek in Egypt, and Assad near Syria, Putin near the ports of the Ukraine, although he seems to be safe for the moment that might not last a real long time if enough peple get really upset.

    Except our sense in the U.S. of accountability within our judicial system has been seriously used against the victims of crimes. If the demonstrations continue we could be facing a civil war in our own streets. Real people are fed up with all of our stupid men at the top going against doing the right things, like not working with our president, not treating people right in the financial systems, thousands of people lost their homes during the financial crisis of 2008 and even into 2012, while those at Fannie May and Freddie Mac also being involved in the back room dealings is a major break in the trust of our government by the people.

    To keep breaking that trust like the republicans are trying to do will break us apart as a nation. Mark my words they are money hoarders raiding all coffers. I don't know how they sleep at night, or why their wives and families stay with them.

    Maybe I should look into how many wives have divorced them in the last few years? That should be my next rant focus.

    170 Cities across the country are experiencing angry mobs demonstrating and challenging the outcome of officer Wilsons non-indictment on charges against the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri

    11-26-2014 Protestors began appearing in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Ferguson, California, New Yor ,and many college campuses. Protestors are angry at the unprofessional way the grand jury was given no specific guidance from the attorney requesting the grand jury hearings. Some protestors are stopping traffic on major routes, bridges, some are burning parts of other cities and business.

    This rioting reminds me of the crisis following the shooting of Martin Luther King as far as violence goes. Having said that, This case is really over the imbalance in racial justice in cities across the entire country. We need to Federally be changing the standards of conduc tfor law enforcement officers and reactions to demonstrators across the entire country. How can anyone say that Wilsons stance of over 150 feet away was in "self protection at that distance"? After all, he was chasing the suspect, not the subject chasing him. This is certainly a "miscarriage of justice in the simplest form.

    Accordingly you have the manner in which Wilson and other police on the scene were treating Mike Brown's body after he had killed him. We were not seeing him approach the body, rather he was standing in the street stood back on the curb and was looking around and appearing to joke with the other officer. He did not appear to heve been hurt at all. He was not standng like he had been hurt, didn't rub his eyes, forehead or anything else. Plus the fact that they left the body lay in the street for over four hours.

    These actions are a travesty of a miscarriage of justice and total disrepect in it's highest form for the dead persons body. This is a major reason for young black men to train for our police forces across this country .When people get to know you they can know when to trust.

    Announcement of Grand Jury in the street killing of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson

    by Diane Knaus

    11-24-2014 Police officer Darren Wilson has been judged as not guilty in the street killing of Michael Brown. There has been no indictment. There were three different autopsies taken of Michael Brown and all agreed on the results.

    Michael sutained multiple shots before he died in the street. Most of the people who gave testimony are black people.

    Maybe the laws in Missouri need to be changed to reflect on the serioueness of the crimes committed and the reasonable force exerted in the process of a crime.

    There are crowds in the street, some have vandalized a few police cars, there has been a gunshot and many people are moving around in the streets at this moment.

    Officers are asking everyone to leave the area, or they will be arrested.

    President Obama Came on TV immediatey after cameras broke away from the scene

    11-24-2014 10:00p.m.The situation in Ferguson speaks larger than just one city, as it happens alll across ths country. There are things we know can help situations and by working with law enforcement to make changes.

    This is an issue for America not just Ferguson. These are real issues across the country. Michaes Browns parents understand there are better ways to cope with change and there is no excuse for violence. We do have work to do here and we shouldn't try to paper over it.

    We need to focus on the positive ways to proceed and make sure we focus on Michaels Browns parents, law enforcement to find long term action to find answers. I want to be partners for positive change and I want to be there for folks who are interested in that.

    On the scene news reporters are saying that tear gas has been used, some bricks have been hurled at people, restaurants, etc.The crowds are still confronting the police at this time.They are throwing canisters back at police. Some of the people have disbursed. Tear gas is being thrown into the crowds as well as bean bags which is in the area where the tv camera men are standing.

    People have begun to loot stores, there is a fire down the street, some minor vandelism is occurring.

    10:50 p.m. crowds have moved out of the area, but not all. There are still some protestors hanging around and some teargas is still being used.

    NEW YORK, People are walking in the streets in large crowds to show their displeasure in the no indictment verdict from the grand jury for officer Wilson.

    Chuck Hagel U.S. Defense Secrtary Out of the administration

    11-24-2014 Both he and the President citing a mutual agreement he will remain in office until a replacement is found. Seems like this was a sort of setup because he has disagreed with the way the president has been micromanaging everything. Looks like everyone else is saying that Chuck Hagel has been doing what the adinistration wants, yet, now the president wants to replace him. Well if he is doing the right things, maybe he shouldn't go.

    Although you must remember that Chuck Hagel is a republican. That doesn't mean he dooesn't like the politics of the president, maybe just not the way things are managed.

    The other thought is if the president gets a democrat in, they might not like the same things that Chuck Hagel doesn't like either.

    But to this point, the president has had an awful lot of bad karma thrown his way by republicans and they have tried everythig that they could to give him a hard way to go by holding up leislation to holding the country hostage when they shut us down. You do remember that the repblicans did that just last year.

    Goodall Avoiding Cliff of Investigative Rumors, says "I have a job to do" he wants to extend the life of the NFL, and his job

    9-20-2014 Update: The TMZ sports network says that the NFL has had the tape all along and still did not sanction him until suspending him. They are exactly right. The NFL sorely lacks leadership at the moment. Good leadership takes compassion, honesty, a positive way of living to impress others to want to follow you.

    The real issue is about the revulsion of anger by athletes sports fans are showing. Athletes continue to publically show their power by continuing controlling personal relationships with violence, regardless of the gender of the perpetrator, or of the gender of the victim. Because they don't care about anyone else other than themselves and how great they are, these people don't show genuine emotion unless it is winning a game.

    Has the NFL created an epidemic of tunnel vision when dealing with emotion? Do the trainers urge athletes to not feel their emotions?. Are they not allowed to feel anything except the pigskin in the palms of their hands?

    This is not the frist time the league has seen problems. One could say that even in retrospect because of the number of NFL members who have had concussions and are now suing the league. Owners didn't want them to feel their aches and pains so they told the doctors to give out pain relievers and kept the coaches playing the men as much as they could.

    Now advertisers are rethinking their money spent with the teams. Proctor and Gamble has pullled their support this week. There will be more in the coming weeks if Goodell and the commissioners don't do a better job.

    With the public seeing the video, NFL could no longer ignore it, excuse it nor make it go away either.

    I still think the NFL comissioner should resign immediately I don't care what Rice can do on the football field. Nor do I care what he tries to come up with as an excuse for his behavior on the video. Of course at the moment he says"I have a job to do". Then apologizes and says "I am sorry I didn't get it right".

    At the very least the Ravens did the right thing by firing him, but, also only after the video surfaced. Smacks like a good ole boy thing to me and of course Rice is a really good athelete. Too bad he can't control himself, his hard knuckled fist to his then girlfriends jaw made all the difference in his future and that of a wife who at this point has put up with his crap.

    He clearly knocks her out and further shows no compassion whatsoever. He actually moves away from her and lets her lie on the floor between the elevator doors and backs up away from her when another man comes into view. For this the NFL gives him a two game suspension, they have lost their mnds.

    Unbelievable corporate and public insensitivity shown for his girlfriend, now wife. He should be in jail. Maybe he married her to try to keep her from talking in court. Hmm, I wonder how many times he has abused her prior to the public embarrassment?If this was a same sex couple he would definitely be in jail, tainted name tainted reputation and all.

    The best thing to come out of these events is the partnering with abuse organizations on violence counseling that the league is working on now.

    Equality for All Except young "Black Boys"

    8-30-2014 Where in the text of our constitution is that phrase? Hum, have you ever seen that phrase? Neither have I. So therefore it does not exist. It only exists in our minds of inequality and ignorance about the black communities.

    The entire judicial system including white judges, lawyers, prison guards, the penal system, policemen and women need to take a step back and think about equality for all.

    It has been my experience that black people speak a different type of communication and I really believe that that is a major part of the communication barrier that they face because it comes from within their own community. When they are young, just like any other race baby talk is cute, always is, always has been and will continue. However, they need to up their game and practice proper english to help them up the ladder of success and more importantly a longer life out of jail. As human beings we all have a chance to better ourselves, we need to make the changes ourselves many times in order to have a better life no matter what country we live in.

    I also believe that the term Bro, ain't, and nuff is overused and not a positive type of speech. Screeming obscenities at each other or calling people nasty names never gets anyone any further from the boottom of the human barrel than you already are. It never helps any stuation when you totally lose your cool, never. We all need to find better ways of communication in order to lead better lives.

    We have to go within to find out what the community is doing that hinders them so much because we all need to get along. Reinforcing better communication habits is one of the cheapest and most effective manners to lift up any community. Speaking proper English is imperative if they are to get ahead. Respecting themselves and their parents and grandparents is imperative to raising their standards of living and pesonal respect.

    When you put them up against highly trained white policemen, they don't have a chance. Why, because the white police have been well trained in standards and communications. What they lack is empathy in many situations because they are taught almost from birth to take no nonsense and to be able to be right in taking care of themselves in any situation. Alas, no one is perfect of any race. So the white policemen think they are right the majority of the time, but, on this note, they are wrong. There have been thousands of bad things done to the black community in the name of rightous police work. That is something that must change in the near future especially in the case of Michael Brown of Ferguson,Missouri.

    Some of the worst things they can do is to keep robbing stores, raping their sisters and others, lying, stealing, drugging and in general keeping themselves in trouble with the police all the while hurting other people. Even when they do the right things it is going to take a good ten to fifteen years to make the majority of community change for the better and whites to admit things will get better.

    Even in the past ten years their communities are better because so many have gone on into nursing and became doctors, and scientists. The teens for the most part are better today than they were even five years ago. Yet, more has to be done to get them out of the current personal patterns that they still do engage in. There must be accountability for their actions in all homes, no matter whether it is in their grandparents or parents homes.That also means that the parents and grandparents must keep them accountable while in their homes and that may be a harder problem to solve. But, it must be done in all homes, both black and white.

    There have been thousands of other young black men in the past hundred years who have lost their lives because of the judicial system, because someone lied about them, or had something to gain from their death. Let us not have that continue, write to your congressperson, write to the President, write to the civil liberties union, even the Supreme Court Judges indepedently, but get out there and write. Do it today, today, today, please.

    Ferguson Missouri Stories

    Things are slowing down a bit in Ferguson, Missouri. This story is getting bigger than the young man who got shot. It has taken on a greater life of it's own and meaning toward justification of killing an unarmed person who just happens to be unarmed and not being forceful against anyone.

    The fact that Michael Brown was shot at least six times, just reinforces the officers overzealous actions. One shot would have made him incapable of lunging at the officer. Note that the shots were in the front of Michael's body all up on his right arm as if he was putting up his hands defending himself. The last two shots to his head were of course fatal.

    Even though Michael was bigger than the officer, they were yards away from each other, so the officer can't say it was self defense because Michael had no weapons, and displayed none.

    This is indeed a sad event that should not have gone down the way it did. I mean even if Michael did take some cigars from a store, does that justify killing him? No it does not justify a killing on any day in any town it does not justify killing him.

    Police have made this story one of over reacting and police forcefullness showing no justice in Ferguson for the past few days. However, now that Attorney General Eric Holder is there and making his presence known to all authorities and calling for peace and justice for the community, things are calmer. He is emphasing his actions towards justice and finding out the facts from all peole in the area as he calls for inquiries into police actions in the past as well as in the present situation.

    Last nights march for justice was a good one. It was peaceful as community members organized and kept the people calm. Just like it was when Captain Ronald Johnson showed up on the streets the first time, as he also did last night.

    There were 47 people who were arrested last night according to police on the scene.

    Hedy Epstein Holocaust Survivor Demonstrated in the Streets with Everyone Else

    This kind of civil unrest should be expected when the police become agressive when they do not need to. People are not beasts who need to be corraled and put into fencing like cattlemen do to cows, or locked police vans . People are not animals. Hedy Epstein one of the protestors is a 90 year old woman who is a Holocaust Survivor,"I've been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn't think I would have to do it when I was 90. We need to stand up today so that people won't have to do this when they're 90."

    Police officers in Ferguson Missouri "Strong Arm" a national reporter and crowd on national television today

    8-18-2014 Tthe streets of Ferguson have experienced more unrest for the past three nights, police are escalating some of the problems themselves. While on national television today an older white policeman with white hair actualy put his hands on a TV reporter from a national network and forced him and the surrounding crowd to back up at approximately 6:00 p.m.. I know because I saw it with my own eyes on television. The crowd had been orderly, just standing in the area peacefully not shouting, or being unruly at all. Earlier police could be seen dragging a couple of people away from the same area an hour or so earlier. Police were heard shouting to people to move on. One mad looked like he either had been hurt or was limping and the two polcemen were practically draggig him. Another man had fallen down, I could see the police going thru his pockets as he was wedged against something and lying on the ground. These two men were both white.

    Police keep changing the rules, telling people to keep walking, to move from one spot and then another, stay out of the street. Yet,there is no car traffic at all, only the police cars blocking the street.

    All of the people on the street were being respectful as I was watching, They were doing nothing wrong, just talking to each other and the tv reporters. Why these police were working to get people moving is a mystery as they were causing no harm at that time.

    The National Guard is on roof tops in the town of Ferguson as you are reading this. But, is this necessary? I do not believe it is. I think they need to get the Captain Ronald Johnson back on tv and let him manage this himself as he did so successfully a few nights ago. A group of ministers will be on hand tonight to try to stem any tensions that might arise on the streets. That is one thing that stopped some of the rioting after Martin Luther King was killed in the street. Ministers in many states made sure they were out in force to stem any violence that might arise at that time. Hopefully this will work this time as well.

    What Can Be Done to Help?

    Ministers can do a lot more to help communities than they think they can, but they need encouragement as well. They could tell parents to bring their children to church more often and enlist a community leader to give parenting classes. These classes can help young parents to discipline in a more effective manner. Young parents sometimes don't have access to help when they need it because their relatives are working lower paying wages and have to spend more hours out of the home and can't support them with help or suggestions for parenting when needed.

    Not only that, but they need to be taught to not use four letter words when expressing themselve ,or call each other names because that perpetuates not being able to express themselves intelligently in the long run. Also not to scream at anyone unless it is necessary to call for help.

    For many reasons there is much violence within our black communities in almost every state. However, they need to ask for help for themselves or else the help won't be appreciated. As a white person I cannot go into a black community and say to them you all need some help. They need to ask for the help among themselves, then move out past their own limitations by asking for outside help.There are many black doctors, and health experts who can help, but they need to offer it to their own communities.

    Obama, who said he had spoken with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon as well as Sens. Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt, also stressed a need for calm on the part of the police as well as demonstrators in Ferguson.

    "Let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other," Obama said in the Brady Press Briefing Room on Monday.

    Breaking News "Wild West tactics rained in Freguson, Missouri streets last four days of rioting, over a peaceful protest"

    By Diane Knaus

    8-14-2014 Policemen in riot gear descended on the streets and an 18 year old black boy was fatallyshot by a policeman even after he held up his hands. This plays out and is reminicent of when Martin Luther King was killed by a sniper before he attended a church service. Such lawlessness after that was a tragedy for all of America because it swept across the country. This breaking news situation has the same type of passion behind it and involvement for the young man Michael Brown being killed by a policeman. Young Michael Brown was a clean cut well dressed young man walking down the street. While he may have made a comment to a police officer it certainly was not provocation enough to get klled over, or at the very least should not have been enough of a threat to the policeman, who was obviously armed with a gun and Michael was not armed.

    President Obama has said today, "There is never enough reason to kill someone for nothing or for exercising their fourth admendment rights, or for arresting someone for doing their job as in the journalists who were doing their jobs, there is also no justification for looting using the situation for self gratification".

    The reaction of police that night and the past four nights has been overreaction to a mere peaceful protest that originally began. The facts that the policemen were armed with military weapons and tanks tells me that they are afraid of teenagers. Why has no one trained them for this kind of confrontation? Why do they respond with tanks and M16 rifles for a bunch of unruly teenagers? Where is their commmon sense? Who can go in to bring this type of situation out of the dark ages of fear and intimidation by police? Hopefully the plea by the president will make the leaders of the state to change behavior and atitudes may take a little longer.

    The young man in question who was killed had been registered to start college this week. That tells me his parents have done the right things to bring him up right. He wore no hoodie, was dressed in a casual manner, not gang type clothing. He fit no profile of a good kid gone wrong.

    In tense situations some teenagers have a different way of talking to parents and officials because they do so in fear as to what will happen next. Often their language becomes insulting, nasty four word phrases come out of their mouths when you least expect it. But, that is a sign of hormones raging and often not enough personal control over their mouths which can exacerbate any situation. This is when traditional conversations have to be shoved into the background and strong parental controls and restrictions need to be maximized to modify behavior. No doubt something of this nature happened when the rioting started.

    In the same type of context, we have military type weapons available to police who find themselves in an aggravating situation which they have apparently not been involved before where there is high intensity and their testosterone levels go sky high. It then becomes a match of heightened intensity for them as well. At this point it is apparent that these police were not trained in crowd control or negotiations of any kind, only reactive controlling a situation which they did not know what was going on, nor were they able to be effective or defuse it.

    Unfortunately they have not been trained, or they forgot everything they had heard, or didn't have enough self control to rise above the situation they found themselves a part of. Too bad they had not been trained to handle civil unrest, or been able to effect transparency. I really believe that there has been no word from the police department because the public is right in this situation and they can't refute what has already been said and filmed. This heightened situation of over aggressive tactics calls for some major overhaul of their justice system in Ferguson, Missouri. I hope that state and officials are ready for this because there is no going back, only forward.

    The Governor has stated that they are at a Flashpoint of change. While the family demands transparency, officials appeal for calm and peaceful transition.

    Captain Ronald Johnson a black officer is taking over control of the security in Ferguson. He is a part of the Highway patrol that is taking over the rest of the security. Captain Johnson has already met with some high school students and assured them that the future will be better.

    U.S. Congressional Leadership Sorely Lacking in Step Up Leadership/ Bunch of Cowards on Doing the Right Thing

    by Diane Knaus

    8-3-2014 In order to file a lawsuit, there needs to be clear facts or at least some acts that are against the law. First off President Obama has not broken any laws. Therefore he can't be sued. John Boehner has repeatedly not been able to bring the votes to the floor to get any legislation passed, and rather blocked much of any bill that the president wants to sign to start out with.

    Unfortunately, our Congresspeople have not proven that they are worth any of the moneys that we as citizens are paying them. However, we could if someone wants to step up, file alwsuits against the Congress people for deriliction of duties, possible racism activities against the president plus abandonment of the Consititution I believe.

    All we get from the Republican side is mass statements that are not based in truth, rather hyperbol. Then they try to take away womens healthcare rights next, after that they try to obstruct voters rights particularlly in the south. We have to speak up and do something about all of their nonsense.

    Here is the address of the Democratic Headquarters in Washington. Please write to them today.

    Democratic National Committee

    430 South Capitol St. SE

    Washington,D.C. 20003

    I need to find a good woman lawyer who specializes in Costitutional law to take up the challenge.Is there anyone out there to help? Why, because America needs you now!

    Are You Afraid of Immigrant Children? You Needn't Be

    7-25-2014 According to The Texas Observer‘s Rachel Pearson noted, children from Guatemala where vaccines are provided free of charge by the government’s universal health care system are more likely to be vaccinated against those diseases than children in Texas, where the rate of parents who “opt out” of vaccinations citing “reasons of conscience” has increased every year since 2003.

    The real people you should be afraid of are the conservatives who are apparently afraid of their shadows. How many of them are only 3 generations away from immigrants? Lets get real here folks. These immigrants are from other countries where there is much strife and violence they are searching for a peaceful way of life and a better opportunity. Lets say they become citizens who will work for a living and pay taxes. Yes, I said pay taxes, remember corporations are moving out of our country to not have to pay taxes. Some states tax sodas and food as an everyday way to get taxes at least they will be paying for something.So we need all the people we can get to help pay their way.

    The Catholic Charity of Maryland wants to take some of them and bring them here to help them. What about your state charities? We really need to rally around these people because at some point they will become productive people putting their dollars and talents to work for the betterment of all of us.They could become doctors, policemen, or such who would help save other peoples lives. You don't even know what your own children will be when they grow up,why penalize these kids who desperately need a break. Give it to them, they need help, not hatred.

    These children could be trapped into the sex slave industry. Last year alone law enforcement said, " there were more than 2.2 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation through the CyberTipline." Do you really want these immigrant children to be kidnapped and put into these types of situations? Would you want your children to be trapped into than kind of situation, because that is a real possibility,I think not!

    As you have become a grown up haven't you seen people change their minds and soften up, well, maybe you or somone you know needs to do the same.

    There are plenty of places where they could go in cities that need to be fixed up and an influx of people coul help to do that. This type of situation could really help Detroit, Michigan for one. The city could issue housing vouchers or homesteading grants for now vacant buildings, so that investers in remodeling the structures and therefore save their own city and immigrants as well. This could produce a win win situation for all.

    Of course someone or some company that is making money in the city could invest their money to watch it grow again to a once again magnificent place to live. As I say that it has come to my attention that Mr. Christopher LLitch CEO of LLitch Holdings Inc, has already started to develop parts of the inner city with a new sports stadium and housing for 5 new neighborhoods to enhance the city and his companies holdings.

    That is the type of investment will certainly help city and residents for the future. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be other improvments that the city can open up for redevlopment. at the same time.

    "Just because John Boehner says something, does not make it true"

    7-7-2014 Accordng to a CNN article today, "Every member of Congress swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So did President Barack Obama". I do agree and that is true of all elected members in this country.

    However, personally I can't blame the President for going around the gridlock of an I'll use the overworked phrase "Do Nothing Congress", because it really does fit the last 7 years of their work routines and filibusters.

    Furthermore I will say publically that I believe that this congress has been abysmal in their passage of real legislation to help this country and it's people (the point really is their being a racial bullier of the president). They don't like him so they will do nothing to help him, or the country, and be happy they have stumped him because he is black. Remember folks their job is to move the country forward, not backward, and so it is with him as well.They also hate him because he has had the smartness to figure out ways around them to get the job done despite their attempts to block good legislation.

    I personally wish that there was a way to get the do nothing members of congress out of there and put them in jail for their obstructionism of justice, because they have been racially biased in their actions. Every law that they have passed has I believe been racially and class motivated to get the little guy and make the rich richer, and women third class citizens. Can I have an AMEN!

    Parents listen then talk to your teen / parents must do 'Soul Searching' on gun control

    6-11-2014 Parents you must listen to your teen when they are troubled about safety events in school. This is your responsibility to listen, as they are their own first line of defense for their own safety. Parents who are concerned about their children's safety need to ask questions of their children who have survived or are afraid of someone specific, and to listen carefully. Then parents need to go to school and talk to the principal and others about their concerns this is imperative to change the cycle of violence, and your teens life.

    That America is having a massive gun control massacre almost every week is disgraceful as parents are not taking control of their teenage boys. Your children are at risk of being shot to death by a very emotionally challenged teen who is not in control of himself. That is the profile that has emerged since the first school shooting began. School staff health nurses and others need to be more attentive to problems that occur on a daily basis.

    Threats need to be taken very seriously when they happen. Young men don't make idle threats when they verbalize them. It means they have been seriously thinking about doing what they are talking about. If your son has been making wild statements or talking about shooting people you need to take him to a mental health professional and have him checked out. Not next week when it fits your schedule, find out how soon you can get this done and do it. You could save hundreds of youngsters lives and you sons as well most of the time the boys shoot themselves at the end or wind up dead.

    Make sure that you lock up all guns in your house and check his room, under the bed, closets to see what he has stored there, as well as the basement and if he has a car, that too including the trunk and under the seats.

    The life you save may be your own, your sons, or hundreds of other young people who have nothing to do with his mental state nor is it their responsibility. Responsibility rests with you, the parent in this type of situation and what you think you can live with in the long run. Do you want a clear conscience, or do you want to be able to sleep at night?

    President Barack Obama said Friday that with considerable regret he had accepted the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

    5-31-2014 Update:

    The President has accepted Shinseki's resignation. In one of the worst employee scandals in the U.S. the VA's commander Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned. It is about time I say. This particular problem of not providing veterans with adequate or even timely health benefits is a national disgrace.Some veterans died as a result of having to wait to long for even an appointment to be seen the first time.This a travesty of the greatest proportions.

    I don't think I will ever understand the Presidents stance on this terrible episode in American history. When a person does not do his job of due health diligence and people die, that in my opinion is a travesty because the person dies. Can you imagine how you would feel if a hospitals president said "oh well it doesn't matter the person is dead!" That is the way Shinsekis' manner of composure was appearing during the hearing suggesting his attitude was.

    Even worse is the face of the facts, that this type of attitude was rampant throughout the entire VA system due to hiding records of veterans scheduling of appointments for health care.This is a major humanitarian act of denial of health care in the worst sense imaginable.

    Amidst Secretary Shinseki's testimony on the Hill, he said he was angry. Ok, but where was his anger, he didn't look nor sound angry, rather sounded like he had asked someone to pass the milk toast.

    If indeed the information was known for over ten years, why didn't Shinseki change something, or God forbid do something about it and make the situation right for our veterans. Where has he been all this time and what has he been doing? It has been said that President Bush told President Obama about the problem. I have to give him a half a hall pass on this one because the republicans have fought him so hard on almost every issue it's a wonder he even comes out in the sunlight. Even though he has made some good choices for the country.

    My next thought is we saw some emotion from him on this issue when he said "I won't put up with that". Well, good for him it's about time we see some anger from him on something, and action. Now let's see some real action, I'm waiting!

    Challenging Exploitation of Young Girls In Nigeria

    by Diane Knaus

    5-10-2014 Nigeria is a known exploitave country, most notably for their internet con games that cost many older American people a lot of scam money. However, the brashness of men in the latest scheme of taking young girls from their parents is the ultimate low and the height of egotistical crimes against humanity. Brandishing a gun, the big guy in the video says "Allah told me to sell them". "Hogwash" where is Allah when the girls were abducted? I thought Allah is suppposed to be a good god. So much for that. It's men against our innocent youth.

    These expoitave men are indeed using Allah as they are using the young girls, they need to be taken to the woodshed and done with as they do with the girls, only with no let up. This is where a group of girls could help save one another if they had self protection and survival skills. It is crucial that young women all over the globe be provided self protection survival skills. It will be cheap to teach them and a necessary life skill to perpetuate their lives and futures of their countries to do the right thing. We aso need to find a way to give the girls in Nigeria self protection classes.

    I am issuing a call to all women to get yourself to self protection classes. It doesn't matter if it is Judo, Karate or whatever, we all need to take the lessons.It's time to begin more kick ass self protection for all of our women. Just last week in Baltimore a 90 year old woman was pushed to the floor by a man who had come into her home. Of course at her age she is more vulneral that most of us, but had she known what to do she might not be in the hospital today.

    We must challenge ourselves as well to take a more proactive stance for the girls in Nigeria and our own protection and self preservation. The world is changing in many ways, and so must we change with it. It is a good thing to lose weight and get fit, another to take self protection classes as well.

    I choose to be happy, no matter what you like because it is my right to do the things that make me happy as long as it hurts no one else

    4-15-2014 I am an independent person. I support myself, I do not break the laws of this country and I support your right to do the same as long as it hurts no one else, nor you hurt anyone else. Equality and love are the words for today, as they should be everyday. My heart today goes out to the victims of the Boston Marathon and the survivors. There are some of them today who are running on prosthetic legs, propelling wheelchairs and getting on with their lives, while others pray for all of them alive or dead.

    Women have the right to be healthy as do the men in America. Except some men don't want women to have equality. Well, that is just too bad. We bear your chldren, provide you with numerous comforts and you dare to try to take away our rights. Did you notice how many women were running n the marathon, a lot. Some of them were and are gay. Get over it. They do nothing to hurt you, they have their funamental rights just like you do. None of us were born to continually fight each other. That is not our mission in life.

    My mission in life is to enjoy my life, love people- family and friends, make more sincere friends, help each other and make a good living and enjoy the sunshine of life. I also have a compelling need to tell it like it is, tell the facts and put this news in as many places as I can. Please join me and donate today it will help tremendously.

    911 Please help support our site and donate to today

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    Kathleen Sebelius Takes Leave of her position in wake of healthcare obstructions

    4-11-2012 In her statement she cites “If I could take something along with me,” she said, it would be “all the animosity.”

    We all know she isn't a website developer, but, neither is President Obama. You really can't blame either one of them for the site rollout debacle. Rather an uncompromising Congress always ready for a fight, or to create one so that they get all of the attention as they scream the loudest insults. Like immature 14 year old boys bullying and spoiling for a fight they constantly keep things stirred up.The real culpirts are the contractors who put the site together and their tech people who can't seem to get themselves together to make the site work. Plus it could be that they did not get their information together in real time to complete their work on time. None of us really know the answers to that.

    During her tenure she brought to focus the end to pre-existing conditions as a bar to insurance, the ability for young people to stay on their parents’ insurance, and the reduction in the growth of health care costs. Ms. Sebelius helped push through mental health parity in insurance plans and worked with the Department of Education to promote early childhood education.

    Update: Missing Malaysian jetliner 370 not found yet, authorities looking for Debrie and Black Boxes

    4-11-2014 Authorities in Malaysia have announced that there is a theory that the flight 370 was deliberately turned around in another direction to avoid detection. The central belief is that the pilots or someone else who is an experienced profesional pilot on the plane took control of it and switched off electronic controls during a time period between air space autonomy.It is supposed that the plane flew low and around land masses to avoid detection before it's disapearance.

    So far there is no conclusion as to where the plane really is because there has not been any debrie or life jackets, or parts, or body parts found. There have been pings heard in the last few days, but no recorder found as yet.

    Had the plane gone to Kazakhstan, where there has been violent incidents of civil unrest between residents and governments, it could be that one of the pilots had business there or wanted to help people there in that area. However, we do not know at this point if that was even a consideration, but to me that makes the most sense. The fact that one of the pilots had a planes mock up in his home would make sense if he were to practice for a special maneuver.

    My biggest question is who are the people who were onboard and what were their missions in life? We need to find the mission that they were to work on and we will find the why, whether it is from the pilots or the passengers. You don’t just hijack a plane for no reason an fly it to nowhere. Could there be a terroist plot at the heart of all of this turmoil? Authorities have ruled that out at the moment, or aren't talking about that at all.

    The Australians are taking the lead in most of the investigations at the moment. However, many countries are contributing equipment ,and manpower and time.

    Marijuana helping sick people feel better

    3-14-2014 The other side of the coin is that most of the time recreational use of marijuana mainly makes people (men and women under the age of 25) do stupid things. That is not what this is about. This news is about helping really sick people to feel better and to help them alleviate their pain. It's about medical marijuana. Some western states are making it safer for patients to use the pot for medicinal reasons by changing their laws regulating the sales.

    There are countless people young and old suffering from disastrous diseases who can use it to reduce their pains. The hardest part of this equation is that there are many different strains of it that can be cultivated. Cultivating the plant is sometimes difficult and turning it into oils that then are cut for their strength to be usable for medicines. However, having said that, there needs to be experiments done to find just the right compounds to mix together to make them safer.

    Maryland is one state that is out front in working on regulations and medical studies. Governor Martin O'Malley has put the steps in place to push for preliminary work by setting up a commission. There are draft regulations, but there is no formal approval by either the Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene or the Office of the Attorney General.

    The Medical Marijuana Commission welcomes your comments, but please be advised that this is not the formal comment period. The Commission hopes to review as many comments as possible prior to the March 25th meeting. Please send your comments in writing to by March 14th.

    Address inquiries to:

    Upcoming meeting:

    Tuesday March 25th, 2pm 2014

    Metro Executive Building

    4201 Patterson Avenue

    Baltimore, MD 21215

    There are medical pot suppliers in Colorado and California, but you must have state liscences and a doctors perscription to obtain the medicinal doses.

    Mental stability safety issues for releaseing dangerous people back into communities

    3-9-2014 During an attempt by a mentally distraught pregnant women to drown her children by driving her van into the water, bystanders at a beach hearing the children's cries ran into the rough surf to get them out of the van. The bystanders succeeded in saving all four children. The woman walked out of the water on her own.

    The mother had been in a mental health facility but was discharged because staff did not think she was a danger and the facility was overcrowded according to recent reports.

    Responders speaking with the woman's sister found out that the sister was trying to take care of the woman and her children, and that she had been released from the mental health facility. The sister had called numerous agencies that could not help, including the police. They had stopped the woman earlier, but, could not do anything because the woman had not done anything wrong at that time.

    People in such situations do not often take such drastic steps to get attention or help. Thank goodness she tried to do this in a public manner. If not for the bystanders they might all be dead by now.

    With all of the cost cutting measures our government has been taking to balance our budgets, it seems they have gone too far . Why, because people are having more mental breakdowns, and attempting more dangerous actions towards others. More people are having more major mental health issues that are not being addressed in a timely or safe manner.

    Just last week, a state legislator in Virginia resigned over a similar situation, except, the perpetrator shot himself dead after attempting to kill his own father (who happens to be a senator) after his release from a mental health center.

    The legislator’s report had been changed by someone higher up which made it less dramatic in scope. The senator Mr. Deeds told legislator Bevelacqua that "the system failed that day," and the inspector said authorities struck that statement from his final report.

    The burning question of why he had been released may never be known. But we must tighten up mental safety issues when releases are known to be iffy.

    The president wants wages to be higher for all americans

    2-16-2014 The President has signed a bill allowing wages to be $10.10 an hour for Federal wages. What he wants is for everyone working a 40 hour week to be able to help out more at home and stimulate the economy as well. It is called equal pay for a full days work.

    There are companies that are paying as much as $20.00 an hour for fulltime retail workers and they have lots of customers, it hasn't hurt their business at all. The real facts are that more people will shop at your stores because you respect the workers rights for a fair wage even though they will pay a little more for their items in your store.

    It is hard for me to fathom why retailers and I am talking big time big box retailers pay their employees such a low wage and then the employees have to go on welfare and food stamps because they are working a fulltime job and don't have enough money to buy groceries or anything much more than the basic necessities.Trust me I know from personal experience how hard that is. But, it just doesn't make sense. The big boys at the top are making more money than they ever have and it is not trickling down to those who make sure that the stores are kept clean, and provide first rate services for high customer ratings. No it is done by regular 40 hours a week hourly paid wage employees, not men at the top who are raking in the top dollars.

    Some of the stores are giving some employees once in a while $20.00 bonus for doing a little extra work, and regular semi annual bonus' are meager, barely enough for a tank of gas. So you work extra hard to serve the store managers ego, who then takes thousands of dollars in bonus' and you get a tank of gas! That my friends build up resentments big time. But, I assure you every word of that is true.I could tell you lots of true stories, but at this time I can't, so you will just have to trust me on this equal pay information.

    A series of severe short clipper storms to hit the top third of U.S. this week on to the upper northeast

    1-25-2014 As many as 20 states will be impacted by the new storms coming.These storms for the week will make traveling more dangerous in all areas. Poor visibility can make driving a very dangerous situation for car and persons in it. The wisdom of staying off of the roads is keeping your vehicle from being crushed by another one. Your personal safety is bound to be affected and may lead to a trip to the hospital that you had not planned. Not having your car avaiable when you really need it due to needed repairs wil throw off your day to day living habits as well. We are talking life and death situations because of the deep drop in temperatures and really bad driving conditions on the road. Stay off of the roads in bad weather

    As many as 2000 flights have been cancelled or are in the process of being rerouted.

    On Route 94 between Detroit and Chicago there was a 46 car pilup plus semi trailer tractors that resulted in 3 people dying and more than 40 people who had to get to a hospital on Thursday. The reason for the pilups, severe deep fog, and the truckers couldn't see what was going on. Their trucks began sliding into one another and the rest was more vehicles crashing into one another.

    None of that had to happen if the State authorities closed the roads. It is certainly possible that the accident would not have happened at all. We need to encourage our transportation officials to use more common sense in their daily operations to keep people safe. People trust them too much, and look at the results. You can't just say anymore, well those people can make up their minds, because that is being foolhardy, especially i this type of severe weather.

    American Women Are You Really Tired of the Same Old Political Stories and Non Functioning Government Run by Old White Men Who Don't Care About Anything Except Their Pension

    1-17-2014 Attention Women: If you are tired of being beaten down, then you need to do something about it. What you say? Yes, do something about it,if not now, then when?You need to run for political office now. Especially get going today in response to the celebration of Dr. Martin Luthers birthday celebration who wanted all of us to prosper.

    Now is time to do something you have been thinking about for a long time, stand up and be counted. Make a call to the political office in your state to find out what the vacancies are going to be open for the next election.

    Figure out who to run against. Study their political moves and find out what they stand for or against so you can decide what platform you want to stand on for your city. Do it today because, today is the last day of the rest of your life that you can begin to change yours and your childrens future and to run for political office.

    Chris Christi in Denial and the Denial Closet

    1-14-2014 First he denies that he is fat, then he goes and gets a lap band operation ( Christie underwent lap band surgery in June. The surgery makes the stomach smaller, limiting the amount of food it can hold.), it is a real shame it didn’t wire his mouth shut and make him communicate through his computer.

    Then in the light of the Bridgeate ” traffic jams that were created by his staff” , he denies his own personnel the right to face him in an accusation of doing delebrate harm to thousands of residents of his own town and the neighboring mayors. That in turn contributes to dangerous health consequences for some and adds to his dereliction of duty at best. The fact that the traffic hold up for residents lasted for four days is unconscienable and added danger to those driving the roads. Where in the world was he at that time? Was Chris Christie totally unconscious to what was going on?

    If you want to ascertain Chris Christis' real personaity vs his closet personality, just read the following as the meaning of sociapath: "spectrum of personality types classically centering on narcissistic self-importance, a willingness to manipulate others and the charm to do it effectively, and a perpetual habit of deflecting blame when their self-interested actions cause harm to others. This all stems from a basic lack of conscience, the defining trait of the sociopath." And to add his bullying practices of prior actions against women in his offices.

    According to the democratic underground:” the fate suffered by others in disagreements with Mr. Christie: a former governor who was stripped of police security at public events; a Rutgers professor who lost state financing for cherished programs; a state senator whose candidate for a judgeship suddenly stalled; another senator who was disinvited from an event with the governor in his own district.“

    As if all of that is not enough, the federal officials are now looking into allegations of Christie spending money meant for Sandy hurricane funds for one of his political advertisements. What a shame for New Jersey constituents, and what a waist for their communities. In my opinion, he will never be able to regain his credibility or trust as a public official. His own inactions and constant denials in the face of thousands of people effected are enough for me.

    State With the Most Money, Yet Residents With the Least Amount of Pay

    1-8-2014 I am not sure how our politicians can justify being the richest state with having the wages the lowest in the country, even on a really good day. My feelings about that fact shames me as a resident. With all of the money put into our good health system, and college opportunities to be involved in health care and others, why is it that there are not more jobs that pay our residents a livable wage in this state?Having the lowest wages in the entire country is nothing to be proud of.

    Who are the real culprits? Where are the good intentions of our politicians to put a mandate in place for livable wage paying jobs? Where are the companies willing to train people to do better jobs and reward their efforts for completing training?In Maryland companies talk a good line, but where is the backup for higher wages?It is no wonder that some retail companies employee records are like old fashioned phonograph records that revolve on the turntable every few seconds towards the door.

    According to Raise Maryland The Maryland General Assembly is beginning their session today and Raise Maryland has made raising the minimum wage the top legislative issue for 2014.

    We’re going to raise the wage in Maryland and pass a progressive bill that will make a real difference for low-wage workers and families.

    Raise Maryland, along with our partners, have been working all year, garnering support from lawmakers, organizing in key districts across the state and engaging activists to demand a higher wage.They are tired of the same old lowest wage as regular salary.

    It’s time for us to come together and rally in Annapolis on January 14th at 5:45 PM to make sure our voices are heard. Join with hundreds of supporters from across the state, as well as top elected officials, to let the General Assembly know that it is time to let go of the lowest wages in the country toward a livable wage.

    Marylanders are resourcefull and with purpose,their strength comes from within. The small biusiness in the state make it a vital state in most areas, however what is the state going to do to help these small business make higher wages a priority? How about if we push the owners of the business to pay themselves the same amount that the lowest worker gets paid for working for them in their company? How is that for innovation? That would be a real bargain for employees, but it would be much better for the company in the long run.

    Just bear with me for a few minutes here. Even better if the company was owned by the employees so that everyone got better wages when workers are invested in the outcome of the company they perform better on a day to day basis.There are books on Employee Ownership and Corporate Performance that can be found online and in libraries.Today is a new day and we all need to think of helping others as we help ourselvestoward a livable wage for full time work. Wikipedia has a list of employees owned business'.

    Dog Health- Keep Your Dog Safer, What Not To Feed a Dog at Any Time

    12-17-2013 During the holidays we are busy and sometimes give dogs treats that we ordinarily would not. The following items are on the DO NOT FEED list from the

    According to, never give your dogs apples with seeds in them.

    Avocado might be good for people but not dogs as it can cause heart problems.

    Baby food does not have the proper nutrients for dogs because it is for babies.

    Cooked bones can splinter, but uncooked bones are better for their teeth and digestion.

    Candy and chewing gum sometimes contian Xylitol,which can lead to the over-release of insulin, kidney failure, and worse.

    Chocolate is always bad for your dogs.It also includes theobromine and theophylline, which can be toxic, cause panting, vomiting, and diarrhea, and damage your dog's heart and nervous systems.

    Don't let your dog eat your cats food, protein and fat levels in cat food are too high for your dog, and not healthy.

    Corn on the cob will block their intestines.

    Grapes and or raisins contain a toxin This is one that lots of dog owners are unaware of. Grapes contain a toxin that can cause severe liver damage and kidney failure. We've heard stories of dogs dying from only a handful of grapes so do not feed your pup this toxic food.

    To read the entire list go here

    Wait Times in an Emergency Room-An Observance

    by Diane Knaus

    12-15-2013 The debacle of the newer health care laws and systems will not be known for at least five years. For one thing we really won't know how much it has hurt or helped us unless health specialists study it from the beginning. I can tell you one thing for sure, it has not changed the times in the emergency waiting rooms of hospitals from a recent unplanned visit to an emergency room in my area.

    I personally cannot complain about the service I received. On Medicare and suffering a large cut on my head, as the result of missing my step on a ladder, my wait was a little over two hours. Having said that, there was an older man about 80 I suppose, who had been waiting for over five hours when I got there. I overheard him telling another patient that. I felt real bad for him as he had an oxygen tank slung over the wheelchair he was sitting in and looked emaciated, and tired to the bones.

    My not being a medical professional, I had no way of knowing just what his medical problem was or how serious either. My main concern is that he was clearly not well and needed medical attention which he clearly was not getting as he sat in the wheel chair. I felt bad for him that he had already had such a long wait. However, about five minutes after he was seen, the attendent called my name and I went in for treatment.

    Judging by his looks and fragile condition, I would say he might have been a veteran, or at the very least been around during the Korean War, and V Day as well. Now I know I could be completely wrong about his condition, except I described what I saw, and felt saddened that he had to wait so long to be seen by a doctor. Yes, when you come into the room an attendent calls you for taking your vitals, and asks how you are feeling, etc. He at the very least was tended to for immediate needs. which I was thankful for. There was no one looking after him in the emergency room, no relative, or person of interest to be seen, maybe that was also what triggered my sense of him as well.

    There have been people who have already seen improvements in health care as far as lowering service fees in some states. “For millions, these new options will make health insurance work in their budgets,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    For the Americans who Do Use Food Stamps this is a Travesty of the Largest Proportions- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Expired for Your Families

    2013 In November, just in time for Thanksgiving, stimulus funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) expired, leading to the most significant funding reduction since the Food Stamps Act was passed in 1964. With money tight at the end of the month, millions of families faced a choice between skipping Thanksgiving or finding a food kitchen to feed their kids.

    Unbelievably, Republicans want to slash food stamps again -- to the tune of $40 billion in catastrophic cuts that will ruin lives and destroy families. If Tea Party Republicans get their way in the current negotiations around the farm bill that governs SNAP’s funding, Thanksgiving 2014 will be extraordinarily worse.

    There isn't much time. We need your urgent support to fight back against Tea Party Republicans and the outrageous cuts they are pushing. Will you chip in to help DFA mobilize our members, pressure farm bill committee members, and make sure legislators hear the more than 4,000 food stamps stories that DFA members shared with us?Please donate today.

    More than 47 million people -- one in seven Americans -- rely on food stamps to eat, including 1 million elderly New Yorkers, 2.3 million children in California and Texas, and 900,000 veterans. According to a recent government study, “very low food security” afflicts 5 percent of American households, often forcing families to skip meals as they stretch their budget before the end of the month.

    This fight over food stamps isn't about some abstract program that might help someone somewhere else. It is about our neighbors, friends and family. People like Brian D., a disabled veteran from Louisville, Kentucky, who shared his experience with us a few weeks ago, along with more than 4,000 other DFA members who sent us their heartbreaking stories:

    “I receive SNAP benefits currently, if I didn't, I would worry more about whether or not I would be able to provide a proper meal for my children… Being a disabled veteran, I am fully aware of the privilege I am afforded for healthcare and supplemental income, but I would never wish upon anyone an empty plate any night, nor the lack of support and dedication so many have shown me for MY service to this country.”

    Donate please click here.Thank you for taking action before time runs out.

    - Eden

    Eden James, Political Director Democracy for America

    Repression of Women by Republican Right Men

    superman president obama created by diane knaus

    6-20-2013 Let me get this right out in the open, "I do not hate men." Rather a dislike for those who try to keep us women down is what I really hate. Well, it didn't work for Hitler who tried to repress the Jews, nor the southerners who tried to repress slavery, nor those who opposed the germans coming to the U.S. nor the orientals, etc, etc.. Only ones I don't like are those who want to try to take our individual rights away from us. Plus we still are not equal in pay, nor individual rights. A woman is hardly beleved when she claims rape, that is why we have to go to hospitals and make reports to the police. We must do this for our self respect and protection.

    The republican leaders are no better than street thugs who are used to getting their own way by force, twisting arms and threats. Look at what they have tried to do with president Obama. They have been at him like a pack of dogs in a street fight since he came into office. That is right I am going to call a spade a spade no mater who is in on the action. President Obama is trying to level the playing field for all women. Why, because he loves his wife and his little girls.

    Republican men are forgetting their own little girls. Do these guys really want to make their daughters not to be able to get an abortion if she is raped, or if her uncle or brother, cousin rapes her? Where is their common sense? And furthermore where are their wives? Why aren't their wives becoming active and speakig out against them or are they too fearful?I really want to see how many republican men get divorced after this political year is over. Women don't like to have their rights taken away, ever.

    Not All Kids and Teens Like Their Fathers/ Nor Should They

    6-15-2013 There are good reasons why on this Fathers Day weekend many children will not contact their fathers. Does that surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you. If you think about the past as you were growing up, you may remember the kids whose father left them and their mother for a variety of his own reasons. That does not mean anyone else agreed with him or thought he was right to do the things he did.

    The important thing is that he should have kept in touch with his children, and should have supported them, and or his wife since the majority of women do not earn as much money at work as the men do and there is more responsibility on them.

    Because some men do not think about others when they are leaving their home and family, often times when they go to another town, pick up their pieces and go about their business, they do so as if they haven’t got children or a family back home in the first place. That however does not make their actions right.

    When there may have been miscommunication between father and mother, the children will be the ones to suffer a lot. If the mother says be sure not to forget your children, you can see them anytime you want, just remember to support them, she does not mean he can’t see his children. Rather she wants him to be a conscientious parent and be responsible.

    Men leave home for a variety of reasons, some have addictions and can’t deal with the realities of what an addiction does to them or the family. Others just leave because they have done something wrong and can’t own up to it. Some men are ashamed of themselves and want to get away to try to get their heads straight, but get carried away with being free. Others have found another woman who does not have responsibilities to worry about so he gets a free ride so to speak. Others actually remarry and don’t get back in touch with their own children. Don’t call on holidays, or birthdays, nor do they send cards, yet they live with another wife and support her children without supporting his first family. Yes there really are men like that.

    Those kind of actions produce resentment,anger and frustration for the children and the mother because she has to watch her children be grossly unhappy. They are left with no father and it does not matter who was right or wrong. And it does not make any difference who was right or wrong, what matters is what happens next and what the father actually does or does not do for his wife and his children. Mother is left with two sets of shoes to fill and to try by herself to make things as right as she can without making everyone bitter about their lives on a daily basis. That is a monumental task to complete every day.

    Marriage is a two way street, but some husbands are so blind that they only see a one way street and that is out. Some do it gracefully others not so much. But, the children are the ones who really suffer and eventually hate their fathers for what they have not done for them or with them in their lives.These children have a perfect right to their thoughts and feelings no matter who agrees with them, or not.

    As a father if you have been responsible that is great, but if you royally screwed up, you can’t get back that time. The time is now gone, you have missed the most important days and times in your childrens lives. We only live once in our lives and we only have one time to get it right.

    If your children are grown you can make an effort to try to make things right and you should do that. But, there is no guarantee that your children will accept your apology, nor want you in their lives if you have in the past chosen to ignore them for another family you live with and support. That is why some children will not call their fathers this weekend because they were ignored for most of their lives by their own father. Hopefully they will celebrate their mother for holding down the fort and making the best of the situation.

    Finally a Republican Woman Stands up To The Bullies

    5-25-2013 As I was doing my dinner dishes tonight, I was struck by the question what are all of the republican women doing about all of the bullying that is going on in their party? How can they just stand idly by watching what their husbands are doing to this country? I mean it is their country as well as ours. Why aren't they protesting? They have families just like the rest of us in the United States. Can't they see what their extended families are going through when their husbands keep cutting necessary programs for our less fortunate? Don't these women have any common sense? Forget the men they have already proved their angry and boistrous bullying tactics in public enough and disgraced themselves and the rest of the politicians while doing so.

    These women must have some poor relatives out in the other states as well, because not all republicans are rich. How can these supposedly smart women stand to be in the same room as their bullying husbands? Or are their husbands bulling them into submission and are they too scared to do anything about it?

    After finishing loading my dishes into the dishwasher , yes I really do wash dishes, in the dishwasher, I came to my trusty Mac computer and came across an article about the Republican Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer. She is my newest hero. And that ladies is a feat in itself. For me to say someone is my hero is major because so many heroes are really made with clay feet, but Governor Brewer is not. She has actually made sense of the Medicare act and realizes that enhancing it is the best policy and supporting it is a must, lest all of their poor people just fall washing down the drain with the dirty dish water.

    And you know what? We desperately need more women like her, no matter what party they belong to. We need to raise up and let the sunshine fall onto us and stand up straight and do what is the best thing for the multitudes. We yell at our children to straighten up and act right why can't that be done to the men? Come on ladies, no more Chicken Little Running around yelling "The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling." You know I am right on this one, so get busy now and do the right thing no matter what. Your grandmother will be very proud of you, and me too. Let me know, email me click here

    Angelina Jolie Reveals Major Mastectomy

    5-15-2013 Angelina-Jolie- announcing a major health challenge, she reveals her recent drastic double mastectomy because of a “faulty” BRCA1 gene.

    Her mother Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovarian cancer at the age of fifty-six. She was also a carrier of the same “faulty” BRCA1 gene.

    “I do not feel any less of a woman,” Angelina Jolie wrote in the Times this morning, in an op-ed revealing that she has recently undergone the preventive surgery.

    This inherited mutation, she wrote, gave her an 87% chance of contracting breast cancer, and a 50% chance of contracting ovarian cancer. Therefore she made her choice to live her life with a staggering powerful purpose of choice for better health to be able to be with her children and partner Brad Pitt for a lot longer lifespan. She is truly a champion of hard choices and resourceful inspiration.

    She had her surgery at the Pink Lotus Breast Center. The center has a nonprofit arm that offers free screening, diagnosis, surgery and post-surgery treatment to women who are “uninsured, underprivileged and unable to pay for their own breast care.”

    911 More Gun Control John Boehner Palys Chicken With the American Public Over Gun Control

    2-25-2013 This is not a joke, they are really playing chicken and not serious about working with the country to provide solutions on the debt crisis, rather against it.The best thing you can do about it is to call their offices and bitterly complain about their inaction to solving the tax and gun control problems.

    President O'bama said of gun control, "The families of Aurora deserve a vote. The families of Oak Creek, and Tucson, and Blacksburg, and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence - they deserve a simple vote."According to the President, Colorado – a state that’s experienced two of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history – has already taken action to prevent future violence. State officials worked together to enact tougher background checks that help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people without infringing on the rights of responsible gun owners. And if you want to do something about the gun permits being issued at gun shows and second hand sales from one person to another call the following number today.

    Right now, 90 percent of Americans support background checks that will keep criminals and people who have been found to be a danger to themselves or others from buying a gun. Will you amplify our voices and tell your Senator that you are one of the over 90 percent of Americans that support universal background checks? Call 1-888-284-5479, or you can use the Americans for Responsible Solutions click-to-call tool and we'll make the connection for you:

    call congress

    Mortgage Bankings' Illegal Foreclosures Practices

    5-10-2013 According to Danielle Brian, Project On Government Oversight, You might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this one. You’ve probably heard the horror stories about unscrupulous mortgage servicing companies charging homeowners excessive fees and, in some cases, taking their homes through illegal foreclosures.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) recently asked two federal agencies for records that might shed light on these practices. Sounds reasonable to us, but these agencies, led by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry, flat out refused to hand over the documents.

    We find it incomprehensible that these federal agencies would refuse to supply documents that detail how mortgage companies broke federal laws. The Fed and the OCC claim the records must be withheld because they contain “trade secrets” that the mortgage servicing companies don’t want revealed.

    This is just absurd. Since when are illegal practices trade secrets? In any case, agencies are not supposed to use excuses like these to withhold information from Members of Congress. Sen. Warren and Rep. Cummings are entitled these documents as part of their constitutional responsibility to oversee the executive branch.

    We believe that not only should these documents be turned over to Congress, they should also be released to the public.

    Click Here if you’re outraged that these records are being withheld, and tell Ben Bernanke and Thomas Curry to releaseillegal foreclosure information to congress and the public!

    Please sign the petition and share it with your friends and family. Current and future homeowners have a right to know more about these illegal practices.



    Danielle Brian

    Executive Director

    Who Is Responsible

    5-8-2013 The real situation is that a foreign born male over the age of 21 has killed three people and maimed over 200 more in Boston, Ma., during their marathon race. Why do we as a free country have to abide by his supposed religious background for burial while he has lived among us and joined us in citizenship and yet maimed and killed us? He killed our people on purpose, what responsibility do we have to him or his religion? None is my answer. We don’t have to abide by his religious thoughts, that is why he killed us because he didn’t believe in ours, or our way of living, or he wouldn’t have killed and maimed our people. He killed our people on purpose, and had planned to kill more in New York City. Not only that, but he had lived among us for years and still killed our people.

    His own religious sect the Imams won’t even preside over a service for him. He did not practice the Muslim religion or he would not have killed people. So it does not really matter what we do with his body, even if we burned it. He was not a holy man, but a murderer by his actions. His own country Russia doesn’t want his body.

    The United States is not responsible for his actions, nor are we responsible for his bodys’ burial. We can do what we wish with it because he lived among us and broke our sacred law of life and our constitution of the right to happiness.

    “From the beginning, Judeo-Christian principles have been the foundation for American public dialogue and government policy. They serve as the solid basis for political activism in support of a better socioeconomic environment. Found in American homes, truth from the Hebrew Christian Bible has enabled individual liberty to prevail over secular empires because it is a practical message about reality from man’s Creator.

    In their quest for liberty, Americans focused upon the conspicuously self-evident “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” It is the governing character of these principles (laws), such as humility, the Golden Rule, and the Ten Commandments, that leads to success. This is the sure foundation upon which man’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” rests. Called “virtue” by America’s Founding Fathers, the impartial and divine element frees man to do what is right. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17).”

    — David A. Norris, Restoring Education: Central to American Greatness Fifteen Principles That Liberated Mankind from the Politics of Tyranny

    He is Caught

    4-19-2013 Boston Marathon Bomber #2 caught after long standoff in Watertown, Massacheusets. Wounded and weak he is taken to hospital where the policeman who was also shot died. Suspect is found in a private residence backyard inside a covered boat tha the had ripped open. Residents were warned yesterday to stay in their homes, not to go outside for anything unless an identified law enforcement officer knocked on their door. Amtrak closed down all tracks from Watertown north toward Canada to close in the area. All transit in the city was shut down to keep the suspects in the area.

    After 3 innocent marathon runners were killed and over 140 others possibly maimed with bebees and nails from a bomb. 40 runners now hospitalized in serious condiition from the two bombers actions the country has issued a loud sigh of relief that the suspects were finished off in short time. The first suspect was killed in a gun battle yesterday. The second suspect shot and weakened after yesterdays shootout, took cover in a shrink wrapped boat.

    The two suspects were brothers from Russia who were living here in the U.S. for ten years. Both of them attended college here, but the biggest question now is why did they commit such a horrendous crime against people they did not know. Why would they attack people celebrating a particularly patriotic town? Maybe because they hate that independnce or just can't understand good prideful feelings. An unwillingness to try to understand one another or lack of sympathy towards one anothers feelings is a bad friend indeed.

    These boys actions begs the question about student visas and immigration laws in the states. The older brother had gone back to Russia for a supposed 6 months. People say that he changed after coming back from that trip, and became more controling of his younger brother. Only time will tell us what really happened between the two of them and what changed the older brothers empathy and possible hate of people he had come to know in the U.S. But, all of that does not make any of their actions forgivable or right in any sense.

    Their actions have changed other peoples lives for the worse in some ways. What the brothers didn't realize is that their actions brought out the best in Americans as they ran to help each other who had fallen, or been hit by parts of the bombs. And the resolve of first responders actually saved peoples live whom the brothers had tried to snuff out.

    The Latest Threat from North Korea

    4-13-2013 In light of the latest threat from Kim JOng Un "all-out war and nuclear war" on its enemies, the answer is emphatically yes. At this point it really doesn't matter what we do environmentally to our individual cities, nor what the gun lobbies want to do, nor what the mental health organizations need to do. Why, because if the leader of North Korea has his way we will be at war real soon!

    According to Secretary of State Chuck Hagel North Korean leadership is "skating very close to a dangerous line." Kim Jong Un is seen internationally as unpredictable and because of decades of threats that only served to get help for some of his people (reward for their bad behavior) that is the real historical past, he thinks that behavior will reward them again. However, this time it is different becasue there are many ways to uplift any civilization and we are tired of wars and the lost monies, more importantly the lives lost that goes into them. Today the world is a different place than it was even ten years ago.

    In the United States we are ever forward to better lives, non-profit organizations and community gorups are working hard to make their cities better for everyone. If Kim Jong Un were responsible he could mobilize his troops to help his farmers and better use information across the miles that could indeed make a better plan for the betterment of his people, not just himself and military. His actions are self serving and selfish and he appears ignorant on how the masses who support him are treated. Arrogance is the word that comes to mind, and stupid is another. Maybe he does not know the real meaning of the special words," you get more bees with honey than vinegar".

    North Korea Challenges the World and Discounts Common Sense of Other Nations by Warning of Missile Launches Against Western Civilization

    by Diane Knaus

    4-10-2013 As a young man trying to pump up his new found powers, Kim Jong-Un manically threatens the world with his abraisive words which have dire consequences of his actions against the Western Civilization. He has warned students and visitors in South Korea to get out of town before something happens like a war between the North and South Koreas.This is a distinct possibility as he has already stopped the workers at a plant from going to work on the border. This makes no sense because North Korea makes thousands of dollars a month from the manufacturing process there. Un has threatened South Korea with war before, but with missiles being moved into position on the East coast of North Korea they are within striking range of some of the islands near there.

    He now commands a country where millions of his people and their children suffer malnutrition. No one is really sure why he does not care if they die from malnutrition. But food supplies have been in short supply for years. According to the U.N.,news outlets have photographs of children in hospitals suffering badly. Accoding to a U.N. report in the China Post, a team from the U.N.'s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, reporting from North Korea, found that 2.8 million North Koreans “are in need of regular food assistance amidst worrying levels of chronic malnutrition and food insecurity.” It said 4 percent of North Korean children are acutely malnourished.

    We should all be worried if he really unleashes military forces on South Korea and nearby islands that are territories of the U.S.

    911- The Pilgrim Pope Left the Papal Palace

    by Diane Knaus

    2-28-2013 In a much criticised reign of religious equality, the Pope decided to go into retirement. His act of resignation has not happened for the last 600 years or so. I wish him well, but am glad his reign is over because of all of the major problems he has faced and yet not done anything about, like priests abuse of children and the Nuns equality issues. These religious issues are major in terms of bringing the church into the real world, but he did not do that.

    I have to think this is what happens when people deal the cards and go into never never land. This is a great coincidence that he retires right when the American Congress and the world is dealing with the worst financial crisis of meeting of the minds to run the country.They both have had much time to pray and do the right things, the Republicans to move this country further along a spiritual path. But, alas that probably won’t happen because the Republicans have proved over time that they continually lie about real facts. In reality they have both had more time than anything else to do the right things. Maybe the Pope and Republicans will both meet somewhere in purgatory and discuss what they call their good times, while everyone else languishes.

    Then there is the rumor that the Pope's Butler is living with him in his new palace and will also serve the new Pope when chosen, as reported by the Italian media. Because the Pope has not done anything about the priests sexual escapades/abuses for years when he knew many details there is much specuation about this relationship with the butler. The butler is the same person that leaked the goings on about business in the Vatcan irregularities and after a trial, the Pope pardoned him. Sounds pretty suspicious to me.

    Hot Potato Gun Control

    2-20-2012/ 4.5 million firearms are sold annually in the United States and more than one million people killed by guns in the past four decades. Research shows that among 23 populous, high-income nations, 80 percent of firearm deaths occurred in the United States, where citizens suffer homicide rates 6.9 times higher than in the other nations. That is not good for our health at all.

    A gun ban, which prohibits the manufacture of semiautomatic firearms for civilian use, was put in place in 1994 and expired in 2004. It was a pledge that Mr. Obama and his administration never made a priority despite the many horrific mass shootings during his term.

    There have been six mass shootings this year in the United States. Not one person came to the victims rescue with their own guns to help anyone. So much for the NRAs notion that more people owning guns will help everyone else.Most of the gunmen were sick peoplenot healthy who had no real sense of the right way to do thngs let alone apologize for their actions or be of sound mind and body.

    The United States needs to ban all assault riflles. They were manufactured to kill people but for the military. Our military does not shoot our own citizens. Therefore get the assault rifles off of our streets and out of unreliable peoples hands. To further protect, our citizens to live longer and healthier lives we must make all guns show promotors provide a waiting peroid of up to a week for a proper gun liscence check, prior to releasing any gun to anyone at a show or gun shop. The buck must stop here, lest the buckshot wind up in the behinds of gun show promotors. The promotors and firearm shop owners must be held accountable and the buck must stop with them.

    Free University Coursework

    1-28-2013 Many top universities are now offering free coursework. This is the new norm for universities and it makes sense as the mounting costs of the pursuit of academic diplomas continues. Many revolutions and major changes have had their beginnings in universities, their dorms or after class discussions. Take Apple computer for instance, their first computer was built in a garage by university students who eventually left college before graduating.

    When televisions first began to appear in family living rooms many people thought radio was a dead end game, now not so much. As cell phones have advanced, people thought they might make land phones extinct, not so anymore when cell phones can’t reach the number you want because the satellite and their towers are having problems.

    So the future of education which has become far more expensive than anyone ever thought, is free now in some circumstances and it comes to the universities who are now offering free coursework towards certificates of completion by way of the internet. This is not the end of regular coursework, the universities will have to do some quick analyzations to come up with needed eye to eye class work and real time questions and real time feedback.Videos will be a prime necessity in many instnaces.

    Free coursework is now being offered at: Udemy, and according to MIT, MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,000 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. Check out GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A - Level and University Coursework for Free.

    According to the founders of Coursera, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng say Coursera will be different because professors from top schools will teach under their university’s name and will adapt their most popular courses for the web, embedding assignments and exams into video lectures, answering questions from students on online forums — even, perhaps, hosting office hours via videoconference.

    Granted new course work can include a thousand or more students at one time, but there will still need to be professors to answer the questions while some students are using the forums to interact and learn from the other students. This is a global world changer, an educational revolution so to speak at the beginning of it’s own life and it will be an amazing ride of your life.

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“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”

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Do not ever leave children, pets, or older people in hot or cold cars while you shop or run errands

photograph of entertainer in Canada

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“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

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