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911 Personal Assistance Services

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This is the page where you can order fun or needed services for your life events, not life threatening emergencies. If you have a life threatening emergency, call your local 911 operator please.

Services offered depend upon complexity, contracts are encouraged:

Singing telephone calls for Birthdays, sultry voice or not $25.00

Celebrations Events, depends on request but begin at $50.00

Wake up calls in a sultry, angry or nice voice, or voice reminders $15.00

Life events break up calls, minimum $99.00

Corporate Messages with exuberance and compassion. You have received a raise and a seat on the board, $300.00

Company closing down compassionate message $99.00

Enjoy our 911 Personal Fun Assistance Services 

You May Make Individual Requests to 911 Individual Events. Include your message, billing address, and credit card information in your email.

You will be billed by invoice by our Paypal Account System prior to the event. All orders are to be prepaid (no Cancellations Allowed) within two weeks.

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