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Happy Spring Photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

911 banner photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

Photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

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Happy Spring Photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

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Johns Hopkins University Awarded $15 Million for New AIDS Research

Maryland Healthcare News

Veterans Click Here to Apply for Health Benefits

"Veterans Get Retraining"VA and Department of Labor Program to Retrain 99,000 Unemployed Veterans - Now Accepting Applications

Veterans Benefits in Maryland

Check Out the Sally Ride Space Training Academy for young women.

Help the Red Cross Help the People in Disaster Areas


Simply text the word redcross to 90999 to donate $10 through your mobile carrier. Charges will apply to your mobile phone bill next month.

According to the Red Cross :An average of 91 cents of every dollar you donate goes to fulfill our humanitarian mission.

Disaster News

Go to, or call 1-800-HELP NOW to donate. If you are in Maryland donations are being taken over the phone 410-261-2300, or donate ten dollars to the red cross at 90999.

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

photograph of annapolis state house dome

Maryland State House Photo by Diane Knaus©2011-2012

Do you get real angry when you see inequality at play?

So do we! At, we provide breaking U.S.and international news, emergency information on health, women, equality,weather, environmental, humanitarian disasters, politics. We provide resources,1-800 hotline telephone numbers,and emergency urls.

Protect your family and your children from predators. Always know where they are and who they are with, for how long and why.

Fema Helps Renters After Flooding

Storm Safety Tips

911 Gun Control and Taxes John Boehner and GOP Playing Chicken With Americans

Your Health

Researchers Identify 25 Human Proteins That May be Crucial For HIV-1 Infection and Survival

Be Happy, Don't Have a Heart Attack

MRSA Study Slashes Deadly Infection Rates in Sickest Hospital Patients

One Republican Woman, Governor Stands up to Republican Bullies- What are the Rest of them Doing by Diane Knaus

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer standing up to republican bullies

U.N News urges targeted sanctions against sexual and violent predators during warring conflicts

Help With Symptoms of PTSD

Read Cook Rachel Rays involvement in the story of children struggling with hunger

If you see a suspicious package report it 1-855-492-TIPS (8474)

911 Breaking News

NASA photo earthday14

Photo by NASA for Earth Day 2014

Satellite View of the Americas on Earth Day

Today, April 22, 2014 is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate than taking a look at our home planet from space.

NOAA's GOES-East satellite captured this stunning view of the Americas on Earth Day, April 22, 2014 at 11:45 UTC/7:45 a.m. EDT. The data from GOES-East was made into an image by the NASA/NOAA GOES Project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

In North America, clouds associated with a cold front stretch from Montreal, Canada, south through the Tennessee Valley, and southwest to southern Texas bringing rain east of the front today.

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Offical portrait President Obama

Eight Million Americans can't all be wrong

4-17-2014 To Paraphrase the Presidents message on television today, eight million Americans can't be wrong about our healthcare plans. The affordable care act enrollment ended 2 wks ago. Eight million Americans signed up, 35 % are under the age of 35, healthcare spending has slowed more than anytime in last 20 years, medicare costs for thier life extended ten years and have 50% less spending. Congressional Budget Office says costs will be cheaper and cost less than 100 billion dollars with no denial of coverage. I know the new laws won’t solve all the problems, but it has saved and increase the deficit. Affordable care is working and Reublicans were all wrong because it is working and they had no alternative plans.

Pick your food,organic or not, will it kill you

Click here for video

4-15-2014 According to Penn and Teller questions on research, What Is Bud Nip? Bud Nip is a plant growth regulator used for the control of grass weeds on several fruit and vegetable plants. In potatoes, such as the sweet potatoes that we conventionally purchase, bud nip is used primarily to inhibit potato sprouting -the exact process that Elise was looking to create as a part of her experiment.

One Womans' Health Story

Kathleen Sebelius Takes Leave in wake of healthcare obstructions

Special Republican healthcare letter

3-31-2014 I am a staunch Republican, a self-proclaimed Fox News addict, and I didn't vote for the President. And I'm here to tell you that Obamacare works. I'm living proof.

I'm a chemotherapy patient, and was previously paying $428 a month for my health coverage. I was not thrilled when it was cancelled.

Chesapeake Bay Trust Needs Support, We need to save the Chesapeake Bay our national treasure


Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury-Men have higher rates of TBI compared to women

Less than half of children treated for anxiety achieve long-term relief

NASA studies twin astronauts health from being in space

Oral sex partners #'s could cause HPV Virus

Childbirth shouldn’t happen in shackles and in jail in Maryland

Medicare Help

4-14-2014 If you have to have more information about what Medicare covers, you need to call them. Real people will be on the other end of the phone to answer your questions. You must do this soon before enrollment for other insurance is stopped.

To call Medicare offices directly 1-800-633-4227.If you need help in any other language than English and Spanish call the same 800 number and just say "Agent". Someone will help you.

HIV-Infected teens delaying health treatment until advanced disease, Johns Hopkins study shows

Diabetes Information

Marijuana helping sick people feel better

Do you know, sugar really is addictive and causes many problems like mood swings and dementia?

Attorney General Eric Holder says 'heroin is a public health crisis’

"It's clear that opiate addiction is an urgent -- and growing -- public health crisis. And that's why Justice Department officials, including the (Drug Enforcement Administration), and other key federal, state, and local leaders, are fighting back aggressively," Holder said, adding that heroin overdoses increased by 45 percent between 2006 and 2010.

Mental stability safety issues for releaseing dangerous people into communities

American women stand up and run for political office if you are tired of being run down by old white republican men

Marylands state of the economy

From the Pew Foundation on minimum wage workers

National Suicide Hotline Information

911-When you dial, you are calling the crisis center in the Lifeline network closest to your location. After you call, you will hear a message saying you have reached the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You will hear hold music while your call is being routed. You will be helped by a skilled, trained crisis worker who will listen to your problems and will tell you about mental health services in your area. Your call is confidential and free.Please call us it is okay to call. You really do matter, let us help you through the problem.1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Obamacare is working if anyone tells you different they are lying- guest editorial from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz-“Health plan cost for New Yorkers set to fall 50%” -- New York Times, July 16, 2013

Emily's list announces launch of madam president: “Women we’re watching,” Online project to highlight women political leaders

First spring like day in Annapolis,Md 3-10-2014.

markethouse crab cakes by diane knaus copyrighted14

Servers Marvin and Kendll put up a mighty fine crab cake at YellowTail stall in Annapolis Markethouse.

See review mary and patty annapolis,md 2014 photo by diane knaus

Mary Kay Pennington-McGaughey, pooch Smithson and Patty Strain enjoying the sun and food at Mc Garvey's

Fred and company

Breaking News Notes

Genetic Kidney Disease Research Among Top 10 Clinical Health Research Achievements of 2013

4-23-2014 Johns Hopkins-led research into genetic health factors that cause kidney disease to progress faster in African-Americans than in whites has been selected as one of the top 10 clinical research achievements of 2013 by the Clinical Research Forum.

The findings from the health studies, which were published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Dec. 5, 2013, combined data from two separate studies:

Mount Everest sherpas climbing group may cancel the entire hiking season because of avalanch that killed 13 people

Because the area is still unstable and if the group did continue to hike, they might be climbing over their friends dead bodies, many of them do not want to hike the rest of the season. Not only that, but some people have still not been found.

Nothing found as yet, no parts, no floating debrie, no oxygen masks, clothing, books,etc from Flight 370 Malasian Jet, 3 thoughts

4-23-2014 No wreckage found as yet. 1. There is always the possibility that the plane exploded in the air because it was carrying lithian batteries, and there is nothing left. But, if that happened, someone in the technology field would have seen some kind of explosion somewhere. Bluefin mobile sub has not found anything to report yet. The device can dive as far down as 14,000 feet.

2. If indeed the jet plunged into the ocean and immediately submerged under the sands it might never be found.

3. The other thought is maybe the plane did land somewhere, but it has not been seen because of jungle, or trajectory into the earth,etc.

It's time once again to change your web site login passwords

4-15-2014 Change your web site login passwords to protect yourself from the newest internet threat, Heartbleed. Research investigators are not sure how many passwords were compromised, could be as much as 30%, so it's going to make sense for you to change all of your banking,business and major search engines, and social sites passwords, a tedious task at best.However, you should wait until the individual sites say to change them.

Change comes hard sometimes, so you need to keep a list somewhere of your personal information, and that is not on your computer. Write them down somewhere, or save on a seperate hard drive stick.

I choose to be happy, no matter what you like because it is my right to do the things that make me happy as long as it hurts no one else

4-15-2014 I am an independent person. I support myself, I do not break the laws of this country and I support your right to do the same as long as it hurts no one else, nor you hurt anyone else. Equality and love are the words for today. My heart today goes out to the victims of the Boston Marathon and the survivors. There are some of them today who are running on prosthetic legs, propelling wheelchairs and getting on with their lives, while others pray for all of them alive or dead.

Antisemitic kills three people at Jewish Centers in Kansas,charged with murder

4-15-2014 Antisemitic kills three people. Known for hating people this man shows up and just starts shooing people. I will not put his name in print. The supposed killer is no stranger to the plice as he was a known founding member of the N.C. KKK. What possesed him to kill these people is unknown. One of them a woman was a christian was visiting her mother at a nursing home, she was not Jewish. It has been said he was asking other people if they were Jewish.The suspect is in custody, and has been charged with murder. Bond has been set at $10 million dollars

Republican men personally attacking a woman running for office in Texas, and you’re damn right it’s a true story.Wendy Davis

4-12-2014 As our political campaign has gained momentum, our opponents have gotten more and more desperate. But now they’ve stooped to a new low by attacking my family, my education, and my personal story – playing politics with the journey that has been my life.

Mine is a story about a teenage single mother who struggled to keep her young family afloat.

It’s a story about a young woman who was given a precious opportunity to work her way up in the world. It’s a story about resiliency, and sacrifice, and perseverance on the road to politics.

GM,Toyota,Ford Motor Companies Major Automakers Make Recalls

4-10-2014 Major automakers rush to fix their car problems because they have seen what has happened to GM's new President on line at Congressional hearings.

GM's recalls effect 2.6 million cars, Ford recall effects 2.3 million cars, and Toyota recalls effect 6.39 million vehicles worldwide. What is a new car buyer to think? Are all manufacturers having parts problems, or are the big companies just ready to fess up?

Evenflo, Graco Child Seat Recall

4-8-2014 Evenflo announces 1 million more infant car seat recalls. You will need your style and model number to track your spcific model. You may also contact the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration), and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

In February Graco announced a recall of 3.8 million child safety seats as well. The recall includes multiple Graco car seat models from year 2009 to 2013, including the Graco:

Cozy Cline

Comfort Sport

Classic Ride 50

My Ride 65

To read their Evenflo recall details click here

Black Box Pings Heard in Indian Ocean

4-7-2014 China scientists have been the first to report that their scientific devices heard pings that are possibly from the missing Malasia plane M370.

This has been confirmed by the Australians as well as the U.S. ships. A submersible ship is on the way from the U.S. to look closer at the bottom of the ocean in that area. Surface ships will continue to drag ping hearing devices to better locate where the black box might be in the interum.

Spring Always Bring Floods- Flood Insurance 101

groosevelt character illustration by diane knaus©2013

Mr. Groosevelt Ilustration by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

Seems like Mr. Putin has things to hide and wants to deal with the U.S. after all. But I wonder what price we will pay to the Russians to help them in the long run? Was there a sweetheart deal? He played the game well, getting people to like him for taking care of safety issues during the Oympics, but what is in his heart when he takes another country as his?

911 Please help support our site and donate to today

Please help support our site now. We rely on donations to operate our organization. If everyone reading this gave $3, we would only have to fundraise 1 day a year.You can choose how much you want to donate. This is a secure site. Thank you for your generous donation. SSL Safe and Secure Certification # 12253525149618858 (2B:88:84:25:CA:12:AA)

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Announcing 911 personal assistance services

What 911 type of services do you need to help make your life run smoother? Do you need to have wake up calls for important meetings? Do you need birthdays, anniversary, or special event reminders? Corporate event messages sent on a regular basis, 911 will perform these services for you.

fireworks by diane knaus 2013-2014

Support this site, purchase this "fireworks" photograph by Diane Knaus, copyrighted, no commercial usage allowed, it will be glossy and mated with signature. This is a limited Edition, only 300 will be printed, Finished mating will be 10 x 12,$125.00 .

Save 15% on Office Furniture including Desks, Office Chairs, File Cabinets and more in March 2014. Promo Code: NBFSAVE15 - National Business Furniture

Do not ever leave children, pets, or older people in hot or cold cars while you shop or run errands

photograph of entertainer in Canada

Bookmark www.911info.net

Be thankful Eeveryday for something or someone in your life

Abba goes to the dogs
See You Tube dog rescue darlin photo by diane knaus photographer copyrighted

Photo by Diane Knaus ©2010-2013

Do you want a new pet

4-14-2013 There are thousands of pets available at your local SPCA organizations in your cities. Save the pets we already have, they need your love now. There are national organizations available to help you adopt a rescue animal who may have been abused. See PGAA's Rescue Contacts - National and State Listings

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”

― Norman Vincent Peale

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Johns Hopkins Medical Center named center of excellence joint replacements by national companies

DOD sexual abuse hotlines program is produced by RAINN

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