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What is Your 911?

911 banner photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

Photo by Diane Knaus ©2014

American Flag photo by diane knaus ©2014

We can all celebrate our talents and abilities for the greater common good. Diane Knaus ©2014

We Provide Reliable Breaking Health-Political 911Information News-With Helpful Resources. We Support and Salute Our Veterans Everyday. Have a Safe Holiday Weekend

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Get HIV Tested ToDay

HIV Testing Day is a reminder that when you know your HIV status, you can take care of yourself and your partners. HIV testing is recommended, it is empowering, and it is easy. Have you been tested? Make an appointment asap. You are better off knowing the results to keep yourself and families safer in the long run. Do it today.

Help the Red Cross Help the People in Disaster Areas


Simply text the word redcross to 90999 to donate $10 through your mobile carrier. Charges will apply to your mobile phone bill next month. According to the Red Cross :An average of 91 cents of every dollar you donate goes to fulfill our humanitarian mission.

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

photograph of annapolis state house dome

Maryland State House Photo by Diane Knaus©2011-2012

Do you get real angry when you see inequality at play?

So do we! At, we provide breaking U.S.and international news, emergency information on health, women, equality,weather, environmental, humanitarian disasters, politics. We provide resources,1-800 hotline telephone numbers,and emergency urls.

Protect your family and your children from predators. Always know where they are and who they are with, for how long and why.

Fema Helps Renters After Flooding

Storm Safety Tips

911 Gun Control and Taxes John Boehner and GOP Playing Chicken With Americans

Your Health

Be Happy, Don't Have a Heart Attack

One Republican Woman, Governor Stands up to Republican Bullies- What are the Rest of them Doing by Diane Knaus

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer standing up to republican bullies

If you see a suspicious package report it 1-855-492-TIPS (8474)

First spring like day in Annapolis,Md 3-10-2014.

markethouse crab cakes by diane knaus copyrighted14

Servers Marvin and Kendll put up a mighty fine crab cake at YellowTail stall in Annapolis Markethouse.

See review mary and patty annapolis,md 2014 photo by diane knaus

Mary Kay Pennington-McGaughey, pooch Smithson and Patty Strain

Politics Today Wendys Story

6-14-2014Wendy's story is the story of millions of Texas women. So why are Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and Greg Abbott attacking her story? They are attacking her simply becasue she is a woman and one who is gaining power. We all know there is nothing that shakes Republicans men in their boots like a smart woman who wants to get into politics. They will stoop at nothing like they will to a smart women.

Parents listen, then talk to your teen / parents must do some 'Soul Searching' on gun control

Parents you must listen to your teen when they are troubled about safety events in school. This is your responsibility to listen, as they are their own first line of defense for their own safety. Parents who are concerned about their children's safety need to ask questions of their children who have survived or are afraid of someone specific, and to listen carefully. Then parents need to go to school and talk to the principal and others about their concerns this is imperative to change the cycle of violence, and your teens life.

Clean your outside grill safely

6-10-2014 After a woman was taken to the emergency room of a hospital with a piece of wire in her throat from a wire brush that got stuck on a hamburger, she vows I'll never clean my grill with anything but oven cleaner"

The CDC urged people to examine grills for the presence of bristles and use alternative grill-cleaning methods.

Cook your summer griling meats carefully

6-10-2014 Meat is safely cooked for the coming summer get togethers, use the followng cooking temperatures to be safe:

The only way to be sure the meat or poultry is cooked to a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria is to use a thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

Fish: 145°F

Beef, pork, lamb chops/steaks/roasts: 145°F with a three minute rest time

Ground meat: 160°F

Poultry: 165°F

Hot dogs: 160°F or steaming hot

Refrigerate raw meat and poultry within two hours after purchase or one hour if temperatures exceed 90º F. Refrigerate cooked meat and poultry within two hours after cooking.

If you are still unsure of your beef supplier why not try pasture fed beef at your local health food store. Their supplies don't use antibiotcs in their animals when raising them.

EPA issues carbon pollution cuts, warnings and protection of public health

6-10-2014 WASHINGTON – At the direction of President Obama and after an unprecedented outreach effort, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is today releasing the Clean Power Plan proposal, which for the first time cuts carbon pollution from existing power plants, the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. Today’s proposal will protect public health, move the United States toward a cleaner environment and fight climate change while supplying Americans with reliable and affordable power.

Is Monsanto Corporation a devil in our food ? What they put into our foods, can make us sicker.

Medical Staff Says "Amen with new tools when praying for a miracle

“We carry on because as Americans we do not give into fear, ever, said President Obama"

9-11-2001 The United States was attacked by terrorists using three jets that were commandered from the pilots on commercial flights to slam into the Twinn towes in New York, The Pentagon in Washington D.C, and another crashed in a field because the passengers wrestled the plane from the terrorists to keep them from flying to the White House to crash it. Our nation has learned to be ever more vigilent to outside forces who would do us harm just because they don't like us, or are jealous of what we have.

That is also the reason this web site was put together in 2002. One reason to honor the victims, another to give out free information to people who may need it in an emergency.

That the nation has become even more vigilant as to those who don't like Westerners or our habits it is a badge of honor that we continue to have happy and healthy productive lives. And we are not stopping here either, there are many things that still need to be done and we will get to them all in time.

We don't and won't give up, because there is just too much to be done in the name of personal respect, real honor, civility, love and our projects to help humanity.

Former governor Robert F. McDonnell found guilty of corruption at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond.

9-5-2014 McDonall was convicted of 11 corruption-related counts. The two McDonnels effectively lent the office of the governor to commercial entities to make their visiting time in the mansion profitable.This could lead to more prosecutorial charges being levied at other poltical figures in Virginia soon.

Both of the McDonnells could face jail time of up to 20 years each if final conviction prevals.

Actress Joan Rivers Died This Week

9-4-2014 Joan Rivers, was an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and television host, best known for her stand-up comedy, for co-hosting the E!. Famous for being found by Johnny Carson, she appeared on his show for many years.

While undergoing minor throat surgery she hasd a stroke or heart attack and passed away. Her death is being investigated. Her autopsy was not cnclusive enough to provide a good reason why she died.It has been reorted that the clinic is beng investgated.

According to Barbara Walters “No one,” wrote Walters, “loved life, laughter, and a good time more than Joan.”

Sick of The Kardashians

9-2-2014 Who really cares? I mean what do they do to deserve so much free publicity? Do any of the family donate to noteworthy causes? Do they help anyone but themselves? In a curious business campaign on Ebay last week,to supposedly help victims of the Phillipines Kim had a special sale of her online wardrobe products. Note "special event wardrobe auction to sell products". There was approxinately 15% taken off of the top after Kim took her profits. Yes, she made money on the sale of her products. More money than she already had then took the 10% minimum amount and sent it to the charity in the Phillipines.

Yes the victims of the Phillpines do still need money because most of the island was destroyed. However your money would be better sent to the victims themselves and they will get all of the money, not a minimal 10%. Or you could go through the Red Cross a known supporter of victims who know what they are doing and what is needed to help disaster victims.

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

Equality for All Except young "Black Boys"

8-30-2014 Where in the text of our constitution is that phrase? Hum, have you ever seen that phrase? Neither have I. So therefore it does not exist. It only exists in our minds of inequality and ignorance about the black communities.

Maryland Health Care new website $40, Million dollars to impliment it

National Suicide Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255

U.S. Congressional Leadership Sorely Lacking in Step Up Leadership/ Bunch of Cowards on Doing the Right Thing.

Are You Afraid of Immigrant Children? You Needn't Be

Infrastructure Are Your Community Roads and Brifges Safe for You and Your Family? Why Not?

Are You Worried About Your Husband or Wife Working in Healthcare Labs CDC?

Indictment of FedEx Corporation for Conspiring Illegally Distributing Prescription Drugs

See Sweet Potatoes Grow Without Working, Unlike Congress

Wisdom- When paired with wisdom we are supposed to overuse our brain intelligence, then use compassion, humor and sensitivity, to not be rude, be kind but not weak, be bold but don’t bully, be humble but not timid, and be proud but not arrogant. You have a choice in life, you can either learn from your own mistakes or other peoples mistakes. D.K.

groosevelt character illustration by diane knaus©2013

Mr. Groosevelt Ilustration by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

8-25-2014 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem Says Syria is ready to work with the U.S. forces to fight the terrorists. He did qualify that by saying any actions should be cleared by them before any actions are taken. It is about darn time I say. Syria has lost thousands of people killed in the last few years due to mounting terror activities. We have been wondering what it would take to go in there to give them some releif. Alas they have asked for help. One would hope that they won't tie our hand too tightly.


Researchers Use Human Stem Cells to Create Light-Sensitive Retina in a Dish

6-25-2014 Using a type of human stem cell, Johns Hopkins researchers say they have created a three-dimensional complement of human retinal tissue in the laboratory, which notably includes functioning photoreceptor cells capable of responding to light, the first step in the process of converting it into visual images for better eye health. This could help peole with macular degeneration be treated by better medicines if the retinal tissue can be improved and run trials of vaccines on them.

National Center for Exploited and Missing Children in U.S. Report

5-9-2014 According to the organization, Through Dec. 2013 NCMEC has:

Received and made available to law enforcement more than 2.2 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation through the CyberTipline®.

Analyzed more than 104 million images and videos depicting apparent child pornography through the Child Victim Identification Program®.

Johns Hopkins Scientists Alter Fat Metabolism in Animals to Prevent Most Common Type of Heart Disease

OCD News from Johns Hopkins

Scientists say they have identified a genetic marker that may be associated with the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What are the signs of a stroke when out at a party

If you are out at a holiday party and some trips and falls, how do you check them out to be sure they haven't been really hurt if you are not a doctor? Do you even think about a stroke? Here are questions you can ask to make a quick check of their real health condition at the time.

Diabeties Today


Breaking News Notes

New Ray Rice Abuse Video Surfaces

8-9-2014 Update: The TMZ sports network says that the NFL has had the tape all along and still did not sanction him until suspending him today. Good leadership takes compassion, honesty, a positive way of living to impress others to want to follow you. So far the NFL has showm none of this behavior, nor has Ray Rice. Rather, they slapped Ray Rice on the hands the first time around. but with the public seeing the video, they could no longer ignore it, excuse it nor make it go away.

I think the NFL comissioner should resign immediately I don't care what Rice can do on the football field. Nor do I care what he tries to come up with as an excuse for his behavior on the video.

At the very least the Ravens did the right thing by firing him, but, also only after the video surfaced. Smacks like a good ole boy thing to me and of course Rice was a really good athelete. Too bad he couldn't control himself, his hard knuckled fist to his then girlfriends jaw made all the difference in his future and that of a wife who at this point has put up with his crap.

He clearly knocks her out and further shows no compassion whatsoever. He actually moves away from her and lets her lie on the floor between the elevator doors and backs up away from her when another man comes into view. For this the NFL gives him a two game suspension, they have lost their mnds.

Unbelievable corporate and public insensitivity shown for his girlfriend, now wife. He should be in jail. Maybe he married her to try to keep her from talking in court. Hmm, I wonder how many times he has abused her prior to the public embarrassment?If this was a same sex couple he would definitely be in jail, tainted name tainted reputation and all.

States that Try to Ban Same Sex Marriages Pummeled by a U.S. appeals court

9-5-2014 An unequivocal ruling Thursday declaring that gay marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana violated the U.S. Constitution overturns the statese rules immediately. 

'We will follow them to the gates of hell' quipped Vice President Joe Biden

9-5-2014 In response to the 2nd beheading of a U.S. journalist Joe Biden rages at ISIS. "We came back after 9/11. We dusted ourselves off and we made sure that Osama bin Laden would never, ever again threaten the American people," Biden said. "We came back Boston strong, blaming no one but resolve to be certain that this didn't happen again.

"Not only that, but Pesident Obama went to the NATO summit to convince allies to help wipe out ISIS which he succeeded in doing

2nd Journalist Beheaded

9-2-2014 According to a story from NPR today by Eyder Peralta :An Islamic radical group released a video on Tuesday that purportedly shows the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, had threatened Sotloff's life when it released a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley two weeks ago.

Sally Preston Named Orion Capital President, North America

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 by Steve Cohn

Reprint of Steve Cohn. Sally Preston, whose 2005-2012 stint as publisher of Martha Stewart Living and group publisher at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia earned recognition topped by her June 2010 induction into min's Sales Executive Hall of Fame, is switching career gears with her Aug. 22 hire as president, North America, of media investment specialist Orion Capital. When Preston starts on Sept. 3, she will be responsible for driving Orion's strategy, partnerships, investment strategies and overall growth across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

what France looks like without any politicians as the government collapses photo by Diane Knaus

Photo by Diane Knaus 2014©

French Government Goes "Pouf" amidst economic crisis

8-25-2014 Francois Hollande the President of France ordered Prime Minister Manuel Valls to form a new cabinet “consistent with the direction he has set for the country. The governmennt of France has collapsed because of major infighting over their budget crisis.

More than 50 CDC health experts battling Ebola in Africa 24/7

8-24-2014 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now has more than 50 disease health detectives and other highly trained experts battling Ebola on the ground in West Africa – successfully deploying in less than two weeks the surge of help it promised within 30 days.

CDC’s Emergency Operations Center is also at its highest level of alert. This means more than 350 CDC U.S. health staff are working on logistics, communications, analytics, management, and other support functions to support the response 24/7.

Change our Election Laws "The Constitution" on Restoring Fairer Regulations on Election Donations Spending

8-6-2014 According to the Democrats, You all saw what happened when Ted Cruz tried to shut down the government, no body could get anything done and thousands of workers were without pay or work, not to mention the millions of dollars lost to the amount of non-productivity.The American public simply cannot put up with that sort of punk attitude and ignorance of how life works from anyone.

CDC’s surge response to West African Ebola Outbreak

Prepare for Flooding Information NFIP

8-1-2014 Downpour of Flood Insurance Information, If you own or rent a home, then you know that homeowner’s insurance is something you cannot do without! But, did you know that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding?The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is administered by FEMA, which works closely with nearly 90 private insurance companies to offer flood insurance to property owners and renters. In order to qualify for flood insurance, a community must join the NFIP and agree to enforce sound floodplain management standards.


911 Please help support our site and donate to today

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What 911 type of services do you need to help make your life run smoother? Do you need coaching for spiritual enhancement? Do you need to have wake up calls for important meetings? Do you need birthdays, anniversary, or special event reminders? Corporate event messages sent on a regular basis, 911 will perform these services for you. Email us today. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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Do not ever leave children, pets, or older people in hot or cold cars while you shop or run errands

photograph of entertainer in Canada


Be thankful everyday for something or someone in your life

Greater Baltimore Heart Walk

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Camden Yards Sports Complex, Baltimore, MD

Lots B & C

darlin photo by diane knaus photographer copyrighted

Photo by Diane Knaus ©2010-2014

Do you want a new pet

4-14-2014 There are thousands of pets available at your local SPCA organizations in your cities. Save the pets we already have, they need your love now. There are national organizations available to help you adopt a rescue animal who may have been abused. See PGAA's Rescue Contacts - National and State Listings

Florida Animal Rescue Organization

Pets 911 is a division of the North American Pet Owners Alliance Inc., a non-profit animal rescue organization. We have been saving animals since 1985 and operate the largest computerized lost & found and tattoo tracing service in the State of Florida. Please check our mission statement for more information on the "Alliance".

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”

Norman Vincent Peale

96 elephants are killed every day in Africa. You can stop it.

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Immigration-No Room At the Inn -Texas

by Diane Knaus

7-7-2014 What does the birth and travels of Jesus have in common with our newest people immigrating to the U.S. in Exodus Style?" Everything, because of the unanimus decision of King Herad in wanting to kill all first born males their lives were in danger. So too are our latest children arriving at the Texas border from their countries which are raviging families with fear mongering and violent behavior toward them. Parents then send them here away from the inherrent violence. Therefore young children are alone in a really scary situation that can turn violent in another bad way for them.Bad things also happen in America for young children alone.

The U.S. Immigration policy also states that childrens health must be assesed within 72 hours of coming here. A law that is sorely taxing the medical facilities of local jurisdictions.There also seem to be a number of churches in that area picking up children and possibily placing them in new homes in their areas who are working to solve some of the problems within their own communities.

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