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NASA News Life on Mars?

To Keep Healthy, Wash Your Hands Several Times a Day

To keep from getting the flu, wash your hands several times a day. Wash them especially before you eat, before you go to bed, always after you sneeze. Sneeze away from other people.

Get HIV Tested ToDay

HIV Testing Day is a reminder that when you know your HIV status, you can take care of yourself and your partners. HIV testing is recommended, it is empowering, and it is easy. Have you been tested? Make an appointment asap. You are better off knowing the results to keep yourself and families safer in the long run. Do it today.

Help the Red Cross Help the People in Disaster Areas


Simply text the word redcross to 90999 to donate $10 through your mobile carrier. Charges will apply to your mobile phone bill next month. According to the Red Cross :An average of 91 cents of every dollar you donate goes to fulfill our humanitarian mission.

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

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Maryland State House Photo by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

Do you get real angry when you see inequality at play?

So do we! At, we provide breaking U.S.and international news, emergency information on health, women, equality,weather, environmental, humanitarian disasters, politics. We provide resources,1-800 hotline telephone numbers,and emergency urls.

Protect your family and your children from predators. Always know where they are and who they are with, for how long and why.

Storm Safety Tips

Your Health

Be Happy, Don't Have a Heart Attack

One Republican Woman, Governor Stands up to Republican Bullies- What are the Rest of them Doing by Diane Knaus

If you see a suspicious package report it 1-855-492-TIPS (8474)

Annapolis Markethouse. See review

Parents listen, then talk to your teen / parents must do some 'Soul Searching' on gun control


Doctor's Discover Sound to Kill Cancer Tumors

Millions of U.S. children not getting recommended preventive care,says CDC Official

Clean your outside grill safely

EPA issues carbon pollution cuts, warnings and protection of public health

Is Monsanto Corporation a devil in our food ? What they put into our foods, can make us sicker.

Researchers Use Human Stem Cells to Create Light-Sensitive Retina in a Dish

National Center for Exploited and Missing Children in U.S. Report

Johns Hopkins Scientists Alter Fat Metabolism in Animals to Prevent Most Common Type of Heart Disease

OCD News from Johns Hopkins

What are the signs of a stroke when out

Diabeties Today

Change our Election Laws "The Constitution" on Restoring Fairer Regulations on Election Donations Spending

Prepare for Flooding Information NFIP

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

National Suicide Hotline #s 1-800-273-8255

Immigration-No Room At the Inn -Texas

by Diane Knaus

7-7-2014 What does the birth and travels of Jesus have in common with our newest people immigrating to the U.S. in Exodus Style?" Everything, because of the unanimus decision of King Herod in wanting to kill all first born males their lives were in danger. So too are our latest children arriving at the Texas border from their countries which are raviging families with fear mongering and violent behavior toward them. Parents then send them here away from the inherrent violence. Therefore young children are alone in a really scary situation that can turn violent in another bad way for them.Bad things also happen in America for young children alone.Never leave your children alone, never!

Kim Jong-un Fearmongering Movie Industry

12-20-2014 Just because he is the leader of North Korea, does not mean he can control individual business here in the United States. Yes he is being made fun of in our own American manner. But, that does not give him any rights about what the movie industry or writers, or theaters do here.

President Obama and New Policing Details

fox den clipart from schoolhouse

A fox invited into the henhouse by the king of the barnyard. Obama wants Antonio Weiss for a top position in the Treasury Department.

12-15-2014 I am astonished as to why he would have nominated this person. Weiss spent the last 15 years working for the financial services firm Lazard -- where he now leads the investment banking division. In particular as Weiss is the one person who has directly contributed to Burger King moving their headquarters to Canada in order to save millions of tax dollars from the U.S.

It has been rumored that his company will pay Antonio Weiss an additional $ 20 million dollar bonus if he gets this postion.Talk about a fox in the henhouse, he would have so many pics to damage the entire country it would never be the same. Our economy would surely spiral rapidly downward. There would be no equality for anyone's money. All rich would get richer, and the lesser get less.

From The White House On the nationwide protests:

12-11-2014 Quoting former President John F. Kennedy -- who famously stated that "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -- Johnson asked the President whether he believes the current nationwide protests are necessary to catalyze positive change in our country.

"As long as they're peaceful, I think they're necessary," the President said. "When they turn violent, then they're counter-productive."

President Obama made clear that the vast majority of protesters are peaceful and not violent -- which is why he invited some of the protest organizers to the Oval Office last week -- and explained why these protests are necessary to spur national change.

A large number of police cars swarmed onto the 80/580 freeway #berkeleyprotests

"I can't breathe"

The Real problem from the demonstrators is that it might spread all across the country

12-9-2014 In one aspect that can be a good thing because all polititions will have to face facts like the justice system is rigged against real people. The second is that this is how the major problems of people demonstrating in the streets of their countries have pulled down governments. Look at Mubarek in Egypt, and Assad near Syria, Putin near the ports of the Ukraine, although he seems to be safe for the moment that might not last a real long time if enough peple get really upset.

NASA Top Agency

You are more likely to die from "the Flu" than Ebola - Facts about the FLU

Clck here for "Tips on staying healthy during "Flu season"

Facts About Strokes

Quick Treatment for a Stroke is Critical

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2014

NASA Lunar Mission Wins 2014 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

NASA Launches New Citizen Science Website; Opens Challenge to Participate in Future Mars Missions

groosevelt character illustration by diane knaus©2013

Mr. Groosevelt Ilustration by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

11-25-2014Justice is a fleeting angel, we know not where they are or when they are near, but they exis!t

Breaking News Notes

10 most important public-health challenges of 2014 CDC:

12-18-2014 It has been an unprecedented year for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as an America public health agency continues its emergency response to the most complex Ebola epidemic in history. Ebola, however, is far from the only critical mission CDC undertook in 2014.

CDC Ebola response is the largest global effort in the agency history, but we are carrying out many other public-health missions crucial to protecting American lives, said CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H.

We are taking action on a wide range of health threats.

You can still sign up for healthcare by February 15, 2015

12-15-2014 According to the CDC, you can still sign up for healthcare as long as you do that by February 15,2015.

Insurance plans will no longer be able to charge you more or refuse to provide coverage for you or your family if you have a pre-existing health condition. and are ready right now with information on the Marketplace. Or you can call 1-800-318-2596, any time day or night. Hearing impaired callers using TTY/TDD technology can call 1-855-889-4325 for assistance.

Only plans offered in the Marketplace offer lower costs based on income. When you apply for coverage in the Marketplace, one streamlined application will cover everything including eligibility for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). With that same application, you'll find out if you are eligible for lower costs on your premiums or out-of-pocket costs based on income.

Sign up for coverage online or by phone. Go to or, or call the 24/7 Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 (1-855-889-4325 TTY/TDD).

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Do not ever leave children, pets, or older people in hot or cold cars while you shop or run errands

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Wedding Photography by Diane Knaus

wedding photography by diane knaus

By Diane Knaus


Be thankful everyday for something or someone in your life

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Photo by Diane Knaus ©2010-2014

Do you want a new pet

12-14-2014 There are thousands of pets available at your local SPCA organizations in your cities. Save the pets we already have, they need your love now. There are national organizations available to help you adopt a rescue animal who may have been abused. See PGAA's Rescue Contacts - National and State Listings

Florida Animal Rescue Organization

Pets 911 is a division of the North American Pet Owners Alliance Inc., a non-profit animal rescue organization. We have been saving animals since 1985 and operate the largest computerized lost & found and tattoo tracing service in the State of Florida. Please check our mission statement for more information on the "Alliance".

Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all

Norman Vincent Peale

96 elephants are killed every day in Africa. You can stop it.

End Sexual Assault Click here

DOD sexual abuse hotlines program is produced by RAINN


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