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Child Abuse in America

Child Advocates Descend on DC in Defense of Home Visiting and Abuse Prevention

Representatives from Prevent Child Abuse America’s 50 state network are in Washington to advocate for two laws that are critical to the healthy development of children and families.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Advocates from every state in the Prevent Child Abuse America 50 state chapter network are in the nation’s capital today, advocating for key pieces of legislation that are proven to improve the lives of children and families nationwide.


CDC says Solar has more benefits than previously thought

3-22-2015 Solar sanitation is an inexpensive, innovative, and effective form of human waste treatment that uses concentrated solar energy to treat waste so it can be safely discarded or potentially used for fertilizer or fuel. CDC, CDC Kenya, and the non-governmental organization Sanivation have a solar sanitation project in the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya, which houses more than 100,000 refugees.

Higher Vitamin D Levels Associated With Markedly Improved Survival in Patients With Advanced Colorectal Cancer

2-6-2015 ASCO Perspective: In addition to improved survival, high vitamin D levels were associated with a longer time for the cancer to become resistant to chemotherapy, suggesting that vitamin D could slow down the growth of the cancer or enhance the activity of the health treatment, said Smitha S. Krishnamurthi, MD, moderator of today’s presscast and ASCO expert.

“Further studies are needed to determine if the improved health survival is due to the vitamin D itself or to some other factor associated with having high vitamin D levels.”

To Keep Healthy, Wash Your Hands Several Times a Day

From the CDC:Take these precautions outdoors

1-27-2015 Work slowly when doing outside chores.

Many people spend time outdoors in the winter working, traveling, or enjoying winter sports. Outdoor activities can expose you to several safety hazards, but you can take these steps to prepare for them:

Wear appropriate outdoor clothing: layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats; scarves; and waterproof boots.

Sprinkle cat litter or sand on icy patches.

Learn safety precautions to follow when outdoors.

Be aware of the wind chill factor.

Work slowly when doing outside chores.

Take a buddy and an emergency kit when you are participating in outdoor recreation.

Carry a cell phone.

Are you taking opioid medications early in your pregnancy?

1-24-2015 If you are pregnant and taking opioid medications,if so that can cause birth defects in your children.

More than a third of reproductive-aged women enrolled in Medicaid, and more than a quarter of those with private insurance, filled a prescription for an opioid pain medication each year during 2008-2012, according to a report in this week’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

Opioids are typically prescribed by health care providers to treat moderate to severe pain. They are also found in some prescription cough medications. The most commonly prescribed opioids among both groups of women were hydrocodone, codeine and oxycodone.

the President of the United States is a Superhero

Merry Christmas Mr. President, 10 Things you have done very well

GOP'ers said it couldn't be done. HA! He did it, the president has brought a bonus for all of us at Chrstmas.

1. Gasoline is down to $2.22 cents a galon in Maryland

2. New construction is up the highest in ten years

3. Unemployment is down to 6%

4. 12 Million jobs have been created

5. Obamacare has not killed jobs

6. Obamacre has pulled down the healthcare costs

7. Higher wages will give people more money to spend

8. We now have a climate deal with China

9. There is now an end to the Cuban embargo

10.There are imminent plans to work with Iran

To Keep Healthy, Wash Your Hands Several Times a Day

Get HIV Tested ToDay

Help the Red Cross Help the People in Disaster Areas


Simply text the word redcross to 90999 to donate $10 through your mobile carrier. Charges will apply to your mobile phone bill next month. According to the Red Cross :An average of 91 cents of every dollar you donate goes to fulfill our humanitarian mission.

Learn How to Fundraise With the Red Cross

photograph of annapolis state house dome

Maryland State House Photo by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

Do you get real angry when you see inequality at play?

So do we! At, we provide breaking U.S.and international news, emergency information on health, women, equality,weather, environmental, humanitarian disasters, politics. We provide resources,1-800 hotline telephone numbers,and emergency urls.

Protect your family and your children from predators. Always know where they are and who they are with, for how long and why.

Storm Safety Tips


Be Happy, Don't Have a Heart Attack

If you see a suspicious package report it 1-855-492-TIPS (8474)

Annapolis Markethouse. See review

Parents listen, then talk to your teen / parents must do some 'Soul Searching' on gun control

Doctor's Discover Sound to Kill Cancer Tumors

Millions of U.S. children not getting recommended preventive care,says CDC Official

Clean your outside grill safely

EPA issues carbon pollution cuts, warnings and protection of public health

Is Monsanto Corporation a devil in our food ? What they put into our foods, can make us sicker.

Researchers Use Human Stem Cells to Create Light-Sensitive Retina in a Dish

National Center for Exploited and Missing Children in U.S. Report

Johns Hopkins Scientists Alter Fat Metabolism in Animals to Prevent Most Common Type of Heart Disease

OCD News from Johns Hopkins

What are the signs of a stroke

Diabeties Today

Change our Election Laws "The Constitution" on Restoring Fairer Regulations on Election Donations Spending

Prepare for Flooding Information NFIP

National Suicide Hotline #s 1-800-273-8255

Immigration-No Room At the Inn -Texas

by Diane Knaus

7-7-2014 What does the birth and travels of Jesus have in common with our newest people immigrating to the U.S. in Exodus Style? Everything, because of the unanimus decision of King Herod in wanting to kill all first born males their lives were in danger. So too are our latest children arriving at the Texas border from their countries which are raviging families with fear mongering and violent behavior toward them.

Breaking News

Is Fluoride in Your Water Good for You?

3-24-2015Many people say yes. Not so fast there buddy lest you begin to know the real facts accoding to the Fluoride Action Network. Their contention thru research suggests that:

In the United States, health authorities call fluoridation “one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century.” Few other countries share this view. In fact, more people drink artificially fluoridated water in the U.S. alone than in the rest of the world combined.

1. Most advanced nations do not fluoridate their water. In western Europe, 97% of the population has water without a single drop of fluoride added to it

2. Fluoridation proponents will sometimes say this is because Europe adds fluoride to its salt. Only five nations in western Europe, however, have any fluoridated salt.

3. The vast majority do not.

A man named David

David Ebel of theSalvation Army 3-23-2015 There is a man named David who epitomizes the words "Give of Yourself". He has worked for the Salvation Army group for years as a chaplan and more. We met online because I had a question for him in my work as CEO of this web site. I emailed him recently to ask how he was doing because he is such a caring individual. The following is his answer.

Hi Diane, We requested to be sent to a small town in need that did not have a Salvation Army. We were sent to Barstow,California a year and a half ago in the high desert of the Mojave Desert. It is 40 miles from a mall and most shopping. The community has fallen on pretty desperate times with over 50% of the population is now on some sort of government aid. Jobs are quite scarce and the need for emergency food and utility assistance made us quite popular soon as we opened our pantry.

Australian Minister Julie Bishop official portrait

Prime Miister Julie Bishop of Australia Vows Aid, After Tropical Cyclone Pam, hit the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean

3-22-2015 Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop vows to aid the coutry for "as long as it takes". The Australian government has provided much needed emergency supplies as have other international agencies. Thousands of people are still missing in action as aid workers go amongst the rubbble left behind by the cyclone Pam.

Save the Children Country Director Tom Skirrow said, “We are hearing reports that children are contracting water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and the longer these children have to drink contaminated water, the more likely it is they will become sick.” Save the Children has distributed more than 16,000 liters of drinking water to vulnerable communities and is preparing to ship 5,000 liters to nearby Tongoa Island.

Senator Gary Peters, 41 percent of colleges Don't Report Rape, This s not Right

3-1-2015 Some 41 percent of colleges and universities haven't conducted a single investigation of sexual violence on their campus in the last five years. That’s completely unacceptable. We need to take action now.

Editors note:The other thing we need to do is put self protection classes in all schools from college to kindergarden, now!

Marylands New "Know Before You Go"

2-27-2015 Maryland 511 is Maryland's official travel information service. Maryland 511 provides travelers with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. Maryland 511 helps motorists reach their destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in Maryland.

nfl going down in flames by diane knaus copywrighted 2015

NFL Embroiled in Controversy

Did you know The NFL is a Non-Profit organization?

2-18-2015 Did you know that the IRS considers the NFL a non-profit, tax-exempt organization? I just took action to demand that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testify before Congress to justify the NFL's tax-exempt status. I think you should, too. I can't hardly believe that, especially since they have treated their athletes with so much disregard in the past by not taking proper care of their health. You can sign the petition here

Tim Cook Apple CEO and Personal Privacy in the Tech World

According to Tim Cook "We live in a world in which that information can make the difference between life and death," he said. "If those of us in positions of responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right of privacy, we risk something far more valuable than money — we risk our way of life."

He continued technology "gives us the tools to avoid these risks. And it is my sincere hope that by using them and by working together we will do so." This year Cook expects Apple Pay to be able to process social security checks as well as pay for admittance to National parks and more.

Save our Monarch Butterfies

Don't drink alcohol excessively in cold weather=frostbite

If you drink too much then go outside to shovel snow, you may not be able to feel your fingertips or other body parts then they will get frostbite. If you fall down in a snowbank and fall asleep you might even die of hypothermia if you have drunk too much.

Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for about 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) in the United States each year.

Moms Demand Actions Applauds Governer Snyder's veto of dangerous guns legislation pushed by NRA

Snyder’s Veto a Critical Defeat for the NRA, Preserving Safeguard to Keep Guns Away from Domestic Abusers and Stalkers

The New French Revolution-Speak your mind

1-12-2015 After thousands of prominent country leaders marched together through the streets of Paris France in solidarity against radicalists who just want to kill people because they do not agree with them, the world has changed into a more democratic place.

NASA Top Agency

NASA’s Kepler Marks 1,000th Exoplanet Discovery, Uncovers More Small Worlds in Habitable Zones

groosevelt character illustration by diane knaus©2013

Mr. Groosevelt Ilustration by Diane Knaus©2013-2014

Put the 47 Republican Senators in Prison for Treason

3-12-2015 Put the 47 republican senators in prison for treason. They have shamed the entire country and themselves behaving like spoiled rotten children who want their way no matter what. For them to have said our president does not have the right to make deals with countries is undermining his authority.

Furthermore according to legal authorities :That letter from the Arkansas Republican to the ayatollahs and other Iranian officials, critics say, is a violation of the 1799 Logan Act, which says starkly:

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

International Breaking News Notes

U. S. Breaking News Notes

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According to Facebook:

VICTORY! The Governor of Massachusetts just signed a bill that will provide housing to unaccompanied homeless youth. The unprecedented law also marks a milestone for youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, who comprise nearly 40% of homeless youth. if you agree no one deserves to suffer in the streets. LIKE our page US Uncut!

The F-35 just got crippled by a computer glitch that won't be fixed for at least 4 more years. Meanwhile, the program's $1.5 trillion projected cost is enough to end world hunger for 50 years ($30 billion/year x 50 = $1.5 trillion). if you think feeding the hungry is more important than broken fighter jets. Source:

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Do you want a new pet

12-14-2014 There are thousands of pets available at your local SPCA organizations in your cities. Save the pets we already have, they need your love now. There are national organizations available to help you adopt a rescue animal who may have been abused. See PGAA's Rescue Contacts - National and State Listings

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Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all

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96 elephants are killed every day in Africa. You can stop it.

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